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Top 8 Best Drawing Tablet in 2018 [Buy Full Featured Drawing Tablet]

Today I am going to share this post is all about to Best Drawing tablet in 2018. If you are a drawing artist, then this is time to upgrade your work style with digital drawing tablets. If you want to make your life easy and smart in the 21st century of technology, then you should go for it. I have listed some of the most used and great user reviewed drawing tablet here. So, let’s go through it.

Art is one kind of gift given by GOD. Every person in the world has something special skill which is art. Drawing, Singing, Ceramic Art, and Photography are an example of creativity. Among them, Drawing is very tough and unique kind of art which is given to some people as god gift. If you are one of them, then you are so lucky!!! Drawing is visual art in which a person uses different instruments or appliances to mark the paper or any two-dimensional medium.

In an earlier time, Drawing artists were used to draw art with different drawing tools like brush, paper, and colors. Because at that time there were no any drawing tablets or facilities. It became challenging to handle a situation if some error made at that time. Because there were no options to undo a mistake from drawing paper. The only option left was starting from zero. But now all those problems are reduced by the latest digital, and the smart gadget called as, “Drawing Tablet.”

So, Let’s discuss some best selling drawing tablet of 2018

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Top-Rated Best Drawing Tablet of 2018

Technology has made human life very easy and effortless with smart gadgets. Drawing Tablet is also one of the great inventions dedicated to artists. There are many tablets available online with distinctive characteristics and different price. Among them, I have listed best selling and well-configured drawing tablet in affordable price.

XP Pen Artist16 pro, 15.6-inch [Pen Display, 8192 level of pressure sensivity]

I have listed the XP Pen Artist Drawing tablet on first place because of its reviews and amazing features. Well, XP Pen series contains many numbers of tablets with different specifications, but XP pen artist 15.6 is good drawing tablet among them as per our recommendation.

XP PEN Drawing Tablet

Device Hardware brief

  • Lightweight and Attractive Design technology allows a user to sketch, paint, and design directly on a monitor screen. The large surface area gives facilities to work in the two-dimensional medium.
  • High-Quality material allows rough use with passion. High-quality display glass provides in-depth analysis of sketch and painting.

Pen & Product Quality and Standard 

  • Lightweight design with 8192 level of instant pen activity on screen board
  • 15.6 1080p Full HD Display with extra full 178° degree of visual angle
  • Provides live result with natural quality and contrast.

Other Product Features

  • Supports USB Type-C as Charger Input
  • 8 The specific key for convenience and real experience.
  • 8192 level pressure sensitivity provides better visual expertise while working
  • Easy to switch with other tools like eraser, and brush
  • Compatible with different platforms like Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8 or later and other
  • Supports different graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Manga Studio and Paint tools


  • Lightweight Attractive Design
  • 8192 Level pressure sensitivity
  • Multi-OS Supports
  • Less color difference from a monitor


  • Too much wiring

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos is another top-selling Drawing tablet placed at a second position in the list of best drawing tablets in 2018. Intuos pro provides the best choice with different size like small, medium, more significant. If you are a drawing artist and want to get a better experience of a digital tablet, then you should go for Wacom Intuos pro paper edition.

Wacom Intus

Paper Edition of Wacom provides more flexibility for creatives who want to stay in the fully digital workflow. Moreover, You can connect Drawing tablet with USB cable or built-in Bluetooth connectivity. With appropriate driver installations, you can connect your favorite software easily.

Product features

  • Wacom 2 pro pen gives advance and accurate performance through its performance. It provides extraordinary performance with pressure sensitivity, tilts recognition and with lag backtracking.
  • 8 Application Specific Express key offers the custom configuration to make a device more efficient. Touch ring provides functionality for rotating canvas, increase or decrease the size of the brush.
  • Touch Sensor given on device makes easy to zoom, scroll and navigate around art just like a smartphone.
  • The multi-touch facility makes it more powerful and enhanced. You can turn on or off with switch given at the side of the tablet.
  • Product dimensions are 42.6×28.4×0.8 with a weight of 1.3 kg.
  • At purchase, you will get Pen tablet pro, battery, extra pen color ring, texture sheet sample card, 2m USB cable, quick start guide, and regulations sheet.


  • Solid design available in small, medium and large size
  • lightweight and easily movable device
  • Powerful and affordable for beginners
  • Bluetooth monitor connectivity
  • Multiple OS and software support


  • No screen
  • No eraser

Huion Inspiroy 11k Drawing Tablet

Huion is also one of the most popular drawing tablet same as above listed. It has excellent review gained form users of it. Proper driver installation gives the best user experience with multiple OS and software. Substantial design and large drawing area make it a very powerful gadget for an artist.

