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LimeTorrents – 30 New LimeTorrents Proxy and Unblocked Site List

Limetorrents is the best torrent site which allows you to download movies, TV series, Software, Android Apps, Music, Adult videos and much more. The site uses peer to peer BitTorrent data transfer protocol. Since the most popular site goes down by internet authorities, the Lime Torrents become more popular than others. One another reason behind site popularities is that the Lime torrent provides secure download tunnel.

Like other torrent sites, the limetorrents also has to face internet authority regulations and violations. Due to copyright infringement, the lime torrents shutting down by the Governments and local ISPs.

Every day, a lot of data uploaded to the torrent server and added to the digital index. But, the most popular and demanded among all of them are movies. And, that’s why the people love torrent downloading especially for the free movie download.

Since 2015, many torrent sites shitting down due to violations and copyright infringement. Still, the torrent download is one of the most popular. Why because torrent provides what you want with the quality content.

limetorrents movie download

And, that’s why people love torrent downloading either directly or indirectly. Yes, there are a lot of movie download sites which easily accessible. But, most of the site ban by Governments.

So, what to do if you can’t access the torrent site. Okay, feel free in this situation. In this article, we have a section for the solution concerning this problem. Before we move to limetorrents proxy and unblocked mirror sites, let’s have a look at website workflow.

Is Blocked? is a popular torrent site which allows you to download movies, TV shows, web series, games, software, adult videos and much more.

The Lime torrents introduce in 2009 with the peer to peer data transfer BitTorrent protocol. The protocol provides a secure and reliable connection. So, your download tunnel becomes more secure than others.

As you know the copyright acts, you can’t spread any copyright content on the internet. Or, if you can do it, you have to face the legality for that particular purpose.

Unblock limetorrent proxy

Like other torrent sites, the limetorrents has also copyright and pirated contents which are illegal. And, that’s the reason behind site blocking.

After the little bit investigation on torrent banning issues from 2014 to present, our team able to find that this site has a lot of violations from the original content creators. After the court orders, the local governments ban the site address in its region.

And, that’s why you can’t access the lime torrent site. So, the question is how to access the site which blocked in your region.

Well, don’t overthink about this. Here, I’m going to tell you about how it is easy to access the blocked site. Yes, everyone can access the blocked site.

How to Unblock LimeTorrents?

While accessing the limetorrent site, you might have to face the block message which looks like Your requested URL has blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact an administrator for more information.”

As we move to the common reasons behind the torrent blocking then, it comes to pirated content and copyright infringements. Let’s quick walk to the unblocking process for the limetorrent website.

The VPN term which has importance for those who loves to download movies and games from torrent. I think its common for torrent users.

Well for torrent download, the VPN usage is essential things. But, I’m here for those who don’t have an idea about VPN.

Yes, with the help of enabling VPN services, you can easily access the blocked sites.

There are a lot of paid and free VPNs available on the market. But, you don’t need to use this premium VPN.

One of my best among all of the VPN is Opera VPN service. Yes, if you don’t know that your web browsers also allow you to use VPN with in-built features.

Now here, you might think about the legally of VPN usage. Then, check it out from the Google Chrome web browser and find the inbuilt VPN. It’s a feature that provided by the Google browser. Therefore, feel free to use the VPN.

Unblock LimeTorrents cc with Opera VPN

Here I prefer to use Opera VPN service because of an easy switch on and off features. So, let’s move to Opera VPN setup.

First of all, you need to install the Opera web browser if you haven’t installed yet. The browser is available for all the digital market devices. Either it is Android, Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, or iPad.

After the installation process, open the browser and find the settings from the top-left corner.

limetorrents unblocked with VPN

Now, find the Privacy & Security from the left, principal navigations.

Here is the section for the VPN. Tap on the enable VPN option.

Now, you can easily access any blocked site.

For disable VPN, find the switch for VPN from the browser’s URL bar.

You can watch the below video tutorial to enable Opera VPN service.

30 New LimeTorrents Proxy Sites and Unblocked Mirror Website List

Like other torrent sites, the Limetorrents also has proxy sites which used as an indirect way to access the original site content. It may be different in the graphical user interface(GUI) but, it tends for the better accessibilities.

Furthermore, these all site works as a mirror site. So, feel free to use these limetorrents proxy and mirror sites.

