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Ideal Vehicle: 7 Unique Technologies to Make Your Car Better

When we speak about modern technology, we imagine unusual ideas that have come to life, but nobody uses them because of the high price, because of the innovative idea, because of unjustified needs and unreliable research. The same applies to cars. Let us have a look at the top 7 unique technologies for car

Unique Technologies for car

Cars are very densely present in our everyday life. Even where there’s no possibility to use your own transport, everyone can rent the desired car through 14CARS

Every year cars are transformed, become better and more beautiful. Many vehicle technologies are not yet implemented, but some of them are very promising.

Unique Technologies for Car

Well, in this article, we are going to show you the 7 unique technologies for car to make it better which you love to read. So, let’s have a look.

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Electric Starter

It was not always convenient to start the car from the key, especially if the key was constantly lost, froze, and broke. The modern technologies caused a great progress, and this item is not an exception.  

Electric Starter

This is a huge contribution to industrial production, which allows the driver to conveniently and comfortably start the car from the first time without warming it up.

Now starting the engine doesn’t require much effort – everything is done for you by electronics. For someone, it can be not convenient, but for others, this innovation will be very useful. In the future, it’s possible to make so that all vehicles will have a launch system with a single button. 

Electronic Cooling System

Electronics is a perfect field for modern technologies. This innovation has become very popular, and the seizure of industrial units has increased several times.

Electronic Cooling System

Currently, 68% of the cars are working on this technology – you don’t need to worry about the belt, which will rotate due to engine speed.

The fan will provide cooling as soon as the engine exceeds the degree of heating. It won’t be able to overheat, which means you’ll have fewer headaches every day you use your car.

Hydrogen Engine – Unique Technologies for car

This type of engine is the personification of Ford’s unfulfilled dream. He always tried to create a time machine, a perpetual motion machine, as well as a unit of constant motion.

Hydrogen Engine

But now, a few hundred years later, when technology and human minds have united, we can observe the reconstruction of important elements of the vehicle. 

This is not science fiction, but a very real idea – to make a hydrogen engine that will save up to 98% of the total budget spent today on the maintenance of the car. Very soon such cars will eclipse electric engines and even hybrids.

Solid State Battery – Unique Technologies for car

The ideal crime from ideal people is a solid-state battery, which will be a substitute for all harmful batteries today. Engineers plan to completely remove such things like electrolyte from production.  

Solid State Battery

Now the hard material has improved the modernity. Based on new developments, the unit will be cheaper, more reliable and not expensive. 

The important point is the fact that due to the materials used, the safety level of such a battery will be 99%. 

Engine Cylinder Deactivation System

In the next few years, engineers will create new engines that will consume less fuel and give more power. The technology has received wide demand, especially in countries where people are constantly updating cars in their garages.  

Engine Cylinder Deactivation System

Today, there is a question – how to make a hybrid engine, so that it consumes a minimum of fuel, gives maximum energy, and at the same time was quite budget for the owner.

The answer is still being designed and developed, but the effectiveness of such motors promises to impress the entire auto market because such units will work in the same modes.

48-Volt Electric Systems and Drives

Virtually, every car needs a strong and powerful charge of electricity. For this reason, specialists invented the latest technology, which they managed to introduce into mass production in the car market over the past few years.  

48-Volt Electric Systems and Drives

These are 48-volt electrical systems and drives that will give a powerful charge to the engine so that it can run smoothly for as long as possible. The pace of improvement and development will gain momentum every year. 

Color change without painting

This is a pretty new technology that allows you to change the color of the car. It doesn’t require paints. Now you can take advantage of such technology as car covering with a special membrane.  

Color change without painting

This is not vinyl, and the texture may be different. When buying a car, you may not find the desired color, but fortunately you’ll be able to choose your favorite shade, making the car unique in its own way.  The membrane will protect the original paint from damage, retain the brightness of color, protect from moisture and corrosion. 

Now can you imagine what the cars will be after a few decades? Perhaps the apocalypse will come very soon, and tomorrow you will see your neighbor drives a car with a hydrogen engine, with a solid-state battery and in general – the car will start up, park, and bring goods from the stores on its own.

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