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7 Best Habits to Protect WhatsApp Account from Others – OxfordTricks

How Important to Protect Whatsapp Account?

Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing social media messengers over the other apps. As usual, everyone has it’s own privacy and policy for personal data like files, images, videos, messages, and much more. So, what’s your privacy in this digital and smart world? Isn’t it? The thing is that about 99% of social media users don’t know anything about the privacy concept. If you so? or, have any doubt about the Whatsapp and other social media then, here I’m going to share simple habits that can help to protect Whatsapp Account.

Do you even think about the Whatsapp hack?

Yes, as per my opinion, anything can hack that connected to the internet. Isn’t it? You have heard about the giant social media platform named Facebook. That’s all. So, why not Whatsapp. Whatsapp offers end-to-end message encryption technology that can not be easy to hack. But, it is possible.\

Protect Whatsapp Account

Well, let’s have a look at some little but, more dangerous things that you have to keep in mind while using Whatsapp. Here are top 7 habits to protect Whatsapp Account. Let’s have a look.

Put a Lock on WhatsApp

A pin or a password is the most important step of preventing anyone from accessing your account without your permission.

This option, however, isn’t self-provided by the socializing company, but a third party protection software or an app can enable you to set the restriction on your account mostly in the cases of you losing your phone and you don’t want anyone seeing your chats/conversation.

Get Rid of Last Seen Option

The best way to improve your privacy is none other than preventing anyone from knowing when exactly you did check your WhatsApp.

Doing so eliminates the burden of responding to anyone you don’t want to talk to or the time isn’t right for you to respond. Also, your boss is a figure that should not be knowing that you use WhatsApp while being at your workstation.

Hence, if you turn off your last seen, you can have a lot of freedom but you do face one consequence as you restrict yourself from checking the last seen status of another WhatsApp user.

Profile Picture – Don’t Flash it for All

A lot of people use unknown numbers to check on the identity of an individual by looking at your display picture.

When someone stores your number (with no restrictions imposed), he or she can see your display picture while not letting you see their picture.

What you can do is to set a restriction that allows only your friends (numbers stored on your contacts) would be able to see your picture that would also allow you to see their picture as well.

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Scam Alerts – Beware

Never in a million years would WhatsApp contact you through the app to Protect WhatsApp Account.

This company does not send any emails about voice recordings, emails, payments, and alteration in videos, photos until and unless you ask them to do it through a proper contact system.

If you see a link or an invitation that offers “free subscription” redirecting you to another website is nothing but a false link that will eventually damage your device one way or the other be it viruses, malware, Trojans etc.

If Phone is Lost, Deactivate WhatsApp

The best way to prevent the damage to your account is to deactivate it. It’s a useful feature provided by WhatsApp that lets you activate your account from a different phone using the same number.

Since only one account can manage, you turning your WhatsApp account on another phone would ensure the deactivation of your previous account on the lost phone.

Hence, it is an instant blocking option but if in case of emergency, you can also directly deactivate your account by contacting them directly.

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Encrypt your Phone

WhatsApp is secure and uses end-to-end encryption, but why not do a simple step and stay one step ahead of the prying eyes?

You can also encrypt your device completely to avoid the cases of data loss or unidentified monitoring of your device.

Be it device or data, encrypting either one of them acts as a barrier between you and the intruders/snoopers.

Don’t Forget to Logout of your WhatsApp Web Account

Anything that is big in display and easy to view from the eye is considered a feasible feature to Protect WhatsApp Account.

The mirroring service makes the life of a workaholic user easier as it gets everything available on their device. But in doing so, the same user sometimes forgets to log out of their account and eventually end up paying the consequences.

An example? Here it goes.

You going to get a cup of coffee while at work and while returning, you find your colleagues bursting into laughter by reading your chats on the large screen.

In a Nutshell

WhatsApp is secure, no doubt about that. But a few steps if taken as an extra effort can ultimately make your life a whole lot easier. Since the use of such device has become an eminent part of our lives, there is no possibility of putting a break to these hackers as they revolve around where the data of masses is heavily stored altogether.

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