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PUBG Mobile for PC Free Download – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Download PUBG Mobile free for PC

Hey there, are you exiting to download and play PUBG Mobile game for Windows PC? Yes, then you are at right place. From this article, you can easily download PUBG game for PC and find the proper way to install PUBG game in your Windows PC.

In recent time, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (you can call PUBG) game becomes the most trending and popular video game in the market. So, let’s get started with PUBG Mobile for PC download.

PUBG Mobile game was released in March 2019 for all mobile devices. The PUBG Mobile is free for all mobile users. But, the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game for PC is not freeware for users. Yes, you have to pay for downloading and playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on your PC devices.

PUBG Mobile for PC

download PUBG Mobile for PC

Finally, we have found the solution for download PUBG Mobile for PC with freeware usage. Yes, it’s true, you can also download PUBG Mobile for PC without paying money on it.

So, what are the tactics? And How to download free PUBG Mobile for PC?

For this types of queries, stay tuned with this article.

However, PUBG Mobile for PC is a multiplayer video game which has now 50+ million copy sold. You can’t imagine that PUBG Mobile now becomes number 1 video game ever in the gaming industry. Yes, at this time, PUBG has much more active installation then any other video multiplayer game has.

About PUBG Mobile for PC Game

Before moving to the installation procedure, let’s have a look at the short introduction for PUBG game which you are going to play on your PC.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer video game which is developed and released by PUBG Corporation. You can find some exciting fact as of and details description of PUBG Mobile for PC from Wikipedia.

Well, The game is based on Chinese movie Battle Royal as inspiration by Brendan Greene. You can play with up to 100 online players in multiplayer game mode. Yes, like other multiplayer online video games, you have to survive and fight against other opponents in the playground.

PUBG Mobile App Download Latest Update

The map area of the playground in each match will be 8*8 kilometers in size. You can invite new friends to your player list and build your army.

In 2017, the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds was released via stream as a beta version. After that, they release official Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game for Microsoft Windows PC in December 2017. Since the game gets positive reviews from different game organizations and wins Game of the year award.

After a few months later, the PUBG Mobile comes in the mobile market in March 2018. Now, the PUBG Mobile game is free for all mobiles whether it’s an Android device or iOS device. Still, the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC is in the premium version. Are you spend money on Premium PUBG game? No, then follow this free download PUBG Mobile for PC article.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay

The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or you can say PUBG is an online player vs player video game just like Counter-Strike. The overall gameplay is the same as other multiplayer online video games. But, the brand new features comes in with great graphics and visualization.

The PUBG Mobile game start with the airplane parachuting with the map are 8*8 kilometers. After the landing, the first things is to find some primary weapons from buildings. You can see some power drink canes from the battleground which is useful when you get tired or have less energy.

In the battleground area, you have to fight with your opponents and kill them down. To win the match, you need to kill off your all opponents and save yourself as the last survivor. Due to gameplay, the random map automatically shrinking with your area and can anyone damage you at that point.

At the completion of each PUBG Mobile round, you gain some rewards and currency based on your record. As a result, you get the prize based on how much you kill someone.

PUBG Mobile game download Latest Update

As a result, you can use the rewards and coin to customize your crates and buy new weapons. Also, the PUBG mobile for PC comes with a great graphical user interface and new features.

PUBG Mobile for PC Latest Update

The latest version of PUBG mobile that is currently running is 0.9.0. In which lots of new features and previous bug fixed. You can find a feature list from below section.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game download for pc

The PUBG mobile 0.9.0 updated on September 12, 2018. Furthermore, the PUBG game runs on Android 4.3+ version which has excellent graphics load memory.

Hence the PUBG mobile updated version has,

  • Night Mode in Erangel: In this update, the PUBG play map will alternate between night and day for Erangel.
  • Halloween theme: The Halloween theme is given on the main menu. In which the players can interact with other on Spawn Iceland by collecting candies and pumpkins.
  • The Rony pickup truck is also available in Sanhok map.
  • The item collection becomes easier with bargaining by “Share for deals”. In this scheme, you can share the deals with your friends and it’ll available in less amount.
  • The 6 member crews are now available.
  • First-person view: In which you can custom your crates or costume with classic way.
  • Weapon Skill: More weapons and skill development program.
  • Airplane mode: Can custom airplane costume if you have a high-level battle royal pass.
  • Royal Pass: Now, you can get the battle royal pass by completing a daily task.
  • Armory: New armory and weapons custom field come in.
  • Emotes: Finally as user perspective, emotes are the best way to display feelings to other. So, use it to impress other opponents or friends.
  • Gift Shop: Can buy gifts for other is now available in PUBG Mobile game update.
  • Mute Teammates Audio: Now, it’s possible to mute your teammates audio box.
  • Bug FIxed: In the previous version, you can damage by your teammates via vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Brings Latest Update with New Maps and Vehicles

So, what’s new in the latest update and how it’ll be beneficial for you?

