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Your Vehicle – A Personal Assistant with AI Technology

CES 2019 saw a raft of automotive tech companies debut their plans for in-car assistant technology, and now Honda is the latest automotive manufacturer to throw their hat in the ring. With manufacturers showing how closely they will focus on making cars digitally forward-thinking, the expectations of consumers have increased. Fortunately, even owners of older cars are unlikely to be left behind.

In-Car Personal Assistant

Older Car Owners

Second hand or older car models are a fact of life for most Americans. Voa News estimates that the average age of a car in the USA is 12 years and this number is creeping up.

However, this does not mean the vehicle is bad – several bodies awarding car ratings and accolades note that often, specific years are the best ‘vintage’ for cars, and having a new one is not a guarantee on quality.

Noting that, tech manufacturers have been conscious of making their technology suitable to retrofit cars, given that the market for owners of older vehicles is so huge.

Added Value

Many cars already possess smart GPS systems, voice activation, and onboard metrics, and the question has been asked as to how digital assistants improve this situation.

At CES, this was answered with the all-in-one idea. Essentially, your car can join with the technologies inside of your home to become part of the morning routine.

Using integration with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home Hub, the idea is that your car will start to warm itself, and even drive itself out of your drive as automation becomes par for the course. Ultimately, this will make the morning that bit smoother.

Future developments

With digital assistants already in the car, there are already plans to expand digital integration to advertising, according to Tech Crunch. Here, drivers will be able to speak to radio advertising to investigate products or provide marketing feedback.

While some will be deterred by the idea of having adverts know more about the target audience, there is notable potential here for a truly integrated experience where digital assistants can help to plan the path of every single drive.

The digital revolution will be coming to cars, and there is no need to be afraid of being left behind.

Through retrofit technology and a focus from manufacturers on adding value to the drive, there will be an equitable and assistive digital environment for all motorists. How this will play out with further digital integration will only be seen with time.

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