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How to say ok google commands on your Android device

This article is all about How to say ok google commands on your android device.

As all of we know, this is a time of technology and artificial intelligence. Every person in the world is using internet service. Use of internet and artificial intelligence have made our life very easy. You can find a solution to every problem on google. Google will give you all kind of information which you required.

In the earlier time, we have to be dependent on library whenever new knowledge required. At that time, if we want to discover something new then we have to be dependent on experts, magazine, Dictionary and all that stuff which were available in the library. But now Google is one of the best friends of everyone which gives perfect solution for the problem.

Ok Google commands

Ok Google commands

Every day Google is trying to serve better and better service to humanity. In an earlier time, very fewer people are used to make use of internet services. People have to make a search of the query by typing on the search console. But later Google had developed a new system which will give relaxation from conventional method for searching.

Google had developed a new feature for searching or input method which is called as Voice Commands. So, one of the best thing about Google is Voice command. You can get all kind of the desired result by giving a voice command. So we have this article about How to say ok google Commands on your device. So let’s go through it.

“Say ok google” with all commands on your device

You will learn about one of the amazing service provided by Google is “Ok Google with all commands”. You can learn how to give the ok google command. There is no need to give manual direction to the device. You can give all kind of command just using your voice. This is very amazing and interesting thing about ok google. Anyone can give this kind of commands to get an appropriate result.

There are many things about Google that you should have to be aware of it. You can do multipurpose things with the Ok Google Command list.

If you are using Android device like android phone or tablet then you can use this service “Ok Google commands for android“.

You just have to tap on the screen once then you can browse all kind on information by your voice input. This is very cool and crazy service of Google.

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How to Turn on service of Ok Google

To use all kind of Ok Google commands with voice recognition you just have to turn on service with few steps. You can do this thing very easily.

  • Open your setting Menu
  • Click on google of your Setting menu

After opening google form the setting menu you will find your Google account assigned in. You will found some options for privacy like Search, location, Ads.

  • Click on Search option given

After clicking on Search Option given, you will found many of the options related to the search like search language, offline search, voice, search region, and many other options related to it.

  • Click on Voice

You will get more options here, you have to choose one of them given “Ok Google” Detection

  • Click on ‘Ok Google’ Detection

Now you can configure your settings for the Ok google commands. You can configure your device as per your requirements. There is an option available with From any screen which means you can access google any time that you say “Ok Google” When your screen is on. Moreover, It is totally dependent up to you either you can turn it on or off.

There is another option available with the tag Personal result which allows personal results and actions when your phone is securely locked.

So this was a complete information about how to Setup ” Ok Google Service for Android”. I hope, now you are able to use this special kind of ok google command service.

At the first time, Google will recognize your voice with three-time verification of Ok Google Praunancince. After that, it also makes a voice recognization of “Hey Google”. Now, all set is done.

How To use Ok Google Commands

After the complete process of voice search by ok google command, you are able to search your required results over your voice command. There are many commands which you can use to make your life easy. To use this kind of command you just have to speak first ‘ok google’. This will make notification to google to provide a google connection via speech recognization. After the ok google, you can use your device just like Google home.

This is a crazy thing to get the desired result from Google via voice input. Which makes you fill like you have super power just like superhero have. Also, You can make your device like virtual Jarvis of iron men. So that is cool.

So, here is a list of all the stuff which you can enjoy with ok google commands.

Phone Calls & Text commands

This is all about to call someone without giving input to a device manually. You can use ok google commands to call someone from your call directory.

When you want to call your friends or some you just have to say ok google command with “call [ name saved on your phone directory]” or “Call business”. If there are more than one numbers are saved with the same name than it will ask to make choice of one. After that, it will directly connect your phone call to the Dial screen. So, this is a very helpful feature of Google.

Ok google commands

Another use of Google is you can send a text message with ok google commands. You just have to say “send the text message to [ contact name ]”. If there is one or more contact name have the same name then prompt will come out with the list. It will ask to make choice out of them. After that, you have to speak your message with clear voice pronounce.

You can also make the message with your application installed on your device. It also allows making editing to message. All you have to do is speak with your desired message application with the text message. This makes your device so amazing and interesting. Normal people can also use this service easily.

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Find your Direction with Ok Google Commands

Whenever you stuck with the new place at that time google will help you to find direction. You can ask about your current location. You can also find the path to reach out at the desired place. This very helps whenever you are driving because the use of mobile over hands is very dangerous while driving.