Here is the list of 30 new limetorrent proxy and mirror sites. The websites list place in the table with the active status and access speed. Therefore, let’s have a look at the limetorrent proxy sites and unblocked mirror website list.

LimeTorrent Proxy Site ListStatus + Speed
https://www.limetorrents.ioOnline + Fast
https://www.limetorrents.coOnline + Fast
https://www.limetorrents.infoOnline + Fast
https://www.limetor.comOnline + Fast
http://www.limetorrents.inOnline + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblockall.orgOnline + Medium
https://limetorrents.asiaOnline + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.camOnline + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.vetOnline + Fast + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.teamOnline + Slow
https://limetorrents.unblocker.ccOnline + Medium + Fast + Fast + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.ltdOnline + Slow
https://www.limetorrents.infoOnline + Fast + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocker.winOnline + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocker.winOnline + Fast + Slow
https://www.limetorrents.zoneOnline + Fast + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.menOnline + Slow
https://limetorrents.unblocked.goldOnline + Fast
https://limetorrents.unblocked.coolOnline + Slow
https://www-limetorrents-cc.pbproxy.redOnline + Fast

LimeTorrents Movies

You can find new movie update in every minute on limetorrents. Thus, you can imagine how big is movie data on the website.

For movie lovers, here is the extensive collection of movies in HD video quality. One more feature comes with the website is that you can download supported family movies as well as adult content.

limetorrents movies

Furthermore, the newly released movies and TV series episodes are quickly available on the torrent index. Find the best video quality content like 720p and 1080p video files.

Use magnet download link for quick download with the secure tunnel. Find the best torrent downloader like uTorrent for more accessibility.

Furthermore, the vast collection of Hindi dubbed movies especially the latest Tamil movie. Find the HD films with subtitle files.

However, the VPN service needs to enable to unblock limetorrent cc website. Thereby, the movie download from the lime torrent site is on the air.

10+ Best LimeTorrents Alternative Sites

If you like to download movies and web series from other torrent sites instead of limetorrent then, here are the best ten websites like limetorrent.

In the torrent world, there are many ways to reach destinations. One of them uses a lot of ads and popups for the business rule when other serve you the best navigation to acquire your response.

So, let us move to the limetorrents alternatives.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is the most extensive digital torrent directory for movies, TV series, Games, software, and anime video. The Kickass site access address was on domain registry.

The site uses peer to peer file sharing BitTorrent protocol. The protocol helps for reliable connection with secure download tunnel.

Kickass torrent movie download

The Kickass torrent becomes the most popular torrent site after overtaking The Pirate Bay site. With the millions of users per day, the site registers the highest seeders per day in 2014.

You can say that the Kickass site is the best alternatives for limetorrents website. Use Kickass proxy sites for easy access.

Find the latest released movies from the site homepage and chose the video quality file to download. For fast and secure download way, use magnet links with the torrent downloader.

The Pirate Bay

The second most popular torrent site in the world is The Pirate Bay. Once in 2010, there is no any competitor for the pirate bay. But, after issues with the violations and piracy, the site closed the door and shut down the site.

After some time, the pirate bay come with more accuracy and become once again the most popular in the torrent world.

Pirate bay limetorrents alternatives

Now, there is a lot of sites like pirate bay which allows the same user functionalities with a more reliable connection. And that’s why the craze of the site going down and down.

Type your favorite movies or TV series name in the search box. Choose one of them as per your requirements and download it with magnet links.

ExtraTorrent Movie Download

Extratorrent is another best alternatives for the limetorrent site. You can use an extratorrent site for movies, TV shows, series, games, software, apps, adult videos, and anime rather than limetorrents movie download.

Like other pirated sites, the extratorrent blocked by many countries and ISPs. So, you need to use ExtraTorrent Proxy and mirror site to unblock the site.

Or, use VPN services to bypass the restrictions with Opera VPN. After that, you have to face some irritating ads and popups and then start the homepage.

All you need is to keep calm and ignore the popups for downloading your favorite movies. Find the best from the list and download the file as per your interest.

1337X Torrent Movie Download

1337x torrent is another best alternatives to limetorrents. The 1337x uses peer to peer data transfer protocol as a BitTorrent.

Use 1337x torrent site for latest movie download, TV series, games, software, apps, and anime. So, find your interest in the site homepage.

1337x torrent website limetorrents

You should use 1337x proxy site for easy access. So, if you want to use proxy and mirror sites them, go to the above link and find the proxy list.

