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Top 9 Problem Business Websites Encounter And How To Solve Them

Slow Loading Web Pages 

Slow-loading web pages is a common complaint by website owners. To correct this problem, you will need to first discover what is causing your website to lag -you can quickly do this by using website speed testing tools. 

Problem Business Websites Encounter

The first and the most common cause of slow loading websites is server overload, closely followed by larger multimedia files such as high-resolution images that aren’t of any value. So, it is also good to evaluate images on your site. You can explore entrusting this to the professionals – they will help check if the images on your website need to be deleted, updated or compressed and address server problems that will improve the speed of your website. 

Poor Security 

Security is one of the major concerns of any website and is often overlooked until there is a major security threat. Cybercriminals and hackers are the worst – sadly, a lot of organizations only understand the true value of security after a harrowing security breach. 

To guard against this, you should keep your website safety features up-to-date. If you are a WordPress user, update your plugins to the latest version regularly. In addition, invest in an SSL certificate, which will help encrypt the data shared on your website and keep your customer’s personal information safe. 

Not only is it a good safety practice, as a bonus, but Google will also give your website preferential ranking. 

Web Hosting Security Checklist 

Not Optimised For Mobile 

If your website does not have an optimized mobile version, then you are essentially keeping out a large percentage of web users from accessing it.

Today, over 70% of web users run searches on the Internet via a mobile phone. This is why Google gives preference to the mobile-friendly sites – it is important to develop a mobile-friendly version of your site with the full functionality of a computer version. 

Low Traffic

Building traffic takes time and is influenced by a lot of factors. However, if your website has been up for over six months and traffic flow is still slow, you might need to re-evaluate how you execute the following factors: 

Site performance and speed: the website visitors have a hard time navigating your site? How long does it take your website to load? Is your website accessible? 

Your keyword list: are you targeting the right words for the right pages? What is the level of competition for the keywords you are targeting? 

The quality of your content: does it follow the best content writing practices? Is your content well researched, fresh and unbiased? Are you uploading relevant content that your target audience will appreciate? To boost traffic flow, the key is to create a content strategy that aligns with the answers to the above questions. 

Don’t forget to conduct a holistic evaluation of your website and fix problem areas – ensure that every part is functioning optimally. Your focus should be on creating a great user experience so that you can easily convert them into paying customers. 

Broken links 

Another common website issue is broken links. Clicking on a link that leads to an error page can be very annoying to web users.

Some of the important website tasks are less about improving site performance and more about ensuring that end -users have a great experience. A broken link is the equivalent of a poor user experience. 

It is good practice to ensure that your internal links are working – so, update those that might have changed recently or remove links to depleted pages. Removing invalid links on your website can be done with a special program or by contacting us – our experts are adept at finding and fixing broken links. 

Exposed Business Email Addresses 

A lot of businesses published your email address directly on the website. Unfortunately, this information is also available to spammers who use it to send unsolicited emails by harvesting these email addresses with automated web crawlers. We have encryption techniques that allow you to publish new addresses in a format that cannot be harvested by spammers. 

Complicated Website Navigation 

Effective website navigation is important for the success of your website. Navigation plays an important role in overall UX results. In addition, it directly impacts traffic levels and user experience. 

Typically, navigation and search bars are located at the top or on the left side of the main page. It is best to stick with this template -standard placement means that your site visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for and engagement your content seamlessly. If your website has multiple product categories, you should try making your navigation clickable with: 

Fly out the menu: horizontal versions or a drop-down menu -dropdowns appear when the cursor is above the main category label 

Mega menus: drop-down that also, contain images or text 

Another helpful solution would be to provide a shortcut section, frequently visited by your site visitors. For example, shopping cart or account settings in the top right corner. 

Outdated Website Design 

Outdated website design is also a cause of slow loading websites. Web design is often an underappreciated service – in order to save resources, a lot of small business owners beauty websites themselves – which can result in key web design elements that are essential for a website’s success to be overlooked or neglected.

To represent your brand in a professional manner, your website needs to be properly designed. Over 40% of the businesses who enlist our help to consider a more professional or modern look a priority.

Are your website’s design and layout the reflection of your brand identity?

With the millions of websites online, the layout and design of your site will help it stand out from the competition.

The job of the professional web designer is to build a site from top to bottom that is professional looking.

In addition, they also ensure that only the best technology is utilized in website creation. To ensure your website is up-to-date we suggest doing the following things: 

● if you are not ready for the services of a web host, we recommend using WordPress to manage your website. 

● Make use of the experience of a professional web designer, when possible. 

● Frequently navigate through your website and check that it represents your brand in the best possible way 

Lack Of Conversion And Website Matrix Tracking 

Not knowing your website matrix is like driving a car blindfolded. You need to be able to track your website performance so that you can improve, add or revise problem areas. Being able to constantly track numbers can change and improve the way work is done on your website. Unfortunately, a lot of business websites do not have analytics setup. 

Setting up and tracking results will ensure that your website is functioning optimally every day. Don’t forget to choose the right team to help you with this, so you do not miss out on relevant data. 

How To Manage Data Gotten From Analytics 

Good data is great but it can be useless if it is not properly utilized. It is good practice to use the data gathered from analytics to delete, remove, change or update functions to improve website performance. 

To further utilize data gotten form website tracking and analytics, get your data analyzed by professionals. But first, add Google analytics to your website if you currently do not have tracking on.

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