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How To Do Proper New Website SEO in 2020 | OxfordTricks

Created a new website, and now you are wondering how to do proper new website SEO? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out.

It would not be wrong to say that SEO is extremely important for any website out there. And you must focus on it from day one.

But there are quite a lot of newbies who are not aware of what steps they should take while performing SEO. And if the same goes with you, then let me just share some of the essential tips with you over here:

How To Do Proper New Website SEO in 2020?

Get A Powerful Domain Name

Domain names are one of the main ranking factors. As it tells the search engine what the website is all about. And in case if your domain is easy to remember, it has the keyword you want to target, and it is relevant. Then this is the best domain name that you can try out. Also, there are quite a lot of domain name generators available out there which you can use to find a great domain name.

Select a Reputable Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting is the second most important factor. As site speed plays an important role when it comes to ranking. So make sure that you are getting a web hosting provider that is offering good page loading speed. And your website is loading within seconds or less.

Perform Keyword Research

The third thing that you should do is perform keyword research. Knowing how to do proper keyword research is the main part of SEO. To get started with keyword research, you will need to find a topic that you wish to target. Then you will need to find some keywords.

For example, if your website is about recipes, then you can pick your seed keywords like vegetarian recipes, chicken recipes, and so on. And then, based on your seed keyword, you will need to find keywords to target.

There are quite a lot of SEO tools available that offer you keyword suggestions. For example, you can try out Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubbersuggests, and so on.

Use a Mobile-Friendly Design

You should also use a mobile-friendly design for your website. As you probably already know that Google announced that the upcoming years are all about mobile.

As more and more people are using mobile to make searches, hence it is important that your website looks great on both mobile and desktop.

However, the good part is that most of the website themes come with a responsive design. This means they look amazing on both desktop and mobile devices.

Target Primary Keywords for Each Page

You also need to target the primary keywords for each page. Whenever you are publishing content to your websites, make sure you are optimizing the web page for particular keywords and its sub keywords. This will help you to tell search engines what the web page is all about. To optimize your webpages, it is recommended that you learn on-page SEO techniques.

Optimize Page URLs

You also need to optimize your website URLs. You have to customize the URL of every page on your website. To the best of your ability, you want each URL to be easy to remember, tell others what the page is all about, and it should be as small as possible.

For example, you might consider using a URL like: And as you can see, the blog URL is pretty long and not really easy to remember. But you can simply short the URL by using something like And if you look at this URL, you just know that the page is going to be about chicken recipes.

Link to Other Pages on Your Website

The last thing that you can do is link to other pages on your website. Interlinking is also an essential part of SEO. And it gives Google signal about what your website page is all about through the anchor text that you use.

In case if you do not know about anchor text, then it is the term used for texts which are hyperlinked. Also, when you internal link your pages, it helps search engines to understand how your different pages are connected and drive traffic from one page on the website to another.

Also, by linking your pages to each other, you allow the visitors to stay on your website for a longer period of time. As a result, it helps you to reduce the bounce rate.

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Final Words:

So that was the answer to your How To Do Proper New Website SEO in 2020 question. In case if you need any kind of SEO help from an SEO agency, you can check out CARTGEEK. It is a popular SEO company Mumbai. Also, for any other questions, do comment below.

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