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Putlocker – 15 Best Putlocker HD Movies Alternative Sites [2018]

Putlocker is an online movie streaming and downloading website. The site refers to a significant amount of online digital index which has multiple websites for video streaming. Due to the torrent era, the Putlocker came into the movie market in 2011. The site origin set in the United Kingdom and become a most popular movie streaming site in the country.

After the Megaupload went down in 2012, the put locker movie site becomes best among all other sites with millions of users per day.

In May 2016, the site access denied in the United Kingdom region with the court orders due to copyright infringement. The typical reason behind the blocking is piracy content.

Yes, the Motion Picture Association of America claims on the site and it officially goes down.

After that, the site web address frequently changes with a lot of clone sites or you can say it to the proxy site. The latest site domain set as a, which is a clone site.

Therefore, some peoples don’t trust on this, and some assume that the site has officially gone down.

But the fact is, the site is still online with “.io” domain address. You can visit the website without any VPN services.

Putlocker Movies Download

Well, as you know that how is the importance of the site for movie and TV series lovers. Due to violations and piracy, the website with a lot of access issues in the past.

But, now, the put locker movie streaming and downloading site come with enhanced security and privacy.

Like the old version, the site allows you to watch the latest movies and TV series online for free.

Here is the significant amount of video files with most of all categories. Like movies, trending, TV series, Anime, Cartoon, Asian Drama, and lot more.
putlocker movies

Find your favorite movies or TV shows and watch online in HD video quality. Or, if you wish to download the film in HD quality like 720p and 1080p then, use any video downloader.

As per my experience, the Internet Download Manager(IDM) is best among all of other.

The little problem with the site is that you have to face some URL redirections and promotional ads during site surfing. Once, you got the video file; it’ll become easier to stream online or download.

While accessing the site, its common for all to face the error window that looks like “Government has blocked the site in your region” or any other site ban issue

So, at that time you should prefer to use Opera VPN or Chrome VPN to bypass the restrictions.

About Putlocker9

Putlocker9 is a clone website of put locker movie site. In which you can find the latest movies and TV series for free. Watch any of given video content in HD video quality for free.

Furthermore, find the most popular TV shows in the United States, Corea, and Japan within one platform. Just because of the cloning site, it doesn’t mean that the place is 100% safe or secure.

putlocker9 tv shows online

You have to always aware of the site which provides something special for free. So, how to know whether the movie download website is safe or not? Isn’t it the big issue for you.

Okay, let me introduce the best internet anti-virus which can protect you from the malware and virus. So, as per my experience and application reviews, the Norton Internet Security is one of the best among all other Anti-viruses.

Instead, to use any other online video downloader, you can use Internet Download Manager(IDM) for movies and TV show.

Visit the putlocker9 site via “putlocker9.AS” domain address. Just copy and paste the web address in your browser’s URL bar.

So, that’s all about the putlocker9 proxy website.

15+ Best Putlocker HD Movies Alternative Sites

Putlocker website is the best for online movie streaming with easy navigations. But, the main issue with putlocker is a lot of ads redirection and popups. It like disgusting for all of us.

So, some peoples start to find the alternatives for putlocker. Thus, there are a lot of sites which provide the latest movie download feature for free. But, causes of proxy and mirror sites, not everyone can find the official website.

Therefore, I’m here to show you what are the other way that can help you to download and watch movies and TV series.

So, here are the top 15+ best alternative websites for putlocker 2018 movie download.

Note: While accessing the movie streaming sites, if there is any site block issue, you can use VPN service without any doubt. For VPN service, watch the video tutorial and do it yourself in your device.

#1 Solar Movies – HD Movie Streaming Site

Solar Movies is the best alternative for the putlocker streaming site. Or, you can say that Solar Movies is the best free movie site. The site allows you to watch online movies and TV series for free in HD video quality.

Visit “” website to access the content of the site. If there is any site access problem, use VPN service as per video tutorial. After enabling VPN, you can access the site without any trouble.

solarmovie online putlocker

So, Solar Movies has an incredible amount of media collection with HD videos like 480p, 720p, and 1080p. In which, the category is also there for you like all movies, TV series, movie genre, country, top IMDB rated, and evergreen.

