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How to Download Showbox for Android Device | Update 2018

Watching movies and TV shows are the best way to have a fun and who doesn’t love to watch a movie. Almost everyone loves to watch movies and TV shows either it’s offline or online. Yes, watching online movies is the best way to entertain if you have enough internet data. So hey friends, Today I’m going to share how to download Showbox for Android device latest version.

In this digital era, everyone starts using smartphones as an entertainment modem. And why not? If you have a mobile device and you wanna doing something which you want. If you look at the movies production competition then it’s just can’t explainable. So, the main advantage of this huge competition is growing better and better.

Moreover, If you looking at free movie download site, then you need to find out best among all of them. Why doing this? because everyone doing for its own business. And in digital business, there are ads and popup.

Download Showbox for android

As per my scenario for download best movies, I would always like to download the movie which provides safe content. And everyone also wants this types if facilities. So, if you are looking for best movie platform which provides quality content with no any irritating ads and popups. Then, I recommend you to use Showbox for Android app.

Showbox for Android

Showbox app has a great popularity among who loves to watch movies. Actually, this app is for those who don’t want to spend money on movie premium packs. Showbox app for Android is the best ways to watch an online latest movie with HD video quality. If you are looking for best free movie streaming app then, Showbox is the best suite for you.

As compared to other online streaming movie Android apps, Showbox app is one of best among other either its Netflix or Hulu. Why is Showbox best then Netflix? You know that why people don’t like Netflix? Because Netflix only provides paid subscription.

showbox app download

So, don’t spend more money on premium packs, when some apps allow you to watch free movies. Yes, all your needs are satisfied with Showbox app.

Well, if you are an Android user and want to download Showbox for your device, Then find the download link for Showbox Android App. With download link and installation guide, you can easily install Showbox app for Android smartphone.

Furthermore, Showbox app has the best graphical user interface with the great user experience. But, the thing is that you can’t find Showbox app on Google play store. Why? because of Google’s privacy and policy.

If we are looking at Google’s policy in term of content then, you should not spread pirated and copyright content via the internet. So, in the sense, you have to face internet authority’s regulation. And as a result, your service will be shut down from Google search.

So, alternatively, you have to download Showbox for Android from the below links. Before we are going to download an app, let’s discuss some interesting features of Showbox app.

Features of Showbox for Android

  • Showbox allows free user subscription for all users.
  • About 5000 and more movie collection with the different genre and category.
  • Provide subtitle file for movies, TV shows, and web series if it is available.
  • Showbox runs with Cromecast which is the best online streaming device.
  • Provide high-quality content.
  • No, any extra irritating contents like advertise, brand promotion, and popups.
  • You can download offline movies feature like YouTube video download.
  • Apps and content updates on regular basis.
  • Best GU and end-user experience.
  • Light Weight app files.
  • Easy to access media and well categorize.

Why Use Showbox Android app?

In this section, we are going to analyze that why Showbox app is better than other media platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime video. Okay, there are some interesting things that can more attract people to use Showbox app. So, let’s discuss it.

Free Subscription

For any user, if an app provides free service then, why should we go for premium packs. So, this is the big advantage to use apps like Showbox.

While Netflix or Prime Video, they don’t allow users to access free services. First of all, they allow free trial version for one month. But for trial, you should need to provide account summary.

Quality Content

As we compare to Netflix and Prime Video, Showbox for Android has quality + quantity content. Find more than 5000 movies titles from the app database.

download Showbox for Android

You can find latest released movies on the top of app’s homepage which is not uploaded by media players such as a Netflix or Prime Video. You can find Hindi dubbed movies from this app.

High-Quality Streaming Engine 

For online streaming movies and TV shows, Showbox provides high-quality streaming engine. The more powerful engine you get more reliable service in the faster way. And, everyone wants need for speed.


You can bookmark any movie or series to watch later or download. Once you bookmarked any files, you can get it from Bookmark main menu. You can also find this functionality in Netflix and Prime VIdeo with Watch Later menu.

latest movie download with showbox

Best User Interface

If you want to be familiar with any app then, your first choice is that whether an app has best GUI or not? If not then you start finding the best alternative for it. So, from the end-user point of view, it matters a lot.

Regular Update

You can find what’s new menu from the primary navigation bar. In which you can find the latest update and release note. So, it’ll be easy for any to understand what’s new and what to fix.