So now you can easily make your route with ok google. You can ask several of commands to google. Some of best are

  • navigate to […]
  • Walking Direction to […]
  • Direction to […]
  • How to get to […]
  • Get Direction to […]
  • want to reach […]
  • How far away is […]
  • Show me the nearest […]
  • A route for […]

You can find direction to your desired location with the name of a location or famous place name with given above ok google commands. If there, similar name place is there than you will get pop up with the choice. So, You have to choose one of them.

ok Google Commands

If you have trouble to transport to unknown place then you get your desired result with the commands like “walking direction to” or “transit direction to” and etc.  This will get you right direction with google map. you can also ask about your location like.

  • Where am I
  • My current location
  • Fruit Market Near me
  • Pizza Zone near me
  • Where can I find Fruits

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Set event & Remainder

One of the toughest tasks is to remember some important dates, event, meeting, work and etc. At that time we make some notes which will remind you of perfect time. So google will help you to set the reminder for your event and important meeting. You can use voice command to make remainder on your google calendar.

You just have to use a command like “Remind me to ” and after that, you have to specify the work of your important meeting time and venue. for example, you can use voice command like “Remind me to pay a bill next Sunday Or Remind me to send email on Sunday 05:30 AM”. So all These commands will help you to set the reminder to your phone over voice input.

Ok google Commands

Ok Google Commands

You can also set remainders with geolocation also. For example, if you have set all geolocation to your google map then you can set Ok google commands like  Remind me to Buy fruits when I go home. So this kind of remainders makes our life easy. some of the examples are

  • Add reminder
  • Remind me to close the office at 7:00 pm
  • Remind me to change the oil of my bike on Saturday

Google Calendar & Alarm

You can also use google calendar over ok google voice commands. You can set calendar events using ok google commands. This a command can set or fetch important events. To set event you have to just say

  • set event
  • set calendar event
  • create event
  • create calendar event

Given all above commands will help you to create a calendar event. You can use it with your personal schedule with dates. For example, Schedule an event on Saturday or Create an event for a birthday celebration on Friday 5:00 PM.

You can also set alarm as per your need. It is very easy to set an alarm for you over voice command. Moreover, You just have to specify the time of alarm over voice input. Automatically google will set alarm for you. This is a very interesting thing about Ok google commands.

  • set an alarm for […]
  • create an alarm in [ time ]
  • set my repeat alarm […]

Math google Commands

If your math is not too much good then you can use google to solve all kind of math related problem. You just have to ask about math problem to google. Google will give you a perfect answer. Also, Here some of the example given which are:

  • what is the square root of […]
  • what is the cube root of […]
ok Google commands

ok Google commands

  • [number] divided by [number]
  • what is a compound interest of [amount] at [intrest rate] per enum for 1 year
  • what is [number] percent of [number]

Device Control commands

You can also control your device through ok google commands. If you want to open any desired application on your mobile or you want to change your settings of a device then you can do all these things with the help of ok google commands. some of the examples of control commands are:

  • Take a selfie/ photo
  • Record a video
  • increase brightness
  • decrease brightness
  • increase/decrease volume of mobile
  • Turn off/on the torch
  • mute the application
  • Open application [ name ]

ok Google Commands

Google can also send a message with your personal chat application. You can use it just like speech to text kind of conversion you can also take the selfie, open any application, make change settings of the application, browse anything form browsers and etc.

 Other Most famous Ok googles Commands

You can also write emails and post to Google over using voice commands. Moreover, A user can also brose their favorite songs by name or artist name. You can ask any kind of question to google with ok Google commands. If you are alone or bored from the work then you can use this ok google commands to make fun. Most of the people are aware of this functionality of Google. You can also use it.

ok Google Commands

  • Show me my flight info
  • Where am I
  • How old I
  • Open Gmail inbox
  • Chat with [name] on WhatsApp application
  • Open facebook application
  • Open Instagram
  • Where is my hotel?
  • Play some morning music
  • Open song [name] on youtube
  • How can I make pasta
  • How can I speak hello in Japanese
  • What is today
  • What is Tomorrow
  • Which month of the year

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Final words

Hey if you are want to make your life to easy then you should try this Ok google at your phone. If you are an android user then you can use this with your android phone or tablet. All kind of information related to “ok google” and it commands are given in the article. Here all about Ok google command is that you just have to say ok google with appropriate command to get the desired result.

This is a crazy and cool feature of the google over voice search. People love to use it. I also hope that you will love this information. Please share this information with your friends & family.

All kind of suggestions will be accepted kindly via feedback. Please, comment on this post…

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