Let’s talk about the new Sanhok map and vehicles update.

The latest update brings up with the Rony pickup truck. the truck is available only in the Sanhok map.

The Halloween theme is also there to interact with other players.

The Sanhok map locates in South East Asia’s forest. And, if we are going to talk about the map which contains playgrounds the, it’s too small in size. The map area is only 4.4*4.4 in kilometers which is small as compared to other maps.

With the small map, you can get resources faster and quickly engage with other opponents.

QBU DMR, QBZ, Flare Gun, and Duckbill

Well, let’s discuss the PUBG latest version weapon updates.

The QBU is a Chinese bullpup DMR type weapon exclusively available in Sanhok playground map area.

After all the things, weapons come in every player’s mind. And, why not?

Thus, the latest updates also bring new weapons like QBZ, Flare Gun, and Duckbill. Every resource has unique features and benefits.

The QBZ is a 5.56mm rifle with the single shot ammo. Flare Gun is a special weapon which calls airdrop in a play zone. And Duckbill, a shotgun with the different fire zone features.

New rainforest pursuit and vehicles come together in a rainforest map.

So, that’s all about the latest updates. Stay tuned for upcoming features list and more.

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How to Free Download PUBG Mobile for PC?

The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds video game is not free for PC users. You need to pay around $17(USD) to download and play it on your PC or Xbox. But, we have a trick to download PUBG Mobile for PC without paying money. Yes, you can download and play PUBG Mobile for PC.

In most of all blogs, you can find PUBG for PC with Bluestacks emulator while searching for free download pubg game for pc. But, you can also direct download pubg game for pc without any Android emulator.

So, we have three different methods to download PUBG mobile for PC. Let’s discuss.

  1. Free Download Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC
  2. Download PUBG Mobile for PC with Bluestacks
  3. PUBG Mobile for PC with NOX App Player

System Requirements for PUBG Mobile for PC

Before installing PUBG Mobile for PC, you should check whether your system is compatible or not? Otherwise, it seems like an error-prone installation. So, what are the basic requirements for PUBG Mobile? Let’s get started.

Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPUIntel i3 with 2.7 GHz Or AMD FX/3300
Graphics Card2 GB
Disk Space
30 GB

Method-1 Free Download Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC

Well, it’s all about PUBG download for Windows PC. All you need is to follow the given guideline, and you’ll get Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC free. The download link is given below with the installation guideline. You can use given infographics as a reference for the installation procedure.

Download PUBG for PC

Mirror Link: Download Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

So, let’s get started.

Installation Guide for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC

First of all, download PUBG game for PC from the above download link. If it seems can’t working correctly, try mirror download links.

Now, run the .exe file from your download manager.

It’ll show you a popup to install the PUBG game. Click on next for further installation process.

After that, it takes some time to download PUBG game from the server.

Wait until complete download and install process. It’s an automatic procedure.

After completing the download and install process. It’ll show you a popup for “Download Key” click on that.

download PUBG mobile for PC

You have to complete these process for getting key. So, complete the process and get Download key file.

Now, enter the key and get started.

That’s it.

Method-2 Download PUBG Mobile for PC with Bluestacks

If you don’t want to download PUBG Mobile for PC with the first method due to any reason then, try to play with Bluestacks. Yes, you can also play PUBG game with Bluestacks Windows software.

Bluestack is an Android emulator for Android games and software. You can run any Android APK file on Windows PC with the help of Bluestacks software. All you need is to install Bluestack software on your PC.

Installing PUBG Mobile for PC with Bluestack is a little bit fuzzy as compared to the first way. But, still, you can get it without any interruption. To download and install PUBG Mobile for PC, follow some guideline that is given below.

Installation Guide for PUBG PC with Bluestacks

First of all, it requires Bluestacks emulator on your pc. To download Bluestacks Click here.

After that, Open Bluestacks Emulator software.

Go to “My Apps” and dive to “System App” folder.

Now, you can find Google Play folder. Just open it.

Type “PUBG Mobile” in the search bar. Click on the PUBG Mobile game with Tencent Game as a Publisher.

download PUBG mobile for PC with bluestacks

Click on “Install” button, and it’ll start automatic installing.

Finally, PUBG Mobile for PC is now officially on your Windows PC.

That’s it.

Method-3 PUBG Mobile for PC with NOX App Player

Nox app player is another Android emulator which is used to play Android games on Windows PC. You can use the Nox app player instead of Bluestacks app.

The PUBG Mobile game for PC is fully compatible with NOX app player with great graphics involvement. So, let’s start to download and install PUBG Mobile for PC with Nox app player.

First of all, you need to install NoxPlayer v6.2.0.0 in your Windows PC. Click here to download.

After installing NoxPlayer, open the NoxPlayer app.

Now, go to Google play store and search PUBG Mobile.

Tap to install the PUBG Mobile for PC.

That’s it.

