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GDPR – What is GDPR? And Why Should You Care About GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

For anyone who is even slightly interested in data privacy, you’ll be pleased to know new rules are coming into place. These new rules are called the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. They are going to be European Union-wide solutions that are used across the board to help change how data is used. Basically, at the moment a company can get you to comply with all manner of uses of your private data with a single click. Now, with GDPR, that all changes.
What is GDPRCompanies now have much more to consider when taking and using data. In short, companies are now responsible for how your personal data ends up getting used. If you want to make sure that your data is used safely and correctly, then you will be happy to hear about GDPR. Why should you care about it, though?

Let’s take a look at why GDPR has become such an important part of modern data usage. When you think about data usage, it’s important that you “get” why GDPR matters in the first place. It’s going to utterly transform how your data is being used. So, why should you even care?

GDPR – Setting New Standards

First off, GDPR does a pretty impressive transformation on the whole of data regulation across the board. It’s going to affect anyone who does business in the EU or with EU citizens. So, if you are sitting in a company in Alabama, Beijing or anywhere else outside of the EU, it’s important that you understand why GDPR matters. For one, it’s going to utterly change how data standards are held across the entire platform.

What is GDPR

It will change how companies are able to handle and use your data, too. In the past companies were more or less holding free reign over how that data was used. They could introduce it to all manner of different companies and use that data more or less how they wished. Now, if a company is to use your data, they absolutely must be more realistic with how they go about using it.

GDPR will impact the entire data protection industry. It’s going to produce a whole new mannerism in how we about using and managing data. And for anyone based in the United Kingdom – Brexit will not save you from having to adhere to the new GDPR rulings.

And that is no bad thing. While some EU rulings might come across as somewhat draconian, their GDPR ruling is a breath of fresh air. The last year has brought story after story of supposedly trustworthy companies doing their best to misuse our data. With the help of GDPR, you get to avoid that problem.

Now, you will be able to see your data being used for purposes that you agree to. Things like privacy policies now need to be much more explicit and agreeable. With that in mind, then, why should you look closer into what GDPR means for you?

What does GDPR Change?

A huge amount, in short. However, the main changes that have taken place in GDPR coming into play include the following;

  • You now have the full right to have all the data about you. If a data hold ANY data about you, it is now within your right to ask to see this data. If they cannot comply, then you have the right to do something about it.
  • You now have the right to know what your data is being used for. From marketing purposes to polling and testimonials, you have every right to find out what your data is going to be used for moving forward.
  • You also have the right to know if your data is being shared. In the past, it was a lucky dip to discover who was using your data. Now, companies have to give you all the data that they hold on you – and who is using that data.
  • Users also have access to their data and can take it elsewhere. Data used to be kept well-housed and out or access to even the person whom the data was about. That is no longer the case here: you are in full control where your data goes.
  • Now, you can have your data erased. Outside of very particular and agreed upon circumstance, GDPR rules now mean that you can have your data removed. That is very important for making sure that you can ensure your privacy.

Why does any of this Matter? Why should you care about GDPR?

Put simply, GDPR makes it easier than ever for you to stay safe – but it also means, as a business that collects data, you need to take GDPR seriously. This is not a recommendation or a guideline; if you work within or with anyone in the EU, you MUST take GDPR serious or face the consequences.

That will often mean a slap on the wrists, followed by a warning, followed by a suspension and then a hefty fine of up to 4% of your annual turnover. So, it would be smart if you took the time to learn about GDPR compliance. For one, you now must get full and express permission from the user to obtain and hold data about them: a failure to do so is your first breach.

If you have not yet made the transition from non-GDPR rulings to GDPR compliance, you absolutely must do so now. Putting it off for later is a mistake, as it will hurt your reputation and your earning potential in the future. You need to start making changes to things like your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and marketing in general.

If you are a non-EU company worried about how your data usage might impact on EU users, it’s time to make a change. It’s recommended you either block EU access until you have made changes or that you consult with a GDPR specialist as soon as possible: the quicker you make the change, the better.

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