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Top 20 Torrentz2 eu Movie Proxy and Alternatives of Torrentz2

Everyone loves the Torrent world and especially those who are the big fan of movies and games, isn’t it? For movie lovers, it’s about a regular trip to heaven of quality content. I’m sure you know all about Torrent and its sub torrent sites. But, among all of them, Torrentz2 eu is one of my favorites. And, I’m not the only guy who loves Torrentz2 search engine.

So, Today I’m going to talk about Torrentz2 eu search engine and its torrent proxy site list. Also, find the best alternatives for Torrentz from the end of the article.

Many peoples are using a torrent engine and might know all about it. But, not all the peoples are familiar with the torrent engine and its BitTorrent protocol. So, for those who want to know more about torrent and its downloading contract, here is the best for you.

Torrentz2 eu

Before moving to other topics, let me introduce how torrent uses the different server to download large files. You can also find how BitTorrent protocol works and who uploads those massive amounts of data.

In sort, Torrent is a search engine which has a digital index of different files.

The file that torrent used to download contains the meta description. The torrent file comes with “.torrent” file extension. So, you need to use any application to download the actual data from the address given in the metafile.

Due to the download process, the BitTorrent software uses different servers to append the file and get the actual file as a result.

While the Torrent era set at the top of downloading hub, there are some other websites uses the same protocol and help the user to get desired files.

So, let me introduce how Torrentz2 eu search engine comes to market.

Torrentz2 eu

In July 2003, the torrentz eu came in the market and set the best platform with BitTorrent file sharing protocol. Torrentz was a Finland based on a search engine which operates by Flippy.

In 2008, the third party tried to take over “” domain address. And, as a backup, the website admin use ‘’ domain. After that, the official site domain set as a torrentz eu.

After the shutting down of kat cr torrent site, the torrentz2 eu became the second most popular torrent site in 2012.

Just not because of providing torrent concept, the torrentz2 eu becomes the second most popular site. It includes quality content with best downloading speed.

torrentz2 eu proxy

Like other torrentz search engine sites, torrentz2 eu also has to face violations by the internet authority.

In 2013, Paramount Pictures sent DMCA copyright claim to Google for removing the torrentz site from indexing. After that, the torrentz eu declined the Google notice. Admin said that the site has no nay copyright contents.

After that in 2014, the site domain officially banned from the internet without any court orders.

Hence, as a backup plan, the site was still online with different domains like ‘.me’ and ‘.in.’

Finally, in 2016 the site operator said that the torrentz is going to shut down.

But, they can’t give up, and today the site comes with more security and privacy. You can visit it via “torrentz2eu” web address.

So, it’s about how the journey began and how torrentz2 eu work. Let ‘s have some talk about internet facts.

Why Torrentz2 eu Blocked?

Well, it’s all about rules and regulations. If you can’t follow them, you have to face it at the most prominent level.

In 1996; the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) acts came as a United States copyright law.

In which, the DMCA said that you couldn’t steal any digital information which is copyright to its content creator. Or in other sense, you can’t spread any copyright content on the Internet.

It’ll cause internet authority violations and has to face critics argue. So, for the same reason, once torrentz2 eu has to remove its position from the internet.

And that’s why your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can’t give you access to that site.

Since 2016, most of the torrent sites are blocked by ISP and Governments to protect the revenue of official content creator.

Therefore, you have to face these types of problems. But, what to do when your primary requirements are more prominent than any revenues.

And that’s why they always come back to provide the facility which you want.

Torrentz2 eu Proxy

Since the banned issues occur, all of the torrent and other sites have backup plans to recover at any occurrence. So, for the same reason, torrentz2 eu has also proxy list for all regions.

Hence, if the core site banned due to any reason, you can use the same service via other web address. And that’s why we call it a proxy.

You can find the top 20 torrentz2 proxy site list from the given table. The table also shows you an active condition of the given site and its data transfer speed.

Furthermore, you can directly go with the list given in torrentz2 homepage. The main advantage to use torrentz2 eu site is that you don’t need any VPN server software for access.

Yes, the only torrent site which gives you access without any third-party VPN.

You can use “torrentz2eu top” web address to access the original torrentz site.

Given torrentz proxy list works fine. You can copy and paste it into your browser’s URL.

Torrentz2 ProxySpeed + Required Fast fast Fast Fast Fast Fast fast + VPN + VPN Fast Fast fast + VPN Fast

10+ Best Alternatives for Torrentz2 eu

After the torrentz shutting down, there are many fake and clone website comes to the market. So. the main disadvantage to you is that you can’t see anything from them.