Huion INSPIROY Drawing Tablet

As we know, Huion is one of the reputed company which produces a good drawing tablet. So, Overall structure and product features are sufficient to improve your skill and career.

Product Features 

  • Robust design structure and powerful core technology give a better user experience than a traditional system of drawing
  • The 11-inch large drawing area made with heavy material makes it perfect
  • Cable-free work experience with Bluetooth connectivity
  • A 2500mAh battery can perform for 40 Hours
  • 8192 levels of Pen pressure sensitivity, report rate of 223pps and resolution of 5080 LPI
  • Eight shortcut key is available with customizing options to get an easy switch for other features while working
  • Feature to lock screen to prevent unnecessary accidental actions of shortcut key while working
  • Compatible with multiple platforms like Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS


  • Good standard support
  • Decent customer support
  • longlasting Nibs
  • Satisfying battery lifetime


  • Takes a long time to be fully charged

Wacom Cintiq Pro

Wacom Cintiq pro is one most powerful and expensive drawing tablet. If you have sufficient budget for your passion or work then, I recommend you to use this tablet to enhance your productivity. Amazing features and natural interface makes it very popular among drawing artists.

Wacom Cintiq pro

Wacom Cintiq pro is available in two different display of 13 inches and 16 inches. One unusual thing from an above-listed tablet is it contains Display. Moreover, Advance control provides more customization with multiple OS support. So, Wacom Cintiq Pro is specially made for expert artists and professional designers. All features are listed below

Product features

  • The 16-inch broad display gives the same comfort as a canvas
  • Provides resolution up to 4K (3840×2160) and superb color accuracy (94% od Adobe)
  • Wacom pro pen 2 offers natural feelings with pressure sensitivity, accuracy, natural tilt support without battery or charging
  • Secure connection with any Mac or PC via USB C port
  • Express key Remote provides 17 programmable buttons with easy reach.
  • Easy to rotate, pan, zoom around work with multi-touch gestures. It provides an easy understanding just like a smartphone


  • Ultra HD resolution with 16 Inch
  • Sharper and natural interface
  • Accurate and sensitive pen


  • Expensive for beginners

Ugee M708 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Ugee is also one of the best selling drawing tablets like XP pen and Huion Inspiroy. It provides a large surface area of 10×6 inch to explore and focus on creativity. It gives a papery experience by providing a textured surface coating area. Same as above listed tablets, it also provides 8912 level of sensitivity.

M708 Drawing Tablet

The pen is very best to provide an accurate line of drawing by brush or other tools with maintaining a different level of pressure. It also contains eight express key to keep most used practice on hands. You can configure specific keys as per your choice via advanced settings. If you are a professional artist, designer, or creator, then Ugee M708 is ideal Drawing tablet for you.

Product features

  • A large area covered with a textured surface coating of 10×6  Inches.
  • Massive resolution of 5080 LPI and Repor Rate of 266 RPS
  • Easy to set up for a new user and also compatible with left and right-hand users
  • 8 Customizable express key on the side of the tablet. It provides easy access to eraser, scrolling and undo, zooms in and out, etc
  • Battery-free pen with 8192 pressure sensitivity allows drawing an accurate line of any weight and opacity according to an influence of pressure.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.8.0 or Above
  • Driver programme works smoothly with different creative software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, Macromedia flash, SAI, etc.
  • Provides 12 months hassle free warranty service and clock customer service


  • Durable Production
  • An easy implement of drivers on different platforms
  • large working area
  • Perfectly designed for left-handed


  • None

Turcom TS 6610 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Turcom TS Designer Drawing tablet is one of the most successful tablets among listed here. If you are a beginner and want to buy a tablet which is more powerful and cheap. It provides more facilities and efficiency in affordable price.

Turcom Drawing tablet

Turcom provides a large active area for usability. You have to connect your monitor to get live results of working through a tablet. Moreover, It becomes straightforward with drawing pen on the tablet with different levels of pressure. Furthermore, It is compatible with all different software as well as OS. So, if you are a student, beginner or manga anime lover than this tablet is made for you.

