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How To Play Music With Lyrics On Android for Free – Oxford Tricks

Play Music With Lyrics

For many people, music is the only key which accelerates their day to day activities. Music has won millions of hearts. When you return home from your workplace, music can please you to stay calm. So, when organized tune and soothing voice of an artist joins together, it creates magic. So, here is the best things to Play Music With Lyrics.

When you listen to the music via headset, it can make you feel better. If you love a music, you may want to sing along with the artist. It’s the greatest enjoyment you can feel even when you’re alone.

Assume that you fell in love with a music which is in a different language. When you would like to sing together, you will search the Internet to find the lyrics. So you play music on your Android while looking at the lyrics on a web page. Can you do the same procedure each time for every song? I’m sure that you will feel exhausted for searching lyrics for each song.
Play music with lyrics on android

Today, we have come with an awesome solution to this.

In this article, you’ll learn how to play music with lyrics on Android for free.

Requirements for Play Music With Lyrics

  • Android phone (KitKat or above)
  • MusixMatch app.
  • Internet connection.

Key Features of MusixMatch You Should Know

  • It has the “n” number of lyric collections.
  • With no time in delay, Musixmatch synchronizes with the song.
  • The name itself implies that it can play matching lyrics along with the song.
  • Lyric language translation feature is available.
  • Floating lyrics widget to add it on your Android home screen.
  • Supports Android TV.
  • It allows you to cast music and lyrics on your smart TV. To cast music and lyrics, you will need Chromecast app additionally.

Steps To Follow for Play Music With Lyrics

  • Download Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music app. You could click here to download from Play Store.
  • Launch the app.
  • You need to log in with Google or Facebook in order to explore more features with this app. If you would like to play only lyrics, skip this option.

play music with lyrics on android

  • On the next screen, Tap on Enable Now button. It will allow this app to show you the matching lyrics while listening to a song.
  • After that, you need to give notification access to MusixMatch.

notification access for music lyrics app

  • Toggle On the MusixMatch app in the notification access screen.

Look at,

Spotify Premium APK for free

play music with lyrics

  • On the next screen, you’ll notice a pop-up. Tap on Allow option.

Library access for music app

  • Without library access, Musixmatch cannot scan for the songs to fetch lyrics. Thus, tap on Allow Acess button on the next screen.
  • Tap on Allow option when you see a prompt message from your Andriod.

Now, you’re almost done.

  • Pick a song from the library on Musixmatch.
  • Play the song.

Matching Lyrics to music

  • Have you noticed that? The matching lyric for the song is playing. It will scroll down automatically to sync with the song.
  • In the above snapshot, you could also notice download symbol highlighted in red. When you tap on the download button, it will ask you to subscribe to the premium version. With premium version of MusixMatch, you could enjoy lyrics for most of the songs offline. Besides, you will get rid of ads in the premium version.

Depending upon the song’s language, it will show lyric in the original language. If you would like to see a translated version of a current song, tap on the Translation symbol.

Translated music

As you could see in the above snapshot, lyrics are showing in Turkish as well as in English. This app supports more than 50 languages. This helps you to explore lyrics in the available languages.

Must look at the

Free Music Download App

Additional Options in MusixMatch

To leverage additional options,

  • Tap on the Triple vertical dots on the top right corner while playing a song.
  • You will see options like Add to favorites, Edit song info, Sleep timer, and Equalizer.

My Music Options

To customize music tracks,

  • Go to the Music screen.
  • Touch the Triple vertical dots on the top right side.
  • Tap on My Music Options.

Here, you’ll find several options. You can disable synced lyrics, blacklist the tracks, headset settings, audio settings and much more.

Lyrics on Your Locked Screen

You don’t need to constantly look at the lyrics on MusixMatch. Lyrics will show even on the Locked screen.

To play lyrics on Locked screen,

  • Play a song.
  • Lock the screen and press the power button once but don’t unlock your Android phone.

Play music with lyrics

You will see the lyrics playing on the lock screen. To prevent the screen from going sleep, adjust the sleep timings under display options on your mobile settings.

That’s all. You’re done.

Final Words

Now, you’ve got an awesome app to fetch and play lyrics for the songs. Thus, you can sing with the lyrics on the go. There are some alternatives to Musixmatch on Play store. You can try the alternatives like Songtextemania and QuickLyric apps.

We hope this helps. If you’ve any queries and suggestions regarding lyrics apps, don’t hesitate to comment. We’ll soon respond to your valuable comments.

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