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How to Watch Steven Universe Episodes Online 2018 | Kiss Cartoon SU

Steven Universe is an American cartoon TV series which created by Rebecca Sugar. The Rebecca Sugar is a first woman to direct an animated TV series for Cartoon Network. Well, you can watch the series on Television or the premium online networks. But, the series is not available for free. So, many peoples demanding that how to watch steven universe series episodes for free. And, this article is also about the guideline.

So, let’s talk in short about the Television series. After that, we are moving to online streaming section and video download. Thus, the Steven Universe TV series is a based on the story of a young boy Steven universe. The Steven Universe series official released on November 2013 by cartoon network channel. After the popularity and production growth, the sessions coming up till now. In May 2017, the cartoon network released the Steven Universe session 5.


watch steven universe online

Thereby, the main character of the series is Steven Universe itself who lives in the fictional town of the beach city. The other characters who live with the Steven are Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst.

The Garnet is a fictional character in the lead role which expressed by Estelle Fanta Swaray. The Garnet is a Crystal gem which is in the magician form with the holographic body.

The Pearl is also a magical alien on Steven Universe series which voiced by Deedee Mango. And the third one is Amethyst which expressed by the actress Michaela Dietz.

Watch Steven Universe

As I mentioned above, the journey of the series started late in 2013 and became the most popular animated series as well as. The first session reveals that the magical gems with aliens being remains as a vast empire.

During the mission of Steven, they found the remnant which is once crucial for the Gem empire. After the investigation for the ruined, the Steven found that the gems cut from the homelands by monsters.

And the series ends with some rivalries between Steven and Aliens. Hence, the Television feedbacks comes as more positives; they launched the second series in March 2015 with 26 episodes.

watch steven universe episode list

Well as of July 2018, the watch Steven Universe released 152 episodes. The Every new latest episode of steven universe premiered on Monday nights.

So, hello cartoon lovers. I’m welcoming you on behalf of Oxford Tricks. In this article, I want to share some methods, or you can say ways to watch Steven Universe session online for free.

Do you want to watch Steven Universe on your device? Yes.

Them stay tuned with me till the end of the article and read the complete guideline for the online series streaming.

Watch Steven Universe Online Episode Live Stream

As you know, the Steven Universe is an animated series which premiered by cartoon network channel. Well, you must think about watching online. And the best way is via source provider.

Yes, there are a lot of online websites and application which allows you to watch steven universe cartoon series in HD.

watch steven universe season 5

There is two way to watch steven universe online, either you can go with paid or free.

What free?

Yes, I told Steven Universe session free download. Well, the free download scenario is not easy as much as you think. For free download Steven Universe animated series, you need access to the torrent site.

But, if you think to download all the steven universe episodes from the torrent site then, its little bit tuff then you think.

Yah, the torrent download is easy but, you need to understand the download flow of the torrent. Whether its safe or not. Whether its harm or not.

You can go with paid streaming media rather than using torrent download. With paid media, you have a safety, security, 100% quality content and stability.

So, there is a lot of websites which allow you to watch online Steven Universe or any other popular animated series with the premium subscription.

So, let us move to the guideline for how to watch the steven universe online session.

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Watch Steven Universe with EFlix

EFlix is an online video streaming website which allows the paid membership. Here is about 30,000+ movies, 10,000+ animes and 8,000+ cartoons for you.

It’s fantastic for any anime lover. Get the prime membership and watch endless animated series and movies without any disturbance.

kiss cartoon watch steven universe

Currently, the site offers four main packs for you. The plans are basic, EFlix plus, EFlix enhance, and EFlix Master.

The membership plans described below. It’s upon you to choose the correct method as per your requirements.

The Free pack allow you for only 5-minute video streaming. So ultimately, you have to go with other prime plans.

The second plane is about $6 per month. In which one account allows for only one month. And the third and most popular plan is EFlix Enhance plan. In which, you have to pay $15 per account for three months.

The fourth plan is known as a master plan which allows you to site access for one year with $USD 50.

You can visit the site with “” web address. If having a site access problems then, use VPN services.

Find the most popular cartoons on the left menu, or you can go with a search box. Here is a to z list for easy navigations. So, you can easily find any cartoon series or movies.

Useful Link: Download cartoon series from 1337x proxy

Watch Steven Universe with Kiss Cartoon

KissCartoon is a website where you can watch animated movies and TV series. You can watch TV series for free or paid. With the free version, you have to face ads and popup banners.

After the Cartoon Network, the Kiss Cartoon site is most popular among the anime or cartoon lovers. You can say that Kiss Cartoon is the best online anime streaming site.

watch steven universe scotland

So, if you like to watch steven universe without ads and promotional videos, you need a premium subscription on EFlix website. EFlix is a parent site which allows 5-minute free streaming. After that, you have to pay for the premium pack.

But, you can watch any cartoon series for free with Kiss Cartoon site by allowing ads. Some ad banners are there to distract you and force you to be a premium member. It’s pure business, and that’s why the service is for you.

Furthermore, find the latest animated series from the cartoon list menu. Find the list for cartoon series with most recent updated episodes. You can go with the search option to find out steven universe full session episodes.