Features of Turcom Tablet

  • Sizeable Active Surface of 10×6.25 inch gives an opportunity to show your art capability
  • Resolution of 5080 lines per inch and report rate speed of 233 provides more accuracy and efficiency
  • pressure sensitive pen offers 2048 levels of pressure to create variations in line width and opacity as well as different effects with brush and other tools
  • Compatible with a different OS like Windows7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS 10.8.0/10.10.0 or higher.
  • Flexible supports with different software like Corel Painter, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D make, ComicStudio, etc.
  • Eight customizable Hotkeys are available on a tablet for smooth movement of most used tools like eraser, zoom in and out, etc.


  • pro level graphic tablet at an affordable price
  • Provides accuracy through pressure sensitive pen
  • Compatible with different OS and Softwares


  • No Display

Simbans Picasso Tab 10 Inch

Simbans Picasso Tab is one best tablet which offers multiple facilities. Means you can use this tablet as a drawing board and also an as a normal Android smartphone. If you want to take both benifits in one device, then Simbans Picasso tab is best suitable for you.

Simbans Picasso tab

10-inch screen of tablet gives fantastic user experience as an artist. It also provides some fantastic features like WiFi connectivity, rear and front camera, and 32 GB storage disk. So, If you are a growing artist, then Simbans Picasso is best suitable for you.

Product feature

  • 10 inch IPS HD Display provides both services of Android features and drawing board
  • 2 MP front camera and 5 MP rear camera
  • Pre-installed auto desk Sketchbook app
  • Google Android 7 OS
  • 32 GB Internal storage expended up to another 32 GB Micro SD-card


  • First Budget Android Drawing Tablet
  • A high-resolution screen in affordable price
  • 32 GB internal storage disk


  • not pressure sensitivity feature
  • no pen tilt feature

Huion K46 6×4 inch Pressure Pen Drawing Tablet

This is another tablet from Huion, which is available at an affordable price. Very slim and compact design makes it very easy to move it. You can carry with your hand ar in beg while journeying. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money on the expensive drawing tablet, then Huion offers you a smart and highly configured Huion K46 tablet.

Pressure pen given along with it provides more accuracy and real experience to the artist. USB cable is attached with a tablet for monitor connectivity to get a live update. Moreover, 2048 Pen pressure sensitivity provides on 6×4 inch screen gives more excitement to work. If you have any query regarding it, then you can visit the official website.

Product Features

  • The slim and Compact design makes it lighter in weight of 798 grams
  • Uniquely designed pressure pen provides the best use for drawing, taking notes, scratching and many more.
  • Pressure pen provides 2048 level of pressure sensitivity makes control on a thickness, transparency, and style of drawing on active are of a tablet.
  • Secure connectivity with desktop USB slot for installation
  • Compatible with a different OS like Mac 10.8.0 or above and Windows 7/8/Vista/XP
  • A pen is used as a replacement of mouse


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in affordable price with highest features
  • Compatible with multiple OS and Device


  • None

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drawing Tablet?

The drawing tablet is a small device which is used as the drawing paper for drawing artist. It is a very lightweight device larger than mobile with few buttons and a drawing area.

How to use Drawing Tablet?

Drawing tablet contains a small drawing area where a person can draw and explore their skills with a special pen given with it. You can connect this device to monitor to get a live result.

Which Drawing tablet is best for beginners?

The design structure of a tablet and pen might be unfamiliar for beginners. But it becomes straightforward after some practice. All of the above-listed tablets are very easy to use for beginners and nontech person.

What are the benefits of Drawing Tablet?

One of the significant benefits of drawing tablet is, it provides facilities to undo error. In the traditional method of drawing on canvas does not offer facilities to recover from the mistakes. Fantastic features on the same working area is another benefit of graphics drawing tablet.

How to connect Drawing tablet to a desktop?

Most of the newly released tablets have a feature to connect via Bluetooth. You have to pair Bluetooth with an appropriate system to connect drawing tablet to get a live result of work. Some of the above-listed tablets have facilities to connect via USB cables.

What is pressure pen in Drawing tablet?

Pressure works as a pencil or color brush in traditional drawing art. In the working area of the tablet, pressure pen works as a pencil, eraser, brush and other things. Moreover, pressure pen allows you to keep opacity, and accuracy through pressure on the screen by a pen.

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Final words

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” which is said by Thomas Metron. Drawing is one of the most valuable and tough among other arts. If you are a drawing art or willing to be a drawing art, then you should use the best canvas of the 21st century, “Drawing Tablets.” All of the above listed Best Drawing Tablets will help you to explore your skill and fan following.

Among them, most of the tablets are Cheap Drawing tablets which you can easily afford. Both kinds of tablets are available like Drawing tablet with screen and without a screen. So, Buy it and Enjoy it. If you have any kind of question regarding it, then ask via comments.

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