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Which Huawei Wearable is Best GT or GT 2?

One after one, Huawei is increasing the number of their wearables collection. Till now, they have 6 wearables for their customers. However, the Huawei GT series is becoming the most popular wearables in the market.

Huawei GT Watch

So, today I am gonna tell you which GT wearable would be a good fit for you.

Huawei GT Watch

Huawei GT Watch is one of the best selling wearables from Huawei, which comes with Activation edition size ( 46mm) and Elegant edition size ( 42mm). This watch has varieties of straps you can choose from to match your style and mode.

It has built with stainless steel and coated with carbon, which made it last long in any challenging environment situation. The most satisfying part of this watch is, it will give you 14 days of battery life with a 24/7 heart sensor activated. The Huawei GT is 5 ATM water-resistant, so water would not be able to make it stop from running.

Let’s come to the main objective, the Huawei GT watch has a lot of essential health features like a heart rate measuring sensor, GPS, Sleep monitoring system, tracking workout activities, etc. On the other hand, it has mobile functions like getting notifications of calls, messages, social media, and many more.

However, this watch does not provide some of the essential features like receiving calls, playing music, installing third-party apps, Wi-fi connectivity. But considering its affordable price, the features this device is providing is good enough.

Huawei GT 2

Huawei GT 2 is an upgraded version of GT, which provides some additional features and different looks than the Huawei GT watch. This time Huawei GT 2 has come with 3 extraordinary editions, sports, classic and elite. So, customers can easily pick the best design according to their profession or purpose.

The GT 2 got a bezel-less 3D glass AMOLED display, which provides sharper and excellent touch response. As per most customer preference, Huawei GT 2 has a minimalist design with 41 to 46 grams of weight.

A breakthrough of Huawei GT 2 has the ability to track your activities in a different situation with the Trueseen 3.5 accurate heart rate sensor such as elliptical, rower, and freehand exercises.

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To make your life more joyful, GT 2 has come with in-device music playing functionality so that you don't need to get out the phone from your pocket every time listening to music.

When Huawei GT came with not having the feature of receiving calls, then Huawei fans were a little bit frustrated. But this time, Huawei won't let you be depressed because GT 2 has the functionality to pick up calls when you are busy doing work or your hands are occupied with other things.

If you are a person like me who has lacked sound sleep, then GT 2 will help you by observing your sleep as a personal nurse, and it will save the sleep logs for you to take the necessary steps for better sleep.

Except all that, it has some daily essential features like alarm, weather forecast, find my phone, stopwatch, timer, email, flashlight, etc.

Now, the decision is yours, buy any of them which met your requirements and fit with your budget.


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