While surfing Solar Movies site, you may have to face some ads and promotional banners. So, be aware of them before accessing the site.

To watch HD movies, choose your desired file and click on the banner. You can also go with a search box for more.

Click on Watch now button to start the online movie streaming process. That’s all.

#2 FMovies – Watch HD Movies Online

FMovies website is another best alternatives for putlocker site. Yes, you can watch online latest movies on FMovies site rather than the use of putlocker.

To visit the site use “” web URL address. Find the best movies for you and start watching online with HD video quality.

FMovies free latest movie download

Just not because of the online movie streaming facility, the site is best for you. But, the main thing about the fmovies is providing best navigations and quality content for free.

Not all the site allows you to access the quality content for free like NetFlix and Hulu. So, that’s why my favorite place for online movie streaming is FMovies.

#3 Niter – Movie Streaming Site

The Niter site is the most stable website in the online movie streaming industry. Also, the best alternative to putlocker movies.

Find the Niter movies on a Google search on direct enter web URL as a “” in your browser’s URL bar.

Watch Movies Online with niter

Having an access issue?

If yes then use the simplest way to unblock the Niter site with enabling VPN. You should use a video demonstration which placed in the above section. So, use video tutorial as a reference.

Furthermore, find the latest and trending movie list from the main menu.

Also, you can download the movies from the Niter site with the use of IDM video downloader.

#4 House Movies

House Movies comes with the simple user interface and best site navigations. Or, you can say that House movies are best alternatives for putlocker site.

One more main advantage of the site is that no needs to use VPN for online movie streaming.

House HD Movies download

Find the latest movie from the homepage and watch it with HD video quality. There is a download option available. So, if you wish to download the file but check the video quality first then, the site is best for you.

There is no more ads and promotional popups due to video streaming. And that’s why the site becomes more popular around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit now house movies site and find your interest.

#5 Couchtuner Movies

Couchtuner is another best alternative site for putlocker. Yes, the couchtuner has all movies and TV series which you want to stream online.

Due to copyright infringements, the couchtuner has multiple domains with proxy and mirror sites. So, find the couchtuner movies site address from the link.

Or, you can directly visit the site through the “” web URL.

Find your desired movie and click on “Stream in HD” button.

There are no any download facilities available for you. But, you can do this with online video downloader. It seems like the copy and pastes web URL.

#6 Crackle Movies

The Crackle movie site is a subsidiary of Sony entertainment media. So, there is a massive collection of movies and web series with high-quality video.

But, the problem is that Sony Crackle is not available in some countries. So ultimately, you have to use the VPN server.

crackle movies

Find latest updated movies and TV series in HD video quality for free. Use the free registration scheme for more access to the site.

With 100% safe video content, Sony Crackle grows high and high in popularity.

#7 GoStream – Watch Your Favorite Movies Online

Start streaming your favorite movies with GoStream site. Find the best Hollywood movies in HD video and audio quality.

The site category looks like movies, genre, latest, trending, and top IMDb rated movie listing on the site, which demonstrates that the site update comes on the regular basis.

gostream putlocker alternatives

Find your desired movies and watch with site default media player. Due to video streaming, there is no more ads and popup for a disturbance. So, start your journey with GoStream movie site.

Also, you can access the site without VPN service. So, there is no doubt about piracy content.

#8 123Movies – Watch HD Movies Online

The 123Movies is another best alternative for putlocker site. Among all of the online movie streaming site, the 123Movies site has the best graphical user interface.

But sometimes, it causes site load time for those who have low internet speed. So, this is best for high-speed internet connection.

123movies free download

Find the most recent uploads from the site slider.

The request option is also available for you. So, if you can’t find your favorite movies from the site the, go with the request and ask the site admin to upload the video content.


The 123Stream has a different concept than GoStream movies site. The site allows you to watch live TV online for free.

Now, you don’t need to go to the premium site. Watch free TV online with the 123Stream site for free.

In other words, the 123Stream site is the faster and better place to watch online movies and TV. There are some other useful functionalities like sport, music, and animated for you.

Thus, the 123Stream is also the best site for anime like Kiss Cartoon with no any premium subscription needed.

