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5 Lucrative Ways to Make Money from Photography 

Most people go into photography because they love it. Many are passionate about its creativity and artistic exploration. So, it is not a surprise that most people that are into photography spend a lot of time polishing their skills. 

Photography is one of the most lucrative crafts. Sadly, only a few people know how to explore the money-making aspect of photography. Well, if you are one of the individuals in this category, your narrative is about to change. 

This piece reveals five lucrative ways blacksmiths can make money. Let’s explore! 

photograph selling websites

Sell Photos to Stock Websites, Art Marketplaces, and Magazines 

Photographers capture iconic moments and remarkable occurrences. You can take several creative shots of iconic locations, activities, or individuals. Once you fine-tune these images, you can sell them to stock websites. 

Besides selling as digital copies, you can also make them into frames. So, you can sell these image frames and prints to suitable art marketplaces like ElephantStock. You can also sell your images to various publications and magazines. 

So, there are options of selling digital images or hard prints. However, it is essential to ensure the originality of the photos you are selling. Do not sell other photographer’s intellectual property! 

Teach Photography 

There are several aspiring photographers around the world. As a professional, you can make money by sharing your knowledge and teaching photography. The good news is that distance or location is not a barrier. 

You can use several e-teaching methods like the Zoom app and Google Meet for paid classes. Besides, you can make YouTube videos where your students subscribe and learn. Another alternative is writing photography e-books. You will make money by selling out these e-books to students. 

Earn from, Dream League

Shoot Events 

Shooting events is another big way you can make money from photography. Numerous occasions are held in various locations around the globe. You can either shoot these events on a contract or as a freelance photographer. Either way, you will be making money! The bigger the event, the more money you can make. 

Create Your Website

Creating a website is another good way photographers can make money. You can sell your images directly on this website rather than sell to other sites. You will also make money from traffic on your site and paid adverts. 

Besides these, you can create a catalog to showcase your skills and creativity. Prospective clients can have access to your previous work for evaluation. 

Earn from photography

  • Enter Photography Contests 

Numerous photography contests are going on at every point. You can make money from this creative craft by joining this contest. You don’t have to win several contests before you make money. One win can change the entire narrative of your photography career. 


There is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a photographer. The essential thing is to perfect your skills, get the right tools, and use the right approach. The ideas above will offer you an insight into the right direction. 

So, it is crucial not to limit yourself. Do not stop at using only one money-making method. Feel free to explore various options. You can combine two or more ways but avoid becoming a jack of all trades with no specialty.  


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