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*Latest* YIFY Proxy 2019 – Free YIFY Unblocked and Mirror Site List

YIFY movie website is the best place to download the latest movies in HD video quality. For those who want quality content, YIFY movies have an extensive collection of movies with the best video quality like 720p and 1080p. YIFY torrent commonly known as YTS movies. So, today I’m going to talk about YIFY proxy movies, or you can say YTS unblocked site list. For further, find the best alternatives for the YTS site from the last section.

In the network of torrent sites, there are a lot of torrent places which has more popularity than YIFY torrent site. But, the main benefits to using this site is the best navigation and simple interface. And, that’s why the site popularities grows up and up.

If we look at other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and 1337x sites, then it has more audience then YTS site. But, the thing is they provide extra usage of promotional ads and more popup. And, that’s why people don’t prefer to use torrent protocols.

YIFY Proxy

But in YIFY proxy case, little bit ads comes as a promotional way with temporary basis. You can’t irritate with these ads. So, it made more simple for any users.

At the beginning of YIFY, it is a movie uploader which uploads the best video quality in 720p and 1080p. So, at that time YIFY catch up some good consumers.

After the banning of some popular torrent site, YIFY started to provide its services with domain address. And the journey begins. So, first of all, let me talk about YTS criticism and bounce back.

YIFY Proxy Torrents

Nowadays, YIFY makes more impact on the torrent industry. And the public reasons is simplicity with best quality content.

Everyone loves to watch movies on high-definition video quality. Even I also prefer to download only 720p or 1080p video quality.

Furthermore, it gives the best user interface and end-user experience. Also, no more promotional ads and URL redirection.

Its trends in the torrent site that advertisement are necessary things. If you wish to use the torrent site then, you have to face these ads.

YIFY Proxy

Well, you have to face some fewer ads as compared to other torrent sites.

However, due to the violations and copyright policies, YIFY proxy site banned by many Governments and ISP. So, at that time, the site blocked and goes down in by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) law.

After that, everyone who loves YIFY download started finding YIFY proxy site list which enables you to access the YIFY mirror content.

After in short of time, YIFY Proxy comes with YTS domain address and continue to serve the best quality.

With a lot of different proxy servers and mirror sites, YIFY proxy grows its audience day by day. So, if you still don’t know how YIFY comes in the market and how it serves the best quality, you should once visit the “” site.

Hence, if you can’t easily access the site, you need a VPN service which given in below section. Here is the video guide for VPN usage. So, use the video as a reference and get easy access on YIFY proxy sites.

YIFY Proxy 2019 Sites

Well, due to increasing the policies and law against copyright content, YIFY has to go down by different Governments and internet service providers (ISPs). As you know, the copyright content affects the revenue of content creators, and that’s why the Government placed the violations on pirated sites.

So, many ISPs and Governments block the IP of the site due to copyright infringement.

For these reasons, every site has a backup plan to recover the audience or traffic. So, you have to mask your internet address or bypass the firewall to access these blocked sites.

YIFY Proxy sites

But, one other way to access these site is via the proxy server. So Like other site, YIFY movies have also a proxy list.

So, while accessing YTS movie site, you have to face internet issues related error or any government notice, You can use YIFY Proxy site in that case.

Therefore, Here I’m going to share the YIFY proxy and unblocked mirror site list. In which all the listed sites are online and having an active status.

So. feel free to use these YIFY proxy sites. Also, these sites work as a clone of the official website.

20 Best YIFY Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Site List

Here is 20 best YIFY proxy site list which allows you to access the content of YTS torrents site. So, copy the site address and paste it into your browser’s URL for a visit.

YIFY Proxy SitesStatus

Well, the is the proxy site of YIFY movies. While searching for YIFY proxy list, you see the site whose named as a domain address and act like YIFY torrents site. Although, it seems like YIFY movie too.

Most of the YIFY proxy site redirect to domain address. Because of domain banning issues, the YTS set as the core domain and the official source of YIFY movies. So, feel free to use the YTS movie site.