#10 BOBMovies – Watch Free Full Movies Online

Watch latest released movies and TV series with BOBMovies site. Here is all that you want from the best alternatives site for putlocker.

Find HD movies, Cartoon, TV series, Top IMDb, and TV Show for free. So, choose one of them and start streaming movies in best video quality.

bobmovies putlocker alternatives

Use online movie streaming features without VPN service. So, it’s easy to access the site for any person.

Furthermore, the site has the best graphical user interface with excellent navigation. Also, there are limited ads while watching movies or downloading. And that’s why I’m going with BOBMovies site as an alternative for Putlocker.

#11 PopcornFlix – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

If you love to watch old movies which released in between 2000 and 2010 then, the PopcornFlix is best for you. After the official closing of the Cokeandpopcorn site, there are many clone sites came to market.

One of them is PopcornFilx and PopcornTime application. But, remember that the PopcornFlix is not a mirror site for coke and popcorn movies.

Popcorn Flix movies

Find the best action and adventure movies from the homepage and watch online in HD video quality. Also, there is no need to use VPN.

#12 Movierulz – Latest Hindi Movie Download

Movierulz is another best alternative to putlocker movies. The Movierulz site is one of the most popular online streaming sites in India and Asian Countries.

Use the “” or “” web address to access the official site without VPN services.

How To Download Movies from Movierulz

Find the newly released movies from the homepage and can watch it online. There is multiple mirror server link for online streaming movies. So, choose one of them and play it on your device.

Well, this all of the given list is stand for the website. For those who love to watch movies with Android application, here is the top 3 best free movie app for you.

#13 Popcorn Time  – Watch Latest Movies Online

Watch movies and TV shows instantly with PopcornTime Android app. You can download the app for both platforms either you can go with Windows PC or Android.

The app provides the best graphical user interface and end-user experience. Find some cool feature from the official site.

Because of pirated content and Google policies, the app is not available on Google Play Store. So, you have to download the app from the official website.

#14 Showbox App – Best Movie Streaming App

Showbox app is a platform where you can watch the latest movies and TV series for free. The app provides the best video quality content and that why people love to watch films with Showbox App.

The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile platform. So, you can download the Showbox for Android and Showbox for iPhone from respective given links.

The official app is not available on the play store due to copyright infringement. Or, if you were able to find the app on play store then ignore it. So, be aware of this things.

#15 Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is a mobile application which allows you to watch HD movies and other videos for free. The overall site functionalities look like same as a Showbox app. But, the best thing about the app is excellent device compatibility.

download latest movies terrarium tv

You can download the app from the above link. The app has a significant amount of series collection. Almost all the latest web series available on Terrarium TV app.

Find the menu bar from the top-left corner which has different categories concerning all. So, start watching movies and TV series for free with Terrarium TV app.

#16 Worldfree4u – Latest Movie Download

If you are looking to download the latest movies which are just released in the cinema then, the Wordfree4u site is the best for you.

You can find a massive amount of movies with dual audio files and subtitle files for free.

Find Hollywood Dubbed Movies, Bollywood HD, Latest Tamil, New Telugu film, and much more.

If there is an issue to access the Worldfree4u site then, you can use VPN service to unblock the restriction and safely enter the site.

To download, you can find the latest uploads from the site homepage. Furthermore, go with the search option to find your favorite film.

All you need is to ignore the advertisements and promotional popups to download the movie. Find the download button from the movie page and get the film into your device.

You can find mobile movies, 300mb movies, mp4 quality films and much more as per your requirements. So,without any doubt, try now to get close to the Worldfree4u movie site.

Final Words

Well, that’s the top 15 best alternatives for the putlocker movie site. All the websites and apps are working well. But, some of the places need to enable VPN service. So, feel free to use the VPN service which also describes in this article. Find the features and functionalities for all the best movie sites and start movie streaming online. All of the listed movie sites are free of cost. So, no more need to pay for premium media. That’s all.

Hope this article helps you to find out the best alternative for putlocker. If you have any other issues regarding this topics or movie download then, feel free to ask. You can drop your things in the comment box. We’ll gladly assist you further.

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