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SHAREit App Download Latest Free Version Windows & Android

Here is all about to SHAREit App Download for pc or android. SHAREit is a Multi-platform file sharing application which allows you to share up to five devices at a time. The SHAREit application is available for all kind of platforms like windows, android, and iOS.

To share file on multiple devices at a time, you have to install files on every device. Only after connecting all the device on the same network, you will allow to share or receive data. If you have a question in your mind that, how can I Download Sharit app then we have a complete solution for you.

Here in this article, we have discussed some fundamental questions from people like, How to Download Shareit for Windows10? How to Download Shareit for Android ?, How to Download Shareit for Windows 7? etc.  Here, we have given SHAREit App Download for PC link.

Shareit App

SHAREit App for pc is very popular for the transferring of data from one device to another device. This application is available for free on google play store. You can download this application from it. But If you want to download direct link, then you are at right place.

SHAREit is initially developed and released by Lenovo Inc. At that time only Lenovo users can use this application for fast file sharing. But Now this application is available for all the users from Android, Windows, iOS platform. If you have one of above listed operating systems, then you can also download and use this application to share files with faster speed.

SHAREit allows you to file transferring of all kind of content like photos, videos, apps, music, contacts, and many other files. Also, anyone can use this files efficiently on mobile because of its simplicity. So let’s Discuss more for SHAREit App Download for PC or SHAREit App Download for Android.

What is SHAREit App Download 2018?

Here is some necessary information related to SHAREit App Download Latest version is given. SHAREit App for windows is the application which is used to share the file from one platform to multiple platforms. Means you can share data with this application for free.

This SHAREit allows you to transfer data from one device to other devices. The user can transfer photos, Music, videos, apps, contacts, etc from this application. One cool thing about this application is, you can move all these files without internet connections. This application is becoming more popular among android and windows users because of its faster data transfer rate. One research says that SHAREit provides 200x faster than Bluetooth transferring speed.

This application is the main competitor of Xender, Zapya, Share Apps and many other apps. SHAREit Application is a freeware application so that anyone can use this SHAREit application without any legality issues. This application is available in more than 30+ language across the world.

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How To Download SHAREit App Windows?

Here we have discussed some of the necessary steps which allow to Download Shareit app windows. If you want to use a Shareit app on pc, then you have to use it with third-party software for windows. Means that you have to use this Shareit App Download on your pc via Blue stack.

So, First of all, you have to install Bluestack on your pc. This Bluestach will allow you to use this application on your windows system. So, you have to click on a link given SHAREit App Download Windows, to download apk file on your PC. After Downloading Share it APK file to your PC, you have to install it on your Bluestack. It allows you to share all data via the same network.

Note: This apk file is much bigger So, You have to download it with fast speed internet.

Steps to Download and Install Shareit App Windows.

  • First of all, you have to download apk file of Shareit from given link below
  • Install Blue stack on your Windows system
  • Open Blue stack on Windows system
  • Now Double click on the Downloaded Shareit apk file
  • After Double Clicking on Shareit apk file, It will Automatically install on your PC.
  • After the following instruction, while installing an application, it will install successfully.
  • Now, you can use a SHAREit application on your PC


So, Here is the given Shareit App Download Windows Link. From it, you can download an application for your windows system. With using this Shareit app on windows, you can share data from your pc to mobile as well as mobile to pc. So this is a faster way to direct transfers of a file without any solid connections from mobile to pc. So, this Shareit App Download Windows 10 will help you to transfer without needing Data Cable.

How to Install SHAREit App Download Android?

As above discussed, you can use this Shareit application on your pc. But if you are an android user then? So, we have complete guidance for Shareit App Download Android below. You can follow all given steps and make transfers of files from the Android device.

Though The Shareit app is available on Google play store, you can download this application form given a link below. The share it application is available on google play store with millions of download. If you are an android user, then you have multiple choice to use this kind of file-sharing applications like Xender, Zapya, etc. But among all file transfer provider sites, SHAREit app is impressive because of its user interface, transferring speed, multiple language support, etc.

So, if you want to use this Shareit app on your Android device, we have a complete solution.

Shareit App Download Latest version for Android

Download Apk

So, I am going to share this Shareit app download for android with a link. To use this Shareit app android efficiently follow steps.

  • Download Shareit app from the Given link
  • After Downloading Application, Double Click on Apk file
  • Now, you will be asked for some device access permissions. You have to agree to terms and conditions for it.
  • Click on Install Button
  • Open Installed application.

