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Gangstar Vegas App Download for Android | Update v3.7.1

Gangstar Vegas App Download

Gangstar Vegas is an action and adventure video game, developed by Gameloft Studio. The game is a fifth official edition of Gangstar video game series. The original name of this installment; as a Gangstar 4 or you can say Gangstar 4: Vegas.

The official Gangstar Vegas game was released in June 2013 with the better compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Gangstar Vegas

The Gangstar Vegas mod apk game is the most popular and trending action and adventure game which is running on the Havok engine. Best graphical user interface and effects made the game more popular.

Like in Grand Theft Auto game, you can access any elements that are in the game environment.

So, let’s move to the gameplay and storyline as well.

The main character of the game is Jason Malone, who has mixed martial arts skill and also the fighter in the Vegas. The opponent named as a Frank Veliano which is also have Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) skill.

After some time in Vegas, Jason Malone is targeted by Frank Veliano as he wins the fight. And the story begins.

During Gangstar Vegas release, the game has a lack of graphics issues and got some alike reviews from the game lovers.

But, with the high levels of visualization and use of 3D graphics made the game more popular around the world.  It was a worldwide success of Gangstar Vegas game and till they grow very well.

Now, Gangstar Vegas game has 50+ million of install from Android and iOS users.

Gangstar Vegas – Mafia Game v3.7.1

The Gangstar Vegas: Mafia Game is a sequel series of Gangstar game by Gameloft. Like Grand Theft Auto, the Gangstar 4 game becomes most popular around. The great graphical user interface and visual effect made more interest in the game playing.

Gangstar Vegas mafia game download


The game gives you a lot more benefits and more compatibility with your devices as compared to GTA game. And also, you have great Mixed Martial Arts skill to defend yourself from others.

In the game, you can be a sniper, fighter, participate in the race, perform a stunt and much more. All you need is to download and install the Gangstar Vegas Mafia game in your device.

Due to gameplay, you have to perform a stunt, fight with mafias, be a fighter plane pilot, steal and race, and other all which you can perform in GTA game.

So, the story started with the Jason Malone, who plays leading role in the game. The story starts with Jason Malone who has a dream to become a great fighter in Las Vegas.

gangstar vegas mafia game download

Eventually, he has to face some mafias and the story starts with an underground fight. The game also provides starting tips and instructions which can help you in the gameplay.

Well, this article is all about Gangstar Vegas game download. So, if you need to know more about the game, stay tuned with this article.

The download links for Gangstar Vegas 4 mafia placed below. In which you can direct download the game in your smartphone device with ease.

Gangstar Vegas Gameplay

In the gameplay of Gangstar Vegas mafia game, the main character named as Jason Malone. He has a Mixed Martial Arts skill and wants to become a great fighter.

Due to gameplay, Jason has to face some underworld mafia in his Las Vegas journey. Hence, the game starts with critics and underworld mafia.

The overall game structure is simple and the same as the previous series. You can find some interesting features in the game and can use all of the real elements in the game world.

The city map is also available with the great gestures. In which you can set up your custom map style and location as well. The game is an extension of Grand Theft Auto and other similar games.

The game playground is larger and wider than other Gangstar game series. You can participate in underground fighting tournaments and can win some great reward as well.

The more reward means more action and can buy more guns and apartments. The property management is also the part of Gangstar Vegas app download game as well.

Another great feature of the game is to gain more income from your business properties. So, you can use these reward to change your look and can play casino.

The Gangstar Vegas game theme, you can find casino mini-games like the slot machine, video poker, and blackjack. These games are just awesome with the visuals and graphics as well.

gangstar vegas gameplay

Finally, You can play these games along with nightclubs which is really best gesture by Gangstar mafia game.

Gangstar Vegas Game Highlights

Like, other video games, you can find welcome instruction and get some basic tips about the storyline. So, if you wish to play the story as a video format then, you can continue. Or, go with the skip option which is even better for you.

Another advantage of the story guide is to know the main purpose of the gameplay. You can later find any help from the help section in the game.

A good game has also the good storyline in which they sorted all the features and functionalities. And, that’s all you can see in the game.

First of all, the game story begins with Las Vegas travel as a trip.

gangstar vegas fight mode

As per the game story, you can find blockbuster mode from the main panel. With the blockbuster mode, you can practice MMA skills and take a part in the fight tournaments.

As per the game rule, the blockbuster menu is enabled after completing 80 mission. So, you can get more action and adventure visuals from your game experience.

There is an option for building your own clones to fight with underworld mafia fighters and can win more rewards.

gangstar vegas mafia game download

As compared to previous Gangstar game version, the game has a wider area in range. The leaderboard is also available for finding higher level MMA fighter.

The video storyline has an introduction of new vehicles, new weapons, extream use of stunts, skill and lots of other components which you can find in the game.

Moreover, the game is free for all users, whether its Android or iOS users. So, get the Gangstar Vegas app with easy steps which given below.

