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Gadget-Mania: 5 Things to Make the Driver’s Life Easier

Sometimes good ideas change lives and improve its quality. This also applies to cars. Modern technologies have made it possible to have a vehicle at hand anywhere in the world – you just need to follow this website to reserve a car where you need it. Well, let us have a look at the gadgets that make driver life easier.

make driver life easier tool

Also, many devices were invented that will help the driver on the road. There are hundreds of such examples created to enhance the convenience of road travelers. We ignored the obvious things like a DVR or radar detector and choose 5 really useful gadgets that will simplify any trip and make it more enjoyable.

How to Make Driver Life Easier

let us have a look at some of the most useful gadgets which can make driver life easier.

Portable Jump Starter

With the onset of cold weather, the problem of a dead battery becomes more urgent than ever.

Portable Jump Starter

There is a situation when you hurry to work in the morning, get into the car and the engine doesn’t start.

Yes, you can ask someone to help you, but you need high-voltage wires, and finding helpers in the morning rush is not so easy task. 

Save yourself a lot of time and nerves by simply using a device to start the engine – this is a powerful portable jump starter with the necessary starting current.

Such a thing will easily fit in the glove compartment and is able to start the engine even with a fully discharged battery.

The necessary wires are already included, and all you need to start the engine is to open the hood and connect the device.

It remains only to remember to charge the gadget, although its power reserve will be enough for several starts of de-energized engines at once.

Car Error Scanner  

This device is able to replace any diagnostics and save you not only money but also time. It’s enough to install a special application on a computer or phone, as well as purchase an adapter for connecting to the service connector of your car.  

car error scanner

This may be a cable with the desired adapter, and a wireless module that will transmit data via Bluetooth

Fortunately, the choice of car error scanners is just impressive. With such a gadget, you can easily and quickly determine, for example, which ignition coil is broken or why the ABS check sign appeared.

In general, any error will be quickly identified with this device and then you can proceed to eliminate it by yourself.

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Vehicle GPS Tracker

This gadget will help not only in case your car was stolen but also in many other more common everyday situations.

In order to always know where your car is, you can use a powerful tracker with an installed SIM card.  

Vehicle GPS Tracker

With the help of a mobile network, it will transmit a signal to your telephone from anywhere in the world.

Such a device will be especially useful not only for your car but also for different vehicles. 

It will also help monitor compliance with the optimal route and use of the car during off-hours.

Also, there’re small trackers, which will fit people who often lose their car keys. Made in the form of a keychain, these devices transmit tags to the special phone application by which you can easily find your keys among any mess.

HUD Display

This device is a slightly improved phone holder, which will help to be less distracted from the road. It looks like a horizontal podium installed on the front of the windshield, where the smartphone is placed.

HUD Display

Its vertical transparent part is made of tempered glass. Thus, this is a great way to get a projection display in any car for cheap!  

The picture from the screen of the phone is projected on the glass and allows you not to be distracted from the road.

This is especially true when you follow the route, where every extra kilometer causes wasting time and unnecessary fuel consumption.

You can also display any information which is interesting to you – for example, GPS data, map, or any car parameters available on the dashboard.

Smart Rearview Mirror

Unfortunately, not all cars can still boast at least one display in the cabin, and in fact, the screens in the car help to show a lot of useful information. 

Smart Rearview Mirror

Installing a new audio system with a screen instead of a standard one is not always a cost-effective solution, so you can limit yourself to a smart rear-view mirror.  

Such a gadget will not only be able to fulfill its direct obligations to reflect what happens behind the car, but it can also be the head unit for a connected parking sensor or rearview camera.  

Also here you can display the readings of the radar detector or night vision device.

The device is easily mounted on top of a standard mirror, doesn’t requires much space in the cabin and most of them don’t need wires to communicate with cameras or parking sensors – all information is transmitted wirelessly. 

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