After installing this Shareit application on your Android device, you can use it to transfer images, music, applications, games, movies, contacts and other data. This application works better than other apps available in the market. So, if you are looking for the best file Transfering app for Android, then shareit is best suitable for you.

So, let’s discuss some of the features of Shareit App 2018

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How to use Shareit App Android 2018

I am going to share some of the essential information guides to a usage of the Shareit app after installing a Shareit app to your Android device. When you complete downloading and installing process on your Android device, you can use a Shareit app. After installing an app, you will see an icon on your device. Click on Icon of Shareit app.

Open App on your Android device. The main Screen will open with the Start button as given below.

Shareit App Download

After that, you will be asked to fill information like name and photo.

Shareit app Download

Now you will navigate to the main screen of app shareit.

Here you will find three buttons given named with Local, Send, and Receive. As the name suggests, you can share your local files with other users.

main Screen

If you want to send files from your device to other devices then, you have to select items to send and have to search for a device by clicking on the next button. While sending some files to other devices, automatically hotspot will active on your device.

Shareit App Sending

If you want to receive from other devices, then you have to click on receive button. You will find a screen just like below. After Detecting your desired device to this screen, you have to select it to receive data.

Shareit Receive

If you are connected with the internet then you can stream videos online. There is given an option at the right top corner of the application which will allow you to group share and connect to PC. Shareit also provides facilities to share on the web.

Shareit Main Page

As we can see SHAREit provides a straightforward and simple user interface which makes easy to use. So, Let’s Discuss Some of the unique features given by Shareit app.

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Features of SHAREit App Download 2018

SHAREit App for Android provides many of the unique features to share files and folders including Image, Videos, Music, Apps, and contacts. I am Going to share some of the key elements of Shareit.

Speed: Speed is one of the significant factors in the file-sharing applications like share it. Nowadays Shareit became very popularly because of its faster pace of transferring data from one device to other devices. It is said that Shareit provides 200x faster speed than Bluetooth. So Speed is an essential feature for the Shareit app.

No Internet Connections: Share it does not require an internet connection to transfer data from one device to another device. A User can share data through WiFi connections. And also it is necessary to have an application installed on both of the methods. If you are windows Pc User, then you have to create a hotspot and after you can share files like Photo, Audio, Video, etc.

Group Sharing: SHAREit allows users to share data to the multiple devices at one time. So, Group Sharing is one of the unique features of this application. There is an option given at the right side corner which enables you to share data with more than one device called “Group Share.”

File Sharing: SHAREit app for Windows makes easy to share a file from your computer system to mobile device as well as mobile device to Windows System. You can quickly grab data like Photos, Music, Videos, Apps, etc.

Phone Replicate: It is a beneficial feature which allows you to take backup of your mobile storage and also allows you to restore it back when you needed it. So it is one of the unique features of this SHAREit application.

Support Multi-platforms: Amazing thing about this application is, It supports multiple platforms to share files efficiently. Share it Supports all popular and vast used platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

Best Alternatives to SHAREit App Android

Now I am going to share some of the best alternatives to SHAREit, which also provides facilities to share files among different devices. Most of them are available at google play store.

Zapya-File Sharing App

Zapya is the preferred application which also provides facility to share a file among different platforms. Zapya allows a user to share image, music, audio, video and other files too. So, Zapya is one of the most popular apps as an alternative to the Shareit.

Xender-File Sharing App

Xender also one of the best alternatives to the SHAREit app android. Nowadays most of the android users are using this application for transferring data. Xender is available at google play store. It also provides facilities to share data from mobile to PC and visa versa. If you want to connect with pc, then you have to create hotspot form mobile device.

SuperBim-File Sharing App

Superbim is also one of the most popular applications for Android users. It also allows users to share Media file ass well as contact, etc. You can share data with the help of QR code. SO, SuperBim File Sharing app is one of the best alternatives to the SHAREit app.

CShare- File Sharing App

CShare is just like above-listed application which allows users to file sharing facility. This application is specially made for windows pc users. Using this application, you can rapidly transfer data one to another.

Final Words

Here, I have shared this application which will make easy to share or transfer files from one device to other devices without any physical connections. We have discussed the most popular application SHAREit. Also, Oxfordtricks provides a link for SHAREit App Download Android, ShareIt app Download Windows. After that, There is given all step by step installation procedure.

Some of the important features are listed above which makes people use this Shareit App for Android. After that, we have listed some of the popular apps just as Shareit which provide the same functionality for Android and PC. I hope you will love this information regarding SHAREit app Download PC or Android. Share this valuable information to your friends.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Shareit app then you can frequently ask via comments. Thanks for the visit…

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