If you wish to download the steven universe episodes then, the download link placed in below of online video player.

Or, you can use any other video downloader like Zbigz or Internet Download manager.

Watch Cartoons Online Steven Universe with Sling TV

Sling Tv is an American entertainment television network which owned by Dish Network. The Sling founded in January 2015 as a service of multi-channel television distributor.

So, the TV offers about 30 different TV channel with a prime member partnership. These channels cover almost all the interest includes cartoon, sport, news, movies, songs, history and other.

The Sling TV offers you to watch 7-day trial version for user experience, and after that, you have to pay to access for more usage.

watch steven universe episode online

The main issue with this site is you can access the site if you are from outside of US. So, what to do in this case?

Just use the VPN service to avoid the restriction and easily access the site with no any other issues.

Find the different premium pack and choose one of them as per your requirements.

There is three pack in the sense of Orange, Blue, and Orenge+Blue. If you choose the Orange or Blue the, you can access approx 30 TV channels. But, if you decide to pay for the third pack then, locate the 48 TV channel which covers most of all.

But for you, I honestly recommend you to buy Orange pack. In which, you have a lot of cartoon channels, and you also get what you want in just $USD 25.

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Watch Steven Universe Episode with DirecTV

DirecTV is another online television service provider which is a subsidiary of American AT&T. The main competitors of DirecTV are Cable TV and Dish Network.

The DirecTV is an American direct satellite television broadcast company. The company headquarters based in EI Segundo, California.

The DirecTV allows its subscribers to access the TV and audio service directly through satellite. In other sense, you can watch multiple TVchannelsl from the DirecTV app.

watch steven universe online full session

The DirecTV is also available for Android, iOS, and fire tablets. So, download the app now and get full of entertainment with the best television network.

Download the DirecTV Android app from play store for more user experience. The app is lightweight and easy to use which means the best user interface and navigations.

Or, you can go with DirecTV website and watch steven universe online full episodes. Find other animated movies and series and stream online with best video quality.

Watch Steven Universe Season with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is an online streaming television network which allows you to watch steven universe. The site is currently not available in many countries. So, you can use VPN services for full site access.

You can check the services of PlayStation Vue by using the 7-day trial account. The trial account comes with free. After that, you have to pay for content access.

watch steven universe

There is a complete four power pack which offers you to choose for TV access. This pack looks like Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra.

The Access pack comes for $USD 39.99 with the 5-day trial session. In this pack, you can only access the essential TV channel. But, don’t overthink as the cost of the package.

The Access pack has your favourite channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and other sports channels as well.

So, I recommend you to get the Access premium package. Or, if your need is too high, you can cancel the premium subscription anytime.

Watch Steven Universe Online with Amazon Video

For the Amazon lovers, here is good news for you. Now, the Amazon Prime comes with animated TV series and movies as well.

Now, you can buy the whole steven universe session for $USD 9.99 or buy the latest episode with just $USD 2.99.

Amazon video is the fastest way to get any TV episode. If you choose to get the session pass for steven universe, the newly telecast video comes in your video library within one day.

cartoon steven universe

Furthermore, you can get the old series videos from the Amazon instant video panel. So, find your interest in the Amazon video and get it in your dashboard.

No any ads and promotional video in between online streaming which is an excellent feature for Amazon members.

So, get the Amazon Prime membership for just 3.51 USD.

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Steven Universe Online Streaming with Hulu

Hulu is an American OTT media service entertainment company which is available in English and Japanese language. The company is joint with AT&T, The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, and 21 Century Fox.

Nowadays, the Hulu entertainment is becoming a leading company in the television network. About 20 million users now connect with Hulu network around the world.

Find the best video quality content with regular updates from Hulu. Also, Android app and iOS app available on play stores. So, you can download the app from there.

steven universe session free

Or, for web users, click here to visit the Hulu entertainment website. Watch animated TV series and movies with the plan starting at $USD 7.99 per month. For double check, you can go with the free trial pack.

Some FAQs for Steven Universe Cartoon Series

Here are some FAQs which is queries by our users on social media discussion. So, let us clarify all of them.

What is the Steven Bomb?

Steven bomb is something related to Steven Universe cartoon series. The steven bomb is an advertisement which is the campaign by cartoon network. The ad contains the airing news for the latest episode of steven universe.

Is the new Steven Universe on Hulu?

Yes, the Hulu contain latest sessions of Steven Universe. You can get new episodes on Hulu with premium membership plans.

Is there a Steven Universe is Anime?

As per Reddit vote pole, the steven universe is not an anime. But, some peoples are called it an anime because of some plots and arcs are common in the series theme.

How old is Steven Universe series?

The first premiered of steven universe is on November 4, 2013. After that in 2015, the second series comes in, and the latest session is as a fifth edition.

Final Words

So, that’s all about “watch steven universe online” guideline. In this article, we had discussed the different platform where you can watch the episodes with prime packs. For free streaming and download, we’ll back with the new article. So, stay tuned with Oxford Tricks for more updates.

Hope this article helps you to find out which platform to watch cartoon series is best for you. Still, have any queries? Then, drop it into the comment section. We’ll gladly assist you further.

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