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Spotify Premium APK 8.4 Free Download Latest Update 2018

Hey, are you a music lover who starts the day with music and end with music? Then, you must be familiar with the great music app. Yes, I’m talking about Spotify Premium APK. All you need for music is in Spotify music app. Actually, music is the best way to get relax and increase your stability towards the work. Yes, I’m serious about this. If you like listening to a music in your work time then your interest in a work will be increased.

So, in this article, I’m going to talk about the download and installation process for Spotify Premium Apk. You can download and install the Spotify app on your device whether its Android, iOS or Windows.

Hence you can easily download and install the app on your smartphone device. You can also install the Spotify app for PC with the proper guideline and you can find it from below section.



Actually, the Spotify official app is not available in all regions and that why they can’t give access you to download and install the app in your device. So, what’s the solution? Are you looking for this?

Well, you can find the proper solution or you can say the guideline for free download Spotify premium apk from this article. All you need is to just follow the proper guideline and implement itself it on your smartphone device.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium App is an online music streaming app or you can say its a music platform. In which you can access millions of music albums and Podcast for free.

In other sense, Spotify is a music platform where you can easily access your favorite music albums and Podcast. Yes, there are millions of music data are stored in one application.

In fact, the app has a capability to attract you the most than another can. Yes, once you get started with the app, I’m sure you can’t ignore Spotify app by its features and functionalities.

spotify premium apk free download

The music app supports almost all devices whether its Android, Windows or iOS. You can check first your region compatibility with the app. Why? Because currently, Spotify app is not available in some region.

Well, stop thinking too much for this reason. We have a way to download and install the app in your device with ease of use.

Also, you can create own playlist and share it with your friends via social media. Actually, this is the best way to express yourself to your friends.

Find the music as per your choice with a different genre, category, and Artist. Now, you can sort the music files as per your demands and can request for the new album.

So, that’s all about Spotify Premium app information. Let’s move on to get more about this awesome music app.

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Why Should We Use Spotify Premium Apk?

As we already discuss greatness about Spotify app. There are millions of music files are there for you. You can play any music for free either its best artist, Podcast or genre.

The app fulfills most of all the user requirements within one platform. Find the best for you in the app and make it great.

You can find end-user friendly functionalities and best gesture in the app. And, that’s why I always love to play music only on the Spotify music app.

Can download free music latest track and play it in offline mode from the app which is easy to do. As compared to this app simplicity, you can find a lot of online music downloader app which provides the same features.

But, the main problems with these apps are they only focus on their business. So, they alternatively provide you a disruptive promotion and irrelevant advertises.

No one can like this types of elements especially while they listen to music. So, this types of disturbance can’t allow by Spotify Premium apk and that’s why the app is more popular than others.

So, the cause of these some special gestures, the app becomes most popular in the music world. Today the app has 100+ million active users around the world.

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Why is Spotify App Not Available on Play Store?

Actually, Spotify Ltd migrates its application platform for all countries. Now, almost all countries are covered an app is available in these countries. But, still, some countries are left in the list.

download spotify premium apk

If you want to know that why Google play store says that “This item is not available in your country”. Then visit website and enter your email address to know what’s the reason behind this.

You simply get the mail from Spotify with proper reason and they also send you a message when the app is available in your country.

Features of Spotify Premium APK v8.4

From here, you can see that why Spotify becomes more success than other competitors? There are some interesting features which you might know before using it.

So, let’s discuss Spotify Premium app features.

Best GUI

Spotify Premium apk has the best graphical user interface and end-user experience. Which means they exactly know how to interact with peoples. Find out some app screenshots from this article for more understanding.

Unlock Spotify Connect

Have you ever feel frustrated by the incoming phone calls while listening to music? Well, I also feel disgusting while this types of event occur.

So, the app comes with the solution and made a great impact on the music market. After that everyone follows this tricks for making the app more user-friendly.

All you need is one personal computer. Well, connect your PC and phone with Spotify Connect and that’s it.

Ad-free Environment

Actually, promotional ads and posters are the most destructive elements especially while you listening to music. Now, using Spotify Premium APK, you don’t need to face irrelevant video and posters.

So, stay tuned with the app without having any trouble.

spotify music app

Unlimited Storage Collection

Find millions of music songs within just one app is nothing better than other. Get daily update with something new which is the motto of the app.

Can download and store unlimited music files with this app? yes, with the premium pack of Spotify no root app, you can do this stuff.

Unlimited Download

Want to download the latest music track every day? So, if you are wifi user and face no internet connection outside of your home the, the app comes with unlimited download option.

Yes, you can download unlimited music files with the help of Spotify premium app free download. Now, without thinking too much, go for Spotify app free download latest version.

Best Quality

Everyone loves content and quality which is either in the music industry or movie industry. So at that perspective, find the best quality content from the app.

Now, listen to your favorite music album in 256 kbps and 320 kbps audio quality.


Like other music apps, you can also create your custom playlist and can share it with your friends. Find the playlist option from the top left menu bar.

To create your own playlist, set playlist name and select songs which you want to add in your playlist. Select the option and find “add to playlist”. That’s it.

So, these are some awesome and cool features of the Spotify music app which is the best among all of the others.

Note: After the installation process, if you ever have seen the internet connection problem the, use VPN service. By the use of VPN service, you can easily log-in into the app without having trouble. You can use any VPN services for this trouble either its Opera VPN or Chrome VPN. Both are best for you.

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Download Spotify Premium APK for Android No Root

Well, we are here to download Spotify premium apk latest version. You can download the Android app from below download button. If the given download links can’t work properly then, simply inform us by commenting below. We’ll back with the proper solution as soon as possible.