YIFY Proxy movie download

You can see the welcome note at the top of the site. And the memo describes the site source and parent organization as a YIFY movie. Hence, the place is work as a YIFY Proxy, or you can say clone.

From here, you can find the latest movies with best video quality. Or, you can go with video quality category to see the best among all the collection.

If you aren’t familiar with the YIFY proxy site then, read the VPN guideline. In below section, read the VPN usage guideline.

All you need is to follow the step by step guideline.

Download YIFY Proxy Movies with VPN

In some region, accessing YIFY Proxy movie site or any other torrent site is terrible for the users.

At the access time, you have to face an unsafe connection problem. Or, the error looks like the site has blocked by Government.

So, how to access these sites?

Well, I have a solution for you to access any blocked site with ease. Yes, with the use of VPN services.

VPN means Virtual Private Network which especially use to access a blocked site.

There is a lot of third-party VPN software which can help you in this situation. But, is it safe to use?

Absolutely Yes, if you’re using trusted VPN service.

So, one more thing about trusted VPN. Hence, VPN used for both perspective either it’s ethical or unethical.

For further detail for VPN, you can go with Wikipedia.

Well, without any doubt, we can go with Opera VPN. There is Google Chrome VPN also available as a safe way. But, as a safe and comfortable way, I recommend you to use Opera VPN.

Use YIFY Proxy Torrent Sites with Opera VPN

Opera provides inbuilt VPN service. So, you need Opera browser for your device whether its Android, iOS or Windows.

For more user understanding, the video tutorial is the best way and here it is. So, let’s have a look at the video.

Or, if you don’t want to wast your internet data then follow the below steps.

First, it required the Opera Web browser. So, If you haven’t, install it quickly.

After that, go to the opera menu, find the list from top-left Opera icon.

Select the “Settings” and find “Privacy and Security.”

Now, you see the VPN panel which has an option like “Enable VPN.” Mark as enable to active the VPN service for you.

That’s it. Now, open any YIFY proxy site without any trouble.

Benefits for Using VPN

Be Invisible

With the use of VPN, you can hide your identity from the website or any apps. The VPN protects your IP address and places the miracle address rather than actual IP.

Fake Location

Use VPN server location to access any blocked site. So, it’ll not easy for a third-party to track your original position.

Bypass the Firewall

Use VPN to bypass the firewall. It places the proxy list which redirects you from other direction.

Download YIFY Movie APP for Android

Here is the application which you want to download. The download link is given below.

In case you can’t find the APK file from the download button, use the mirror site.

Download YIFY APP

Mirror Download Link: Download APP

10 Best Alternatives for YIFY Proxy Site

As YIFY proxy serves the best video quality any other service, It was tuff to find out best alternatives for YIFY movies.

But, for the public service, I had to find out the alternatives.

Everyone hasn’t the same choices and interest. And, why it depends on only one when you have multiple options. So, here are ten best sites like YTS movies. Let’s started a short tour on these alternatives.

Kickass Torrent

The Kickass Torrent site is the second most popular torrent site. In which, you can also download the latest movies, TV series, sports video, anime, software, and games.

You can also say that Kickass is the best alternative for YIFY proxy movie download site.

Kickass torrent movie download

Like, YTS movies, Kickass has also list of proxy and mirror sites which helps you for more access.

Furthermore, Kickass has the most extensive digital video file index in the history of the torrent. So, take the blow of site and download anything with ease.

After Amazon, Kickass has a significant collection of e-books.

The Pirate Bay – Torrent 2019 movies

The Pirate Bay is the best alternative to YTS film. You can download movies from the pirate bay instead of use YIFY proxy sites.

The site is the most popular torrent site which use peer to peer file sharing protocol. The protocol helps you to get provide the secure and fastest way to download any large files.

Pirate bay 1337 torrent YIFY

Find movies, TV shows, Web series, anime, cartoons, adult videos and software from the pirate bay site.

For download, use magnet links with uTorrent video downloader agent.

ExtraTorrent – 2019 Movie Download

Extratorrent contains the torrent index which provides movies, software, TV series, Adult videos, and games. The third most popular site for a movie download. Like YIFY mirror sites, the Extratorrent proxy is also available.