Or, you can directly access the site with the use of VPN service as I mentioned above with video tutorials.


Torrentseeker is a powerful torrent search engine and best limetorrents alternatives.

The sire allows you to search any content which shows you the most relevant result from the torrent digital index.

Once, it gets you the results from various torrent engines, you can prefer any of them and download your content.

To access the torrentseeker website, type in your browser’s URl and press enter.

Note: To access the torrent sites, you may have to use VPN service for easy access. Opera VPN is a free service and one of the best among all other free VPN accesses.

torrent seekersTypes anything in the search box which you want and press enter to explore the torrent world.

RARBG Torrent Download

RARBG is the best site for those who love to watch anime and cartoon. Yes, here is the vast collection of anime and cartoon series and movies.

The Hollywood, Bollywood and other movies are also available for you.

So, go on the “” web address and find your favorite content. Furthermore, use the search bar or category.

Look at the seeders and leechers to find out the best content.

The site is one of the most straightforward torrent site ever with the fewer popups and ads. And that’s I’m recommending you to use rarbg sites.

You can use RARBG instead of limetorrents for movies and anime download in HD video quality.

TorrentZ2 – Best LimeTorrents Alternative

Here is another torrent site which you can use instead of limetorrents and other torrents.

The site launched in 2003 with the website domain address.

After the motion picture claim on site to stop spreading copyright content. And the site goes down for the copyright infringement.

unblock torrentz2

After in 2008, the site comes with TorrentZ domain registry with a lot more proxy servers.

You can find the latest movies, TV shows, series episodes, and anime from the torrentz2 site in HD video quality.

YIFY Download – YTS Movies

The YIFY comes in as the YTS movies torrent site with BitTorrent file transfer protocol. You can use the YIFY movie site as an alternative to the limetorrents site.

Find the latest movies and TV episodes from the homepage. Also, you can read the IMDb ratings and reviews from the movie panel.

yts movie download

As in my country, the YIFY movies blocked by the governments due to pirated content. So, if you also have the same access problems then use VPN service for unblocking.

Or, you can go to the proxy and mirror sites. The site list is available in the above-given links. is a user-contributed digital video index for movies and TV shows. In the initial launch of the movie4k site, the site has a domain with a Movie2k web address.

After in 2011, the site has to face violations due to copyright infringements. In short of time, the site comes with domain registry and grow popularities then past.

movie4k watch online movies

Hence, you can visit the site with the use of VPN. Find your interest and download it in HD video quality.

Here is the contribution panel for uploading files. So, you can also be the contributor and share some content with other.

Movierulz – HD Movie Download

Find best Hollywood and Bollywood movies with subtitle files from the movierulz movie download site. You can download the latest videos instead of using limetorrents.

Here is the vast collection of free movies for you. Find the latest Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi movies from the main menu.

Therefore, the Movierulz site is best for Asian movies as well as. From Indian film to the Japanese and Chinese cinema with subtitle and dual audio files are available in the movierulz site.

So, go to the site and download HD movies in your device with ease.


Filmywap allows you to download the latest released movies for free. The site access is simple with the use of VPN services.

The Filmywap is the most straightforward movie download website on the internet nowadays.

With fewest popups and promotional ads, you can easily access the site sources and can download it in a more comfortable way.

filmywap latest movie download

Furthermore, find top-rated movies and IMDb rating on the movie poster. So, it’ll become easier to find which one is the best and most popular.

To download, click on the movie poster and find the download button. It’ll start automatically downloading in your device.

IsoHunt is an online torrent index where you can download the files, upload, and can browse the data with easily. Use a web address to access the official site.

So, Find the best anime videos and cartoon collection from the homepage.

Don’t need to use VPN service to access the IsoHunt torrent site. You can use IsoHunt instead of LimeTorrents for torrent download.

That’s it.

Final Words

Well, here is the end of the “Limetorrents Proxy and mirror site with its alternatives” article. From this article, you can access the 30 new limetorrents proxy site list which can help you to access the site. Or, for limetorrents unblock, the VPN video tutorial and small guide placed in the above sections. As a result, the limetorrent will unblock, and you can access the site sources with more convenience way.

Hope this article helps you to get the what you want with the limetorrents site. If still have any issues or questions regarding this topic then, drop it into the comment box. We’ll assist you further.

Have a great day.

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