Just click on download button to download automatically apk file. If in case, the download link can’t respond, use mirror download links to get APK file.

   Download App for Android

Mirror Link: Download Spotify App

How to Install Spotify Premium App for Android?

So, here we are going to install the Spotify app in Android device. If you are an iOS user or Windows user, check download and installation sections which are given below.

With the installation guideline, you can use screenshots as a infographics reference. So, you can easily install Spotify Premium apk in your Android device.

So, let’s get started the installation guideline.

First of all, enable Unknown sources option from your device settings. Actually, an Android system can’t recognize any app which comes outside from Google Play Store.

To enable the option, go to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Sources. Mark enable the option as per given in below image.

download app

After that, find the download folder and start installing Spotify Premium APK file.


It takes a few seconds to install the app in your system.

After installation is completed, they check whether this app is secure or not.

After that, Just tap on “Done” button from the bottom right corner.

install spotify premium apk

Now, you have an app icon on your main menu.

Okay, open the app and sign up.

That’s it. Now, As a result, you have a full access to the application.

Download Spotify Premium App Free for iOS

From here, you can download the app for your iOS devices whether its iPhone, iPad or MAC. Yes, you can also install the Spotify app for MAC with the help of iOS Emulator.

So, the download link for iOS is given below. You can directly download and install the app from the iTunes store which is also the best way.

   Download iOS APP

Well, download the app first from the iTunes store and let it install itself.

Okay now, you if you want to use Spotify Premium app for free in your iOS device then, you have to follow some steps which are given below.

First of all, download the Cydia Impactor app.

Now, extract the downloaded file and open it.

Okay, you have to connect your iOS device to PC with the cable. Select the device name which you connect.

After that, find the Spotify IPA extension file and drag it into Cydia Impactor.

Enter your Apple id to sign in into the app. Now, it’ll start installation in your device.

After successfully installation, just go to device settings > General > Profile. Find the Spotify app and open it.

Tap on Trust button to complete the further process.

That’s it. You have done it.

Now, use this awesome premium app in your iOS device.

Download Spotify App for Windows PC

Hey, there want to download the great Spotify app for your Windows PC? Yes, you can download it within a few seconds. The download link is given below.

   Download for Windows PC

Just click on the download button and it’ll be download automatically in your device. Still can’t find download file?

Go to website and download the Spotify for PC app.

free download spotify premium app

Well, the download file is just setup file which means you have to download Spotify Premium APK with the help of setup file.

Okay now, open downloaded setup file and it’ll start automatically download the official app. It takes a few minutes to download and install the app on your Windows device.

After that, complete the registration process and sign in for full access.

If there is an error while registration or log-in, use VPN service to complete the process.

You can use Psiphon VPN for any of the occurrences. So, feel free to use the VPN service because Psiphon not going to harm your system or data.

So, that’s it. Now, listen to online music and can download it in your device for free.

How to Fix No Internet Connection Problem in Spotify?

Actually, this problem is occurred while accessing the app or at the login time. So, how to fix it?

Well, if you are from the non-USA country and wants to access the Spotify Premium APK then generally, this kind of issues have occurred. To fix this internet connection problem, you have to follow some steps which are given below.

So, let’s start to solve the no internet connection problem in the Spotify app permanently.

Well, to solve the issue, we’re going to use Psiphon VPN application.

First of all, if you are an Android and Windows device users the, Download Psiphon app.

But, if you are an iOS user then, go to the above section which is about Spotify free app for iOS.

So, let’s continue with Android and Windows PC users.

Psiphone Software

Download Psiphon app in your device. For Android users, don’t forget to enable Unknown Sources from your device settings.

After that, just open the Psiphon app and set Connect via “The United States” or you can set “Fastest Country” option.

Well, the reason behind this is to bypass the IP from other countries which allow Spotify to use.

After Psiphon is connected, open the Spotify Premium apk. That’s it.

I hope the app runs fine. If you still find some issues related Spotify app then, put your issues in the comment box. We will back with the proper solution.

How to Fix Login Location Issues in Spotify Premium App?

The main problem with the Spotify app is that doesn’t allow to access unsupported countries. So, are you from Spotify unsupported countries? then, you have to face this types of problem every time.

So, what to do in this situation?

Let’s get out of rid from this disgusting issues.

Actually, the login location problem and internet connection problems are occurred due to the same reason. And the reason is that Spotify is not yet released its official app in your region.

Well, we can also solve this problem with the help of VPN software. VPN means Virtual Private Network. You can use any VPN software from play store or either use Psiphon or Turbo VPN.

Open the VPN software and set the location as the United States country. Now try to re-login in Spotify Premium APK.

That’s it. You have solved this issues. Also, don’t forget to share this tricks with your friend circle.

FAQs for Spotify Premium App

There are some questions which are asked by the app users or it might be in your mind. So, let’s discuss some important FAQs for the app.

What is the ideal internet speed required for Spotify?

You can use any internet source wither its wifi network, mobile data or from any mode. But, you should need approx  512 kbps internet speed.

How to reset the password?

Visit the reset password page from Spotify app and enter your ID and password to reset the password.

How to solve location issues?

Use any best VPN service to fix the location issues in the app. Or, you can go to the above section and find out the reason behind this and solve it in an easy way.

Why does the Play Store say that the app is not available in your region?

Well, one of the most common reason is that the Spotify does not launch the app in your country. If you want to know that when the app is officially released in your region, submit your email address to site.


Well, that’s all about Spotify Premium Apk. This article is all about the download and installation process for the great music app. In which you can easily install the app in your device.

Hope this article is helpful for you to clear all the doubt regarding the app. Still, have any question? Simply drop your questions in the comment box. We’ll gladly assist you further.

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