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How to Start Business like Netflix in 2018 – OxfordTricks


Netflix is a digital platform which provides entertainment through the content available on the platform. Nowadays, uses of Netflix is growing in India and other digital platforms like TVFplay, Voot, Amazon prime is also growing in India because of Digitalization and many people are subscribing these services because these websites are providing entertainment to people directly on their phone, laptop and now on smart televisions.

Netflix Business

Netflix is the original primary streaming option for an audience where the audience can find lots of movies and web series and other entertaining videos, and they charge money for this and Netflix is the biggest brand in the world.  If you are thinking of starting a business like Netflix, then you have to make a good plan because it is not an easy task you have to be careful with the legal registration and other compliances. This article will give you an idea about the incorporation of business like Netflix.

How to Start a Business like Netflix

First, you have to develop a business plan because it is not an easy task and without making a plan you may have to face many problems so first, and you have to develop a plan for your business for which you have to do market research then you can make a business plan. You have to develop strategies about the websites, mobile application, content, investment, profit generation and many things which are required for running a business like Netflix.

After making a business plan, you have to execute the plan, and the first important thing for starting any business is capital so you have to bring capital or you can ask the investor to invest in your business, or you can apply for the loan so it will help you to bring capital in your business. Aftermarket research and development of business plan, you will get an idea about the investment required for this business, so you have to bring capital first.

Then you have to make a website or mobile application, or you can make both. Site and Mobile Application is required because without these you cannot start your business. So you have to hire people for making your website and mobile application, and your site should be unique and not similar to others so people will attract to your site.

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You need to bring content on your website, and you can make your content, you have to talk to producers so they will make movies and shows for you so you can upload on your website. Currently, Netflix uploads old and new videos on their site and also making original content for their website. If you are making your content for your website, then it is more profitable then uploading other’s content because in case of your original content only you will get profit but if you are uploading other’s content, then you have to them. So you have to make a good plan for content making and content uploading on your website, it should be unique to others so people will attract to your content.

You have to register with copyright and trademark so no one can copy your products. Securing your intellectual property rights is the most important thing because anyone can steal your product or anyone can copy your product and make money from your content so you should register with trademark and copyright.


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Business Registration is very important for starting your business as it secures your rights and trough registration your business will become a legal entity.

If you are a single owner of your company, then you can start your business with Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration as it requires only one person during incorporation and it does not require any formal registration you can register it through other related registration like Trademark, copyright, PAN card, Udyog Aadhar, and others.

And if there are two or more person in your business then you can start your business as Partnership firm, you can begin your partnership firm by making a partnership agreement, an agreement should be signed by all partners and contain all terms and condition of partnership firm and you can register your partnership firm Registration with registrar of firms. So, partnership registration is easy.

You can also make your own private limited company, or you can make a Limited liability partnership firm, a choice is yours, so you have to choose wisely.


If you are thinking of starting a business like Netflix then you should consider the above-given things as above mentioned business planning is the most important thing before starting any business and after making your business plan you have to comply with the required laws and you should secure your content by copyright and trademark registration, and you should make your business as a legal entity, you can start your business as a partnership firm or sole proprietorship firm as it is easy to form and their registration is also easy.


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