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What is an Ideal Word Count for Article?

Writers are always wondering what the ideal word count for an article is.
Whether to keep the content long and thorough or short and to the point, it is something to research about. However, a word count only matters if you are write-up is good. Word count is not the only ranking factors, there is a various factor that impacts the ranking of content. You can write a 2000 words article, is the quality is poor, then your content would not rank.

Ideal Word Count for Article

However, that nowhere means word count is not important.

The Idea of Perfect Word Count

Earlier, the ideal word count for an average blog post was between 500 to 800 words. Sometimes, bloggers used to keep the word count even shorter and used to gain immense shares. However, that is not the norm; today, long-form content is ruling the web.

According to many research, blog content between 3000 to 10,000 gets the maximum amount of shares. The reports also suggested that articles over 2450 were the sweet spot. In fact, the average word count of Google first page result was 1890 words.

The Idea Behind Long-Form Content

The primary reason why long-form content is popular because it covers a topic in-depth, thereby creating a perception of higher quality. Moreover, they are ideal for scanning. People don’t read the content word to words; instead, they can.

In fact, readers read around 20% of the overall article. Instead, what they do is scan and check out headers, sub-titles, and bullet points as well as look at the images.

Third, I feel like creating content with a high word count leaves readers feeling like they’ve just read something epic when they leave.

There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that thin, short content just can’t provide.

I know that I often find myself immediately backing out of short posts under 500 words, especially if they lack images or headers.

I just feel like it has no real value to offer. So the bottom line here is that your average, run of the mill, 500 – 800 blog post used to be totally sufficient.

But things have changed dramatically for ideal word count for an article in SEO marketing strategy.

Now it’s hard to gain any real traction without going long-form (at least in most industries).

But the question is, just how long should your blog articles be? Of course, they need to be “long,” but how long?

FinTech 2000-2150 words

Financial technology or (FinTech) is a growing industry, and “global investment increased more than twelvefold from $930 million in 2008 to more than $12 billion in 2014.” The topics are fairly complex and therefore require substantial depth to cover adequately.

Shooting for around 2,000 – 2,250 words should be just about perfect for scratching your readers’ itch.
You’ll definitely want to cover your topics exhaustively and leave no stone unturned.

Again, plenty of data-driven images should be your ticket to improving the reader’s experience and getting your point across. For more information, visit Oxford Tricks.

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