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How To Create Marketing Plan For Your Real Estate Startup

Did you know the average time it takes to sell a home in the US is about 68 days? Well, selling homes (real estate) that too at breakneck speed is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

As a real estate agent, you’d do anything that could convert your leads into sales. In other words, you’d want to create a real estate marketing campaign that could scale your business in no time.

We know it, and that is why we’ve listed a few tactics in this article that you can use to growth hack your real estate startup.

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Identify Your Audience Demographics

Do you think kids would come and buy properties from your clients? Or someone who has retired would invest in one of your rental properties? Most likely, the answers to these questions would be a big ‘NO’.

So, what do you do? We suggest you gather more information about your target audience. What age group is more likely to buy properties in your area? Or, which region can bring more leads for your real estate business?

Answers to these questions should give you a clear picture of whom your marketing strategies should target.

Sell Experiences And Not Properties

Most homebuyers look for equity and expenses when buying any property. More so, buyers are interested in the value that a home could create for their family.

To put this into perspective, a buyer is more likely to invest in a property that is easy to reach and has plenty of amenities to offer.

So, rather than focusing on the property, try to focus on the value that it creates for any buyer. For instance, the educational facilities around the property, daily grocery needs, markets, and recreational locations around it. All these experiences matter more than the property itself.

Try To Go Local For Your Lead Generation

For most homebuyers, the most convenient options are usually located nearby. In other words, your prospective buyers are more likely to search for a property that is close to their native place.

An easy strategy to get more leads for your real estate business would be using local SEO services. Notably, your Local SEO Strategies in 2021 should include Google My Business listing, link building, and social media promotions. A combination of tried and tested practices can promise more ROI than any other strategy.

You can also promote your real estate business on local directories for more visibility.

Measuring Success Of Your Real Estate Marketing

Once you implement these tactics, you’d need to constantly measure the results of your efforts. It is to ensure that your marketing plan is bringing you the desired results.

To measure the results, look for KPIs like engagement, clicks, visits, conversions, etc. A careful comparison between these metrics across various platforms should help you know which practices are performing better than others. And likewise, you can adopt the better performing practices and discard the others. Or if you like, you can modify for more testing and improvement.


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