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250+ Funny WiFi names collection of 2018 [Premium WiFi Name Collection]

Funny Wifi names collection 2018

Today, I am going to share a collection of Funny Wifi names for hotspot or router. If you want to set different & creative wifi name then you can choose any one of below listed. Nowadays most of the people have broadband internet connections with wifi in their houses and offices.

Wifi names are visible to everyone in the range of it. So, you should try to make your wifi name attractive and tricky.

Actually, every router has their own or default SSID (Service Set Identifiers) name which means if you do not change router name while configuration first time then it will show it’s default name publicly. Most of the Default Wifi names are Router names and Model Numbers.

So, if you want to set own choice name for wifi then you should go for admin panel. After login, you have to go for a wireless configuration where you will find an option for SSID Change. After setting the desired Wifi Names, Save Setting. I hope now you have an idea about How to Change Wifi Names?

It is crazy to change wifi name and password periodic time period, to keep security. Also, it becomes a trend to change wifi names as per location, time, work profession, country, and many more things. So, Let’s go through some cool Wifi names.

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Funny Wifi Names

Funny WiFi Names

  1. International Wifi Station
  2. Mine Wifi is Mine Wifi, Non Of Your Wifi
  3. Get Off My LAN!!!
  4. Hotel Dark Heaven
  5. You are Under Arrest
  6. Busted