You can visit Extratorrent site by domain address. If having an access problem then find the proxy list from the above link.

Or, use VPN as I mentioned above in video tutorial.

Find your favorite movies or TV series from the search box. Or, you can go with trending items from the homepage. Once you have a list of things, choose them as per your needs like video quality or file size.

Use magnet link for direct download or use normal video downloader. That’s it.

1337x Proxy

Use 1337x proxy sites to download latest videos and web series. 1337x is another best torrent site which uses BitTorrent file sharing protocol.

Use ‘’ a web address to visit the site with the use of VPN service.

1337x torrent website YIFY Proxy

Find the best movie collection with the quality content from the site. And, that’s why the place is in the best alternative list for YIFY proxy site.

Hence, you can download the files from 1337x instead of YTS torrent movies.


Like 1337x, RARBG is also the best place for video download. The initial site popularity increase when the Kickass torrent goes down.

After now, the RARBG torrent has millions of users around the world. And, that’s why I’m talking about the alternative for YIFY download site.

Use domain address to visit the official site. Here is the best collection for anime download. So, find your favorite and download it in your device. You use RARBG instead of Kiss anime site for anime video download.

Limetorrents Proxy

Another best YIFY Proxy alternative site comes in the list as a Limetorrents Proxy.

Limetorrents is the best torrent download site which allows you to download the latest released movies and Web series with the best video quality.

limetorrents movies

One of the best features of the limetorrents is that the site serves minimal advertisements.

So, if you are getting bored by torrent advertisements then, the limetorrents is the best for you.

Just enter in your browser’s URL and press enter.

However, there is always an error to access the torrent sites but, with the help of VPN service. you can get what you want from a torrent service.

So, this is the simple steps to access the torrent platform with minimum ads and popups.


Movierulz is a website which uses peer to peer file sharing BitTorrent protocol. Movierulz has also largest video directory for Hindi Dubbed movies.

Find latest Tamil movies in HD from the Tamil movie panel and download it with the use of magnet links.

Use or web addresses for the site visit. You can also see the year wise movie order for better user experience. So, you can easily find the oldest movie by the released year.


Torrentz is another way to download latest web series and films in HD quality.  After the torrentz official site banned, the torrentz2 comes in the market as a clone of the original site.

unblock 1337x torrentz2

You can use other torrentz2 proxy sites for future use. Hence, you can visit the website with domain address. You can call the torrentz is alternatives for YIFY proxy site.


Couchtuner is one of the best online movie streaming site which allows you to watch in HD video for free.

You can visit the site via ‘’ Web URL address. Like other sites, couchtuner also has a lot of proxy sites which can help you in future usage.

One more benefit of couchtuner is you can download or stream online without any VPN service. So, feel free to use the site.

Well, some people don’t like to use websites as an online video streaming service. So, for those, the Android application is also introduced.

Movie4k – Best YIFY Proxy Alternatives

Movie4k is for those who don’t like to use torrent as a download helper. Use ‘’ URL to visit the website.

Find latest released movies and Web series from the download panel. Or, you can go with the search bar for more.

Use the downloader with VPN service for safety and security. movie4k has a lot of clone places which can help you in future if the site is going down from Google search.

ISOHunt2 – YIFY Proxy 2019 Alternatives

And last but not least, the ISOHunt is also best movie download site like YIFY proxy site. Find your desired video files from the torrent search engine, and It’ll start showing the best result as per your search term.

Use “” web address to visit the official site. Also, the IsoHunt2 site uses advanced search BitTorrent protocol to accomplish the needs of daily consumers.

ISOhunt torrent

So, get the best video quality files with the secure downloading tunnel in your device.

Final Words

So, here is the end of the “YIFY proxy and mirror sites” article. Find the way to get easy YTS access from this article. Or, use table content for proxy or mirror site access. If you wish to download the video files from the alternative sites, then find the best one from the above section.

Hope this article helps you to solve the various issues. Still, have any trouble or any queries for YIFY proxy?

Just put them into the comment section. We’ll back with the proper solution.

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