Note: If there is an incompatibility issue at installation time, try to clear play store data and restart the NoxPlayer app.

NoxPlayer Emulator Settings for Better Performance

After installing PUBG mobile game for pc, you should change settings of emulator for better graphics resolution and performance. So, let’s change the emulator settings.

  • CPU ≥ 2
  • Memory ≥ 2048
  • Graphics Rendering more = DirectX or OpenGL
  • Resolution = 1280*720

After changing settings, restart once for saving the settings. Now, you can play PUBG Mobile for PC with ease.

FAQs for PUBG Mobile

1) Is PUBG free on PC?

Look, PUBG on PC is available with the paid subscription. But, if you are looking to play PUBG on PC for free then, you have to use emulators like Tencent default emulator, Bluestacks or NOX emulator. So, is this case, YES. Thus, we can say it’s free to play PUBG on PC.

2) Which emulator is best for PUBG Mobile?

There are lots of emulators which serve the same facility for this types of multiplayer video games. Like, Tencent Gaming Buddy, NOX emulator, Bluestacks. But, when it comes to the best thing then, I would like to suggest you the best emulator for PUBG Mobile. One of my favorites is Bluestacks.

Let me tell you the reason behind the Bluestacks selection. It gives you a better user interface, more compatibility, fewer hardware requirements as compared to others, direct Google Play store connection, by default best for video games interface and much more.

3) How can I play solo in squad mode?

You can play solo with disabling Auto-matching mode.

4) How to free download PUBG for PC?

You can download PUBG for PC with the help of Android emulators. You can use Bluestacks rather than NoxPlayer.

5) Will leaving the match can affect my career ratings?

If you leave the match in the lobby or before you get onto the plane, your rating and statistics would not affect.

But, if you leave the match after loading into the plane, then it affects your career rating. It’s same as you died in the match and got some score as per your survival status.

6) Can I complete the daily mission on arcade mode?

Absolutely Not. You can’t do that stuff.

7) When is the conqueror tier updated?

The conqueror tier is updated at 0:00 UTC.

8) How can I find the weapons after parachuting?

You can find the weapons, grenades, power drinks, and clothes from different infrastructure like house, company, buildings, and other all.

9) What is the best way to get a higher ranking?

Your total rating is calculated using this formula: Rating = Survival Rating + 0.2 * Killing Rating.

The best way to get the higher rating is only focused on survival time. Get higher survival time duration as for result, got higher rating points and rewards.

10) How is can differentiate between real players and game bots?

First thing is bots can never enter the building and can’t drive any vehicles. If you shot to the player, then if it is a bot then it running back with the straight line. Or, you can search the player name in the search box. If the name exists it means the player is real.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game

PUBG Mobile for PC App Permissions

At the first loading time of PUBG Mobile game on PC, you need to set some essential permission to allow access. So, what’re that permissions to allow access?

  • App History: Access your device and app history.
  • Photo / Media / Files: Allow access to USB storage.
  • Storage: Allow access to read and write the file from USB storage.
  • Microphones: For recording audio files.
  • Full Network Access: Allow full network access permissions.
  • Location: You need to allow your location access to the PUBG game.
  • Prevent Device from Sleeping.
  • Control Vibration.

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Alternatives to PUBG

PUBG is the only game which makes lot’s of fun and great time pass for everyone, But there are many games are there which provides lot’s of fun just like PUBG for PC. If you have no idea about it, then you can check out below given games.

Fortnite Game for PC

Fortnite is also base on the Japanese movie Battle Royale. So, It this game you have to play for your life as you have seen in the movie. Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox. If you are looking for the mobile version of Fortnite apk, then they will release it very soon.

For the better experience of a game, you need high-quality graphics and other requirements. If you want to get more information about it, then you can visit given a link to Fortnite Royale Battle Game. Initially, this game was developed for Microsoft pc versions, but recently they have announced that will release mobile version too. If you want to download Fortnite for pc, then visit the official website.

Garena Fire Free

Garena Fire Free is another game similar to the PUBG for PC. It Multiplayer Online Battle Royale game developed by 111dots and released by Garena. Just like PUBG, You have to land on Battleground by a jump from the plane. After that, Player have to look for weapons and other utility assets.

This game is specially made for mobile devices like Android and iOS. If you are an Android user, then you can download it from the google play store. Player has the primary goal to survive on an island with 50 members online with the same goal. The player has to eliminate other players to ensure that he is the only survivor. So, This is one of the cool game as Pubg for pc.

Final Words

So, it’s all about “Download PUBG Mobile for PC” devices. From this article, you can download and install the PUBG Mobile game free for PC. Finally yes, you don’t have to pay for playing PUBG game on your Windows PC. The installation guideline for PUBG Mobile for PC with Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are given.

Still, have any query regarding PUBG Mobile for PC installation and download. Just drop your queries in the comment box. We will gladly assist you further.

Have a great Day!!!

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