The clone sites always redirect you to other pages which contain promotions. So, it’ll become tuff to download anything from that sites. And that’s why you are here to know for alternatives.

Yes, here is the ten best alternatives torrent site who always best in its field. To use this alternatives site, you might need a VPN or may not.

If it seems like server unreachable or any other error on your webpage, you should use any VPN service for full access.

I recommend you to use Opera VPN which is default VPN service by Opera browser. So, you don’t need any extra software for VPN.

#1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular BitTorrent site for downloading. You can find movies, Books, Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, Software, and other videos. And that’s why the Pirate Bay is at the top of Torrentz2 eu movie proxy site.

Among all the torrent site, The Pirate Bay has the most extensive multimedia digital index to download with BitTorrent protocol. The BitTorrent use peers to peer file sharing protocol. In which the total download speed can increase.

Pirate bay utorrentz movies

Mainly, The Pirate Bay contains English and Swedish. But, you can also find it in 35+ different languages.

It’s just amazing to download any large file by only one click, isn’t it?

Yes, The Pirate Bay is the first site to used magnet link concept in 2003. You can access the site via “” web address.

The best navigation made more simple to the pirate bay.  Use torrent search for any item, it’ll give you a relevant result within few seconds.

#2 1337x

1337x is another best alternative to torrentz2 eu. All your needs included in the 1337x torrent site.

The 1337x site is the third most popular torrent site as of 2018. And that’s why1337x is best alternative or you can say competitors of torrentz2 eu movie site.

You can download and upload movies, videos, games, application, and software in the 1337x as an active torrent member.

1337x torrentz2 eu proxy site

The 1337x is a torrent based website which allows you to access its digital data index.

The digital data index is like a significant amount of meta description files. So, if you want to download movies or any file from 1337x torrent site, they provide you to the single metafile.

Furthermore, a metafile contains the information about the actual data which includes file location in simple text format.

You need VPN service to access 1337x torrent site or use any mirror sites.

#3 ExtraTorrent

Another Torrentz2 eu proxy alternative website comes as a Extratorrents.

ExtraTorrent is the second most popular torrent site after the Pirate Bay. The site comes in 2006 with the concept of BitTorrent data transfer protocol.

After the Kickass goes down, the ExtraTorrent become more popular in the torrent industry.

Most of the torrent users always prefer to use ExtraTorrent rather than other sites. Why? Because of the best customer service and proper content.

ExtraTorrent torrentz search engine

So, if you want quality content, then you must start use of the ExtraTorrent site.

Like other pirated sites, ExtraTorrent has to face violations and piracy issues by the law of DMCA.

But for now, it’s stable and works fine.

Hence, go on ExtraTorrent with the use of VPN and download movies and other which you wants.

Type any movies name and find best among the list. For direct download, use magnet links. Be sure before using magnet links; you should have a torrent downloader like utorrent.

#4 Kickass Movies

One of my favorite site to download movies and game is the Kickass torrent site. The kickass site was running on “” web address before shutting down. Kickass is also best if you want to use it as an alternative of Torrentz2 eu movies site.

If we go to Kickass’s past then, it comes in 2008 with 15+ different language. The site uses the BitTorrent protocol for peer to peer file sharing process.

Kickass torrentz2eu movie

As per August 2015, the active users per day on Kickass is about 1M+. This number says it all about the Kickass Torrent. And, even you can also imagine how Kickass torrent has a craze among over the world.

And that’s why you can say Kickass torrent is also best alternatives for Torrentz2 eu site.

Use “Kickass. Cd” web address to access the site. If you still facing any problems, you can go with VPN service which helps you to reach to the kickass site.

Or, you can use mirror site for accessing the site like “” and “” web addresses.


RARBG torrent is one of the coolest website ever for the torrent user. RARBG never hurt anyone by its service.

In 2008, RARBG came with BitTorrent file sharing protocol. As per 2015, RARBG has over 300k plus visitor per day.

And that’s why I’m going with RARBG which is also best alternatives for Torretnz2 eu site.

So, you can also use this site as your torrent friend to download movies, games, software and much more. Find new trending from the homepage of RARBG.

Can give ratings to the file which shows you how popular is individual files. So, it can help others to find quality content with ease.

Furthermore, use “” web address with VPN to get access to RARBG official site.

#6 ISOHunt2

ISOhunt2 is also best instead use Torrentz2 eu site. You can get everything which can torrent provide. The IsoHunt2 is the replacement of the original IsoHunt torrent file.

