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How to use Instagram IGTV With Android, iOS & Windows

How to use Instagram IGTV With Android, iOS & Windows: 

Are you seeking for some amazing application on your mobile then be ready. We have something for you which will make you very happy. So this is all about Instagram IGTV. If you are bored with other online video streaming application then Instagram brought something new for you.

In an earlier time, people used to see Television on daily basis. After that new technology comes with internet. As experts say “Internet became popular form past 7 years”. As we all know day by day people used to watch their favorite media online using the internet.

Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV

Usage of Television is decreasing every day. Because the internet is becoming cheaper day by day. Anyone can afford it without getting in trouble financially. Every person in the world has their own mobile device.

Most of the people used to make time pass with social media network like facebook, twitter, Instagram and other. People used to see video content on youtube, Couchtuner, tubemate, and other online video streaming provider platforms. But now you can also see your favorite video through Instagram IGTV. So you have one more choice to play video on Instagram IGTV.

So let’s know something deep information about Instagram IGTV with Android, iOS & Windows. You can learn all about Instagram IGTV from here.

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What is Instagram IGTV?

All of we are aware of Instagram. Recently, Instagram has launched new feature with Instagram IGTV which became very popular among Instagram users. We can say Instagram IGTV is the separate application from Instagram but is connected via your Instagram account. This IGTV Instagram Application became very popular in few days.

In earlier, Instagram only allows you to upload and share the video of one-minute duration. So people cannot share their own video in more than one-minute duration. But recently Instagram has launched this Instagram IGTV Application which had improved this feature.

Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV

If you are new to Instagram then don’t worry. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks among the time. From children to elders, all are a fan of this amazing application. To access Instagram you have to make your profile on it. Anyone can make a profile to this social media platform and can share photos, videos, and etc. You can follow other people and also make like to their uploaded photo and story.

Instagram IGTV’s new feature has grabbed more popularity in very few days. People love to use this amazing Instagram IGTV Features.  You can also use this Instagram IGTV to share your video on Instagram IGTV channel.

Where to find Instagram IGTV?

If you are confused about, where to find Instagram IGTV? then do not worry about it. You can Find this application form the Google play store. Moreover, You have to simply search for the Instagram IGTV on the search bar of google play store. You can easily get it.

Any Android user can download this application form google play store without giving any charges for it. If you are apple user, then you can download it from the iTunes. You can also use it through windows if you are a windows user. So Anyone can use this Instagram Instagram IGTV application for free.

How to use Instagram IGTV?

First of all, you have to Download Instagram IGTV application form the google play store. It became very popular among Android users. Instagram has the very great response from the user. Anyone can get this application form play store.

You just have to download this application form google play store and install it on your device. Once installing this application on your mobile you can use it.

Go to the Play store and find Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV

Now you will find the home page of Instagram with the option  “Login with Instagram”. So, you have to enter your Instagram id and password to it.

Instagram IGTV


And if you are logged in your Instagram account in your device then it will show the option of “Continue with”.

Instagram IGTV

This application also allows the user to use multiple accounts with switching. So, you can log in with multiple Instagram account. After log in to the Instagram account you are ready to use it. You can see your profile picture with a small round. After taping it you can create your own channel and upload video to it.

Features of Instagram IGTV

After installing and activating your Instagram account, you will find the main screen for playing video. IGTV allows you to play video vertically. You can play all the video on the vertical screen. Instagram IGTV also allows you to scroll the video.

With using this application user can create a channel within the existing Instagram account. After creating an account you will be able to upload your own video up hour length. Instagram only allows you to upload a video of one-minute length. But this Instagram LGTV application will allow you to upload more length video. So you love this feature.

Instagram LGTV allows you to publish a video with a vertical screen. You are also able to see this content from the Instagram account. In your Instagram, you will find a symbol of IGTV at top right corner. With using it you can directly access this IGTV interface.

To find out more video on “Instagram IGTV Application”, You have to browse video from given category like following, popular and etc. This will also give you an option to search IGTV channel. With using it you can find your favorite channel and videos. You can also continue watching your video just clicking on Continue Watching.

So, now you can also make your own channel and upload videos to it. You can also make huge fan followers through this channel.

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Youtube vs Instagram IGTV

Youtube provides all kind of video to users. A user can see unlimited video from youtube by searching video name or channel name. Youtube also provides top popular videos to the user. It also makes suggestions to use as per your test means it analyze your area of interest.

But Here IGTV only gives you an uploaded video to see. Same as youtube, IGTV also allows a user to see a most popular video. The user can also browse the video form the search option by name of the channel or any other keyword. Same as youtube, a user can also like the video, comments on the video and also share it.

So, IGTV has some feature same as youtube. Now people have more choice to make time pass and to watch a video. Here one of the main benefit to use Instagram IGTV Application is that user can see all this video from the regular Instagram application too.

While using IGTV user has no choice to change settings like a quality of video and adding subtitles or etc. Also, It does not provide long video on youtube. But still, IGTV is very cool and amazing application which Instagram has launched.

Download IGTV for Android

IGTV is launched recently by Instagram. It is Available for android device. Any Android user can get this application for the Google Play store. This application is compatible with all android device like Android Phone & Tablet. So you just have to download from google play store and have to install on your device. After that, you are able to use Instagram IGTV Android for Application.

Download IGTV for iOS

Instagram is also available for all those iOS users as well as Android users. Any iOS users can get this application form the iTune. You just have to download it form it and have to instal it. Then you can use this application for free. so this application is very best for iOS users. So, Download IGTV for iOS

Download IGTV for Windows or Mac

If you are windows user then you can also use this Instagram IGTV application. You just have to do the procedure of few steps. You can do it easily. So let’s go through it.

First of all, you have to install Bluestack. If you don’t have Bluestack then you can download it from online.

After Downloading it, you just have to open it.

After opening it you have to click on My Apps

Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV

It will give you many options, from which you have to choose System apps and then Google play store.

Now you will set the main screen of google play store so you have to search for the IGTV.

You will find original OGTV application.

After that, you just have to download it and have to install it.

Instagram IGTV

Now you can see this IGTV app in your System Apps.

Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV

You can use it just as on android mobile.

Final Words

This is all about recently launched Instagram IGTV application. This application will provide you to upload the video of 1 hour rather than 1 minute in length. In Regular Instagram application you can just upload the video of 1-minute length. So this will give you an amazing experience. You can also use this feature from the regular application too. I hope you have enjoyed this all information about “Instagram IGTV”.

All kind of suggestions will be accepted kindly by feedback. Share this amazing information with your friends and family. Thanks for the visit…

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