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How to Delete DigiLocker Account Permanently | Deactivate Digilocker

Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss some interesting things about DigiLocker. If you have a question in mind that ‘How do I delete DigiLocker account permanently’ then read this full article.

It becomes very hard to keep important documents together in hardcopy. As earlier people used to laminate the documents to keep it in better condition and long-lasting. But major problem is to carry them in hardcopy every time when requirement happens.

To overcome all these complexities. DigitalLocker is available. DigitalLocker is an initiative under the Digital India concept. It eliminates the usage of hardcopies and enables the sharing of e-document.

Here you will find some of the basic questions.

  • What is DigiLocker?
  • Features of DigiLocker
  • Advantages
  • Delete Document from DigiLocker
  • Deactivation or Delete DigiLocker account permanently

Are you ready? Let’s get started

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a digital platform that is launched by the government of India in 2015. Basically, it provides cloud services accessible through a mobile app and web format.

Important Features of DigiLocker

DigiLocker is one of the most recognized ideas of the government of India. It is important to use technology in day to day life which can make human life more better. The Indian government has issued this initiative to support the Digital India prototype.

So, if you are registering with the DigiLocker app then you will get these features.

  • DigiLocker is associated and linked with the primary Indian document Aadhar Card.
  • It provides free 10 MB space to store other documents. However, It can be upgraded to the 1 GB in the next update.
  • It supports all possible formats of the documents including PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and Gif.
  • In 10 MB space provided by the DigiLocker is secure and allows to upload local resident documents and links of governmental agencies and departments.
  • eSign online service to digitally sign the documents online.
  • It enables the sharing of e-documents online with registered agencies and governmental departments.
  • Download eAadhaar.
  • Through internet connection and login, it allows access from anywhere and anytime.

Advantage of DigiLocker

Most of the government agencies and departments have recognized it for identification and validation purpose. For example, the Ministry of Roads and Transports considers the Driving License stored inside DigiLocker as a valid document.

Delete Documents from DigiLocker

Here is an interesting thing about DigiLocker. As we know, DigiLocker is a safe and secure place to store important documents online, it gives little space to every user. What if we want to delete uploaded documents from the DigiLocker account?

Here are the proper steps to delete an Aadhar card from the DigiLocker account.

  • Step 1: Log in to DigiLocker Account using either mobile number, username or aadhar number.
  • Step 2: OTP will be sent to your registered number. Validate it.
  • Step 3: In the dashboard of the Digilocker app, select the document you want to delete. There will be an icon showing the delete button at the bottom bar. Click on the icon to delete the uploaded document.

Here, you have to keep in mind that, you are nota able to delete the documents issued by the authorities from DigiLocker once you have pulled them. It means those documents will remain in the DigiLocker account permanently.

Deactivate /Delete DigiLocker Account

As you know, documents issued by the government can not be deleted from the DigiLocker. Now, you may have a question about, what about permanently Deactivation or Delete DigiLocker Account? Will it remove all the issued documents from the database of DigiLocker?

An answer to the above question is no. There is no option given to delete or deactivate the DigiLocker account once activated. So, it means the government has not provided such a mechanism.

So, once you register and activate your DigiLocker account, it will always be there. If you have grabbed the issuer documents like Aadhar card, Pan card or Driving License then all those documents will remain there until the government releases the proper way to delete them.

Final Words

So, it was all about the proper details about the government’s digital platform DigiLocker. It makes easier to store important documents such as Aadharcard, Pancard, and many more. We had taken a look at its advantages, features, and delete process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question in your mind. Also, share this important information with your friends. We have more amazing stuff.

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