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TOP 3 Website Ranking Checkers in 2020 by OxfordTricks

Creating a website is just about having an online presence but this is not all you need to attain success as an online brand. It is important to focus on other core parameters which decide the success of an online brand in business terms. Today, if you have a look at different websites offering similar products/services, there is immense competition between them. For any website to survive competition, it is important to perform better than its competitors. Well, here are the top 3 website ranking checkers of 2020. So, let’s have a look.

website ranking checkers

In other words, the website needs to acquire a better rank. The rank of a website is a strong decisive component for business success. If you do not keep a check on the rank on your website as well as of the competitors, you would be pushed down the rank list within no time.

Checking the rank of a website is not a cumbersome process in any manner. Numerous tools are available online that are meant for checking the rank of a website.

However, for the most reliable results, it is important to use the best tools with no reliability issues.

Top 3 Website Ranking Checkers

Here are the top 3 website ranking checkers for the year 2020.

#1 Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority checker works on the DA metric launched by Moz. It is one of the most important metrics meant to check website standing and reputation.

Along with that, it takes a considerable time span for a website to get a high DA score. New websites usually start with a low DA score which increases gradually when they start building a reputation.

If a website has a high DA score, you can be sure that it is established and does not carry any reliability issues.

website rank SEO check
  • The Domain Authority Checker works well for customers who shop online and want to avoid scams. Scam websites usually operate for a low time span.
  • Once people start recognizing them, these websites stop functioning. Thus, if you come across a new website that offers the best product options, check the domain authority using the DA checker so remove any doubts. If the website has a low DA score and claims to be there for a long time, you can build the perception that it may be a scam.
  • Websites with high DA score are trustworthy and you cannot expect them to be involved in scams. This is because if a website has a high DA score, it simply means that it has been operating for a long time and has a strong reputation. Thus, you can be sure that it would not be involved in any illegitimate activities.
  • In accordance with Google standards, all websites that have a high SEO position carry a high DA score as well. This is because to get a good DA score, a website needs to have quality original content with the correct use of keywords. Keyword stuffing damages the DA score as well the SEO rank of the website.

#2 Alexa Rank

The rank of a website does increase or decrease depending on the SEO techniques being applied by webmasters. If your website is not achieving the desired ranks or results in and your competitors are performing better, you are missing something. With Alexa rank, you can perform a detailed audit of any of the competitor websites and then perform a comparison with your website.

  • Using keywords and using updated keywords are two different things. If you have used keywords in a natural way without any stuffing, it is not necessary that you would get a good user count until you have used the correct keywords. With Alexa rank, you can get a complete list of keywords being used by websites ranked higher than you. It is more of a gap analysis that identifies where you are going wrong and the areas where improvements are needed.
  • Apart from keywords, the rank of a website depends on backlinks as well. If your website is connected to high authority websites, its credibility would increase as well. At times, website owners do not keep a track of the backlinks they have. If one of your competitors has a higher rank than you, it may be due to a higher number of quality backlinks. This is a very important factor for website ranking. It becomes hard to get a good SEO position if your website is not connected to high authority domains.

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#3 Ahrefs – Top Website Ranking Checkers

Online brands can only succeed and go ahead of their competitors if they use the correct practices to track traffic. If the traffic rate on your website is dropping, you should take it as an alarming sign. Business volumes and conversions are related to the rate of traffic. If fewer people visit a website, the possibility of getting a conversion is less as well. In a nutshell, you should keep a check on the traffic rate of your website as well as on the overall performance of competitors.

  • With the AHREF tool, you can check the traffic count of any website. If you feel that the traffic rate on your website is reducing, compare it with the traffic rate of websites ranked higher than you. This comparative analysis would give you a clear idea of why your website has lesser traffic.
  • The reduction in traffic can be due to a number of reasons. One of them is the selection of keywords which not update. The AHREF tool comes with a keyword research feature as well. You can check the keywords being used by the competitors at all times. In this way, if you are not using these keywords, you can use them and improve website performance.
  • The content research feature of the AHREF tool makes an audit of the content on your website. You can even use this option for competitor websites.


It is necessary for website owners to be well aware of the rank of their website at all times. With quality website ranking tools, you can check the rank of your website whenever the need is there. Secondly, you can perform a comparative analysis between your website and the competitor links.

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