Download Gangstar Vegas App for Android

From here, you can easily download Gangstar Vegas App for Android. Around 80+ million people download the Gangstar Vegas mafia game. So, let’s be a part of the game.

Download Android APP

Gangstar Vegas App Download for iOS users

Of course, the Gangstar Vegas app download is also available for iOS users, whether its iPhone or iPad. To download Gangstar Vegas Mafia Game, just click on below download button.

Or, you can directly download the game from iTunes store.

Download iOS APP

Features of Gangstar Vegas Mafia Game

The Gangstar Vegas game is all about action and adventure game. Yes, the game has now 80+ million installations around the world. You can also be a Gangstar in the game life with this awesome game.

It’s always to be grateful to those games who enjoy you a lot. And the Gangstar game is all about fun and joy.

So, the feature list, which shows you that why the Gangstar Vegas game is the most popular game than GTA?

  • Best graphical user interface and experience.
  • The powerful Havok Physics engine used.
  • Free for all platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • No subscription needed.
  • You can play offline game without wifi.
  • Can fight with other fighters in underground fighting tournaments.
  • Check leadership board to challenge higher level fighter.
  • There are lots of mini-games available in nightclubs. Thus, you can get more reward.
  • The area of the playground is wider in range.
  • Quick update.

How to Install Gangstar Vegas Mafia Game

Well, it’s not a big thing to install Gangstar Vegas latest version. In this guideline, you can find the proper installation guide with the help of multimedia presentation.

Thus, you need to follow the steps which described below.

  • First of all, you should check out whether your device is compatible or not. As per my experience with the game, you don’t have to face any compatibility issues.
  • Now, download Gangstar Vegas Mafia game from above download links.
  • If you are on the Google Play store, just tap on install button.
  • Now, T&C comes up for the game. So, you can go with the accept button.
  • Let’s download it first and install it. After the installation completed, you’ll get a notification for completing the installation.
  • Now, open the Gangstar Vegas mafia game.
  • After that, set allow permissions to access your media files and internet connection.
  • That’s it.

Gangstar Vegas Mafia App Permissions

After complete installation, when you open the Gangstar Mafia game for the first time you need to allow some permissions to the game.

The Gangstar download game requires some permission to access your smartphone device. So, what is that? Let’s talk about it.

  • Location: The game needs to access your approximate location.
  • External Storage: At the package importing time, the game uses your external storage to store data and important files.
  • Read & Write: The Gangstar game need access to game files. In which they can make some changes if needed.
  • Network Access: If you need any updates which can enhance your gameplay then, you have to grant internet access to the game.
  • Camera: This permission is needs when you want to take a screenshot. Or, you can record the gameplay as a video format.
  • Other permissions like Control Vibration, prevent to sleep, run at startup.

Gangstar Vegas MOD App Download

So, are you excited to download mod version for Gangstar Vegas?

Okay, here is the mod version of Gangstar Vegas game.

There are lots of benefits to using moded version games like unlimited money, unlimited health, unlocked all weapons, full access and a lot more.

Furthermore, click on the download button and get the mod game in your device. If still can’t find download file then, use the mirror links as an alternative.

Download MOD App

Mirror Link: Download Mafia Game 

The Gangstar Mafia game mod version allows accessing all weapons, unlocked blockbuster mode, unlimited money and much more than your expectations.

Note: At the installation time, please turn off your mobile data or wifi. After successful installation, you can turn on it.

As compared to other action moded game, the game provides you with a lot more user accessibilities and functionality. You can also use aircraft plane to fly and become a pilot with the unlimited reward and money.

Gangstar Vegas App Download for PC

Of course, the Gangstar Vegas app download is also for PC users. So, if you want to play this awesome action and adventure game on your Windows PC, then we have a way to play it PC.

One of the easy and the best ways to play Gangstar Vegas game on Windows PC with the help of Android emulator. Therefore, you should need to install Bluestack simulator on your windows pc.

download gangstar vegas 4 game

Actually, Bluestack is a window based software, that allows you to play any Android apps and games for free on PC. So, let’s move to the gangstar vegas app download and play on Windows PC.

  • First of all, it required bluestack software in your windows pc. So, if you don’t have, just download and install it.
  • Now, download the game from the above links.
  • Go to the apk file and open it with the bluestack emulator. It will take some time to install the Gangstar Vegas Mafia game in your windows pc.
  • After installation completed, go to bluestack.
  • Now, you can find the installed game icon from your emulator’s home screen.
  • Tap to open the game. It’ll take some initialization time to start.
  • Like on Android devices, you have a game interface with mouse control.
  • Finally, The game started with some basic tutorials and storyline for gameplay. You have also a history and purpose card for the game.
  • That’s it.

Final Words

Well, it’s all about “Gangstar Vegas game download” article. In which, you can download Gangstar Vegas game for almost all devices like Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

There are some cool features and functionalities, which made it more popular. You can find some basic guideline for installation from the above section.

Still, have any query regarding this? Just drop it in the comment box. We’ll get back soon with regards you. Don’t forget to share this article on social media. Have a Great Day.

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