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Future Technologies: 5 Innovative Sportscar Concepts

Concepts of cars are created mainly in order to demonstrate the prospects for technology development in the near future. These are samples that could well serve as the basis for mass production models. Only one step separates concept cars from auto-prototypes, that is, those models that are ready for mass production after minor modifications. Let’s have a look at the top Innovative Sportscar concepts.

Innovative Sportscar

As for sports cars, this type of car is very popular. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy such a car, many attractive models are available for temporary use at 

In the niche of sports cars, concepts are of particular interest, because then the technologies used in this class are gradually moving into other categories of vehicles. Of course, some of them remain only at the level of the concept, but the rest quite successfully demonstrate the development of the automotive industry. 

And now, having understood the terminology, let’s look at the most interesting concepts of sports cars, introduced recently. 

Innovative Sportscar Concepts

Well, in this article, we are going to show you the top 5 Innovative Sportscar Concepts which you love to read. So, let’s have a look.

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BMW Gina Light Vision 

This concept sports car from BMW is interesting because it can change the shape of bumpers, spoilers and side rails.

BMW Gina Light Vision

Changes in shape are possible due to the fact that a special membrane is stretched outside the frame, and steel beams are mounted under it, which, in a duet with hydraulic mechanisms controlled by the onboard computer, perform all necessary changes in shape.  

Car body changes can be performed not only outside, but also inside the cabin. In general, the car makes such an impression, as if it’s completely devoid of any joints and seams. 

The model can adapt to different driving conditions. A number of functions in the cabin appear only when the driver needs them.

Automotive critics claim that this model is one of the most fantastic concepts in the history of automobile production. Perhaps this is what the cars of the future will look like. 

Maserati Alfieri – Innovative Sportscar

Car connoisseurs called this concept classic in modern interpretation, the sporting heritage and the future of the Italian concern.

Maserati Alfieri Innovative Sportscar

The car has recognizable Italian features that cannot be confused with other leading European automakers. This effect is achieved due to a number of techniques: 

  • large glass area; 
  • combinations of a long bonnet and cut-off contours of the rear part of the car body;
  • simplicity and smoothness of the outer contours of the car. 

The creators of the concept indicate that their goal was to make a sports car, which is not what it seems. 

In fact, it seems that the car weighs much less than it actually is. The concept is equipped with an 8-liter V8 power unit providing 460 hps. The model is positioned as a worthy competitor to the Porsche 911 and Audi TT. 

Volkswagen GTI Roadster

It’s noteworthy that originally this concept was created for the Gran Turismo car simulator, implemented on the basis of Sony PlayStation.

Volkswagen GTI Roadster

A distinctive feature of the concept is a 3-liter bi-turbo power unit with a torque of 665 Nm and a power of 496 hps. This power is controlled by a seven-step robotized transmission. 

Automotive designers spared no effort in creating perfectly dynamic contours of the model.

The huge wing, almost horizontal windshield, rapid, predatory outlines – everything claims that this car was created for high speeds. 

The sports car will accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 309 km/h. 

Toyota FT1 – Innovative Sportscar

Toyota literally made a splash with its FT1 sports car concept. The developers until the last moment kept the project in deep secrecy, so the concept was a really unexpected phenomenon. The abbreviation stands for Future Toyota. 

Toyota FT1 Innovative Sportscar

The racing character of the concept can be seen immediately: round fan blades behind the front air intakes, an abundance of air vents in the car body, aggressive lines, and a squat silhouette.

The power unit of the car provides as much as 485 hps. The engine with the volume of three and a half liters allows the car to pick up a hundred km/h from the spot in just 3.8 seconds. 

MINI Superleggera Vision

The recipe for success of this concept is the union of British car production traditions with the inspiration of Italian car designers.

MINI Superleggera Vision

The magnificent exterior of this sports car is very well combined with high-tech stuffing, and the manual assembly and use of expensive materials in the interior trim adds the concept of English appearance. 

The exterior of the car looks like a classic hatchback produced by the English company MINI: the characteristic keel on the rear, an elongated hood, embossed wings and decorative trim of polished aluminum strips make this car similar to many British roadsters of the twentieth century.

Unlike the concept with an electric motor, the serial model is promised to be equipped with a 1.5-liter petrol unit for 136 hps along with 88-hps electric motor. 


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