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Watch Video Series Online Free with Couchtuner

Watch Video Series Online Free with Couchtuner

Here we come with new post related to all those movies lover. If Are you crazy at watching a movie and entertainment serial then you are at right place. Nowadays, most of the people spend their time with the mobile devices. And we all know there is no cost of internet. Day by day it becomes very cheaper. So, all the people like to watch movie online. Here we are going to share the best platform to Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner.

Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner

Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner

Nowadays, most of the people choose to watch a movie on the laptop rather than cinema.

But, the main difficulties for them is to find out the best movies for free.

So, there are many platforms available online from which you can download best online streaming videos.

Amazon Prime videos and Netflix online streaming provides you the best videos of the latest movies and series with some cost. But, all of them are not free for you.

Movie or Series streaming has been the most popular thing which people do online in their free time.

The main aim of the people is to save their money by watching movie online rather than buying tickets online.

As we know there are many sites are available online which provides you all the latest movies for free without any of charges. Some of them are very best to play online video, and some are not well.


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So, one of the best site to Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner. Couchtuner provides you a great response to watching movies online and also for the Series.

Couchtuner provides all the latest movies and all the best series. It’s one of the newest online movie streaming site which contains all the stuff.

But, people have one question in their mind whether the Couchtune is the legit or authorized site to watch movie online?

So, here we are for the some of the clarification about couchtuner.

Couchtuner – Watch Online Movie and Series for Free

Couchtuner is one website for the online streaming of videos which was started back in 2010 with the .com extension. Whose main aim is to provide free online movies and series.

There are many sites similar to the Couchtuner which also provides online movie streaming.

Some of them are Yidio, The Dare TV, TV Muse, Bmovies, Series Online, TubiTV, GloabTV, etc.

All of this sites are like Couchtuner, or we can say that all are alternative to the Couch Tuner.

Watch Online Movie and series for free

Watch Online Movie and series for free

This site has changed its subdomain many times in the past. Which means Couchtuner makes changes in its subdomains in earlier in .fr or .ag, something which allows the user to stream it without any issue.

People use this site to watch all the latest movies and all the premium shows without spending any money or buying a movie ticket.

Some of them show or movie; you can not find anywhere else. This site also provides some of the aired TV show which you can watch on TV too.

This CouchTuner website is purely entertainable but, you have to keep in mind one thing is that it is a pirated website which offers you pirated media.

This CouchTuner site has also feature to find out the best TV show and old or new series by browsing from its name. You have to go to the search bar and to find your favorite movie by its name.

In which, you can find mainly American or California’s TV shows or other shows.

Sometimes, the site suggests you to use VPN servers to hide your identity.

Thus, how can you use VPN servers?

So, we are suggesting you turn on VPN connections for your secure connection which make hide your details.

Is Couchtuner is Movie Legit?

As we have discussed earlier, Couchtuner website is a pirated site which means that it is not a legal site. You have to keep in mind that thing.

But, it does not mean that you have to stop using this kind of sites. What you have to do is use VPN.

Using VPN, you can protect your private information.

So, whenever you are using this website for online streaming, I recommend you to use opera mini web browser to use this kind of sites.

How to use VPN For Couchtuner?

Here are some of the simple steps to start VPN in your Personal Computer With Opera Mini web browser.

Install Opera Mini Browser, if you Don’t Have installed it.

Then, open the Setting Menu.

After that, open the option given Privacy & Security.

Enable VPN by just Checking given the Button.

After that, you can see the VPN button at your address bar of the web browser. You can Enable or Disable it by just directly clicking it.

Or, you can watch the video tutorial for enabling Opera VPN.

Use of Couchtuner is safe or not?

People also use torrent sites to download movies or popular series. But sometimes it is challenging to use. Because torrent sites and some of other like it affected with some of the issues.

But, in the case of Couchtuner, you can quickly get your favorite movies or TV series without any cost. You can access it without losing your private information as well.

You can also use this Couchtuner to get movies or favorite series of TV shows from your Android device or PC or laptop. The site gives access to use all of these data.

So, we can say that it is very safe to use Couchtuner site and online streaming as well.

You can enjoy your favorite movie from your laptop without spending money on it. It feels crazy to use it.

Current Working Domain for Couchtuner

As we had discussed earlier, Couchtuner is pirated website for the movies and media like that.

So, it had been changed its Subdomain many times due to copyright infringement.

If you are looking for the current domain for the Couchtuner, then we have found the latest which seems like

By pasting this site URL into the browser, you can visit the site for all the media content.

Content of Couchtuner

Couchtuner have all kind of latest and newly released movies in it. It also has a New and Old Series with full access without spending money.

If you want to search media around it, then you have to go to search bar and have to type your required TV show’s name in it.

You will get all desired result from it with the best video quality.

Couchtuner Interface

Couchtuner site has a good and easy interface which supports all your devices like Pc, Android.

You can load Couchtuner easily in your browser. Thus, you can quickly browse your favorite HD movies and all of your required content.

It has excellent support feature to play video on your device. It’s mobile responsive as well as desktop responsive, but you have to keep in mind to use VPN for your security purpose.

The site has an extensive collection of media like popular and newly released HD movies as well as TV series.

Drawbacks of the Couchtuner

The main drawback to Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner is that it comes with lots of the ads and it has too many external link to the ads.

All the time these ads will open in the new tab that makes us irritated. And this kind of stuff becomes boring.

If you are skipping some of the play while watching the movie at that time, it will produce a new tab with ads which is very annoying. That’s why people bored with it.

One solution for this kind of stuff is to use of Adblocking plugin or extension which makes feel you better.

Alternative to the Couchtuner

Mainly people are used to finding all the latest HD movies for free around the internet.

They have many options to watch movies online but, some of them are free, and some are very difficult.

As we all know the Some of the drawbacks of the websites and also from another factor you can use its alternatives.

Here, to Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner is the best option among them. But, it is not necessary to use only this site.

There are many alternatives available to the Couchtuner.

As we know Amazone Prime Video and Netflix are becoming very popular day by day but, it is not for free.

So, some of the same sites are available online which provides you the same services for free. Some of them are listed below.

List of Alternative Sites to Couchtuner

  • Tubi Tv
  • ProjectFree TV
  • Watch Series
  • Cucirca
  • The Dare TV
  • CmoviesHD
  • The Series Online
  • Cafe Movie
  • Alluc
  • Veoh
  • BMovies

All the listed options above have the same feature like Couchtuner Online video streaming website. You can also browse your desired Movies and Series from these sites.

All sites have their features, and all these websites are famous for the online streaming of movies.

You can quickly load these websites in any of the web browsers. All these sites have a smooth and user-friendly interface which gives you a comfortability.

Also, these sites provide you with a great response to the Android device as well as PC and laptop.

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed related to Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner. Couchtuner is one site which provides you streaming of all the latest or newly released movies as well as Series.

Couchtuner has a vast library of all the media content. But, you have to keep in mind one thing is that it is piracy and it’s not legal to use. You can visit the site using VPN because of some security purpose.

There are many alternative sites are available for it. You can also use this sites as the alternative of the Couchtuner.

I hope you will get some knowledge about Couchtuner from this post. If you have any query about this, then you can give feedback.

If you like this post, then please share this post with your friends and family. Have a Great Day again!

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