The app is updated on regular basis and get notify you when an update is necessary. So, you can directly update the file without leaving the application window.

Well, it’s all about Showbox movie app. Now, let us go to the download and installation section.

How to Download Showbox app for Android?

Well, as you know that Showbox app is for online movie streaming service and can download it anyway. Actually, downloading and installation process for this app is very easy within a few steps. All you need is just follow the download and installation guideline. So, let’s start with Showbox apk download for android.

The download link is given below. Just click on download button and it’ll start automatically download in your Android smartphone.

Download Showbox APK

After completing download process, let’s move on app installation.

Installation Guide for Showbox APK

Before installing Showbox app, you should need to enable Unknown sources from your device setting. Generally, at the app installation time, an error occurs look like “Your device doesn’t allow to install unknown apps”. So, if you face this kind of error then simply follow the steps which are given below.

Actually, this permission is automatically set as disabled in which your smartphone device only allow to install Google Play Store apps. So, whenever you need to install these types of apps, you should need to enable this option first.

To enable the option, go to Setting > Developer Option > Privacy > Unknown sources. just mark it as to enable.

download showbox app

Now, let’s install Showbox for Android.

Simply just tap on the apk file which is downloaded and let’s run the installation wizard.

Now, you have a term and condition for the app which shows you how they work and how they want to access.

showbox free download for Android

So, if you agree with apps privacy and policy then, Agree and tap on install button.

It’ll take few seconds to install the app in your device. That’s it.

You can find Showbox app icon in your main menu.

At the first time, it takes few seconds to scan version data for latest update. So, if an app update is available then you have message window for new update version. To update the latest version, choose update version and it’s will start automatically with new functionalities and feature.

What’s new in Showbox app v5.10?

The Showbox v5.10 comes with new features and the previous bug fix. You can find what’s new and what’s next from app info. So, let’s discuss what they are?


In the previous version, you need to log in to the website for subtitle file. But in the latest update, you can get subtitle file without log-in process.


Showbox app fixed some server error which occurs sometimes in the previous version. You can get server response with quick action and low server error ratio.

Torrent Download

Now, you can download latest movie with torrent without having third party involvement. So, it’s been easier to download HD movies with this app.

High-Speed Streaming

The app streaming capabilities being more faster than the previous version. You can now buffer any HD movies with low internet connectivity.

Fix Showbox for Android Not Working

As we know all about app performance and user experience. But still, there are some errors are occurs in while. Generally, the most common app error is for “Connection error”. So, what you have to do in such an occurrence? Let’s have a look at error solving scenario.

First of all, check that your app is up to date with the latest update or not. If not, it might be the first cause of error occurrence. So, just update the latest version and try to continue.

showbox for android latest version

Still facing the same problem, try to clear app data and cache files.

So, go to your device settings and then find “Installed Apps”.

Now, you have a list of all apps which are installed on your Android device.

Find Showbox apk and then clear app data. That’s it.

If you want to change movie platform or looking forward to the best alternative to Showbox for Android, then you can use Terrarium Tv app. Yes, Terrarium tv is one of the best alternatives to Showbox for Android.

FAQs on Showbox app for Android

How to download movies from Torrent with Showbox app?

Yes, it’s been now easier to download Showbox movies with Torrent files. You can download movies from Torrent with the Download button for Torrent. You can find a download button which is given below from watch now button.

How can I fix connection error for Showbox apk?

If you still using old version then you should update the latest version. In which almost all bug is fixed. Or, you can clear your application data from the installed app section.

How to set my default media player for movies and TV Shows?

Well, it very easy task. You can go through Settings from the Top-left primary menu and find “Default Player” option. So, you can set your default player as per given list. You should look at this first.

Why Showbox Android app can’t run on Blackberry device?

The best solution for this occurrence is to update your system. Once you update your system above v10.2.1, I hope it’ll run smoothly on your Blackberry device.

Is the Showbox app runs on non-rooted devices?

Absolutely yes, you can run the app on non-rooted Android smartphone device without having any interruptions. So, feel free to use Showbox for Android.

Final Words

So, that’s all about “Showbox for Android” guideline. In which you can find download apk file and installation guide with given infographics media. There is some faq related app is given which is helps you is any problem occurs. So, get more as you can get from this app.

Still, have any query regarding this application? just try to tell us via comment box. we will gladly assist you further.

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