IsoHunt2 is torrent web directory, or you can say repository where anyone can download and upload files.

ISOhunt torrent

The most advanced BitTorrent and peer to peer protocol for file service come in the form of the new IsoHunt2 site.

You can connect with it via “” web URL. There is no any VPN service required for accessing the IsoHunt2 torrent website.

The category available on the site is like Movie, anime, software, adult video and other. Moreover, find best anime video on isohunt2 site which has the largest collection of anime.

#7 TorrentSeeker – Torrentz2 eu Search Engine

TorrentSeeker is an online torrent search engine container. The site searches on multiple torrent platforms and gets you the best result among all of them.

The Torrentseeker uses many torrent mega sites for the service like 1337x, Extratorrent, Limetorrent, Kickass, Torrentz, and Nyaa.

However, the site uses Torrentz2 eu reference for all the searches. So, you have multiple choices and you can select one of them.

To download torrentz2 eu movies and games, find the file and get the magnet link. That’s all.

The pros of using the torrentseeker platform is one and only the multiple choices. And who else doesn’t like to choose the better option rather go with the given file? Isn’t it?

So, without taking too much of time to choose the torrent site, you can go with the Torrentseeker site rather than Torrentz2 eu.

#8 LimeTorrent – Best Torrentz2 eu Movies Alternative

A verified torrent download site which allows you to download movies, music, tv, book, anime, software, and other videos.

I’m talking about the LimeTorrent proxy site which allows access without any VPN services. Like other torrent sites, LimeTorrent site also has to face internet authority rules.

limetorrent torrentz2eu proxy

And as a result, the official site has to shut down. After sometimes, once again Lime Torrent came to the industry and made the massive effect in the torrent industry.

Download videos with subtitle file or you can go with torrentz2 Tamil movies. For Tamil movies download, torrentz2u is most popular in south India.

Today, LimeTorrent has thousands of users per day. So, why are waiting for anything? Open the “limetorrent. Cc” website and enjoy with your next torrent friend.  Yeah, it’s for me as friends, what I want is always has LimeTorrent.

All you need is almost includes in the torrent. So, without getting bored, try LimeTorrent to download movies and other files.

#9 YTS Movies – Torrentz2 eu

If you are only looking for movie download then, YTS movies site is best for you. And of course, one of the best alternatives for Torrentz2 eu site.

YTS is also known as YIFI movies, and you can find it easily on Google search. Furthermore, YTS is best movie download site among other non-torrent sites.

No need to use VPN software to access the YTS movies. You can directly browse YTS movie site with the help of “” web address.

Find the latest uploaded movies from the homepage. Or, you can go with the search option for more videos.

There is a registration panel available for everyone which is free. So, if you want to get a notification on new upload, then use log-in access and get the first notification on your device.

#10 EZTV.AG – Torrentz2 eu Movies

EZTV is the original TV-torrent distribution team with the massive amount of TV shows and video files. Use the search option for more videos and much more.

utorrentzz torrentz2eu proxy

EZTV is a group of VTV, MyGroup and Vodo media providers.

Use the log-in function to get more access. For discussion, use EZTV forum and get the latest updates.

For download, use magnet links with the direct download file.

Also visit, 1337x Proxy lists & Mirror sites

#11 Filmywap – Best Torrentz Proxy

Filmywap is not a part of torrent downloading. But, the site is almost all for Indian users where you can find the latest movies in different dubbed languages and subtitles.

There is a Filmywap Android app which allows you to stream online for free. You can watch the latest released movies for free with the best video quality.

The app is fully compatible with almost all Android devices with minimal no. of space required in the storage memory.

However, looking at the web platform, you can download and watch it with the secure tunnel. But, what if you have to face site access blocked?

Well, in this case, all you need is to use VPN service which is free for all. With the use of VPN services, you can easily access the Filmywap site.

To download, choose a movie which you want to download and finds the button from the bottom of the poster.

There are multiple options for download which offers you to download in high-speed 720p, for PC, and for mobile users. You can choose one of them as per your requirements and internet data.

Final Words

So, that’s all about best alternatives for Torrentz2 eu website. In this article, the find torrentz2 eu proxy list and its online status. Another good thing is that you have a lot of proxy site for unlimited access. Well, you can go with VPN server or any mirror site for first site access.

Have any other issues related to the torrentz2 site?

Feel free to tell us detail information about your issues in the comment box. Oxfordtricks will gladly assist you further.

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