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What is VPN and How it Works: A Brief Explanation for Beginners

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs for short, are services that allow for increased online security and privacy enhancement by redirecting your internet connection through a server often located many miles away from Your actual location, and often across different countries entirely. This serves to hide a lot of your data and online browsing habits from companies and other third parties which intend to store and use this data for various reasons. Research from Best VPN shows that 31% of people who use a VPN do so to keep their anonymity while online.

What is VPN

There is a growing selection of VPN businesses which offer this service to consumers today.

A quick Google search will allow you to discover a range of trusted free, and paid apps, browser extensions, and programs which allow a higher degree of online security and browsing anonymity.

Simply choose the brand which appeals to you and after a short installation and setup. You can begin using the internet with peace of mind that Your data cannot be collected by advertisers and other third parties.

How VPN Works?

VPNs work like this. Once you’ve installed or set up your chosen VPN client offered by your Virtual Private Network service, you can then use the application to begin browsing safely.

The software encrypts your online activity before your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is able to observe and analyze it.

Your data is then sent to the VPN, and after that, to the intended web page or online service.

The data recorded and used by The intended website or service now sees your information arriving from the VPN servers location, instead of your own.

The cost of operating a high quality and secure VPN service can be rather high for the company offering the application or program, and so there a few points to consider when making a decision between a free or paid VPN service.

Facts of VPN

  • VPN is used to bypass the firewalls
  • The use of VPN is 100% legal. However, some free VPNs are restricted by ISPs which are illegal to use.
  • Do you know that more than 50% of VPNs are used to access Torrent sites like 1337x proxy and Limetorrents.

Many Virtual Private Network solutions are offered free of charge to the consumer. It would be worth Your time considering any potential compromises which would have had to be made by the provider.

There is a chance that they are collecting browsing data for their own purposes, perhaps they display ads through their client or are added to the destination web page by the VPN provider. Or, there could be a chance Your activity data could be sold to a third party.

While the above points are certainly not true for every free VPN service, there’s always a chance this is how the companies are supplementing income which is not provided from the free service.

How VPN works

The easiest way to lessen the chances of this happening is to opt for a paid service instead of a free one.

Most paid VPN services are quite low in cost, often hovering around a few dollars or pounds per month for use of the client or program.

VPNs are a valuable tool to ensure better online security and data protection.

vpn usage

Searching online will allow you to browse the most popular VPN services available, and with a wide selection of free and paid options, You can begin browsing with confidence in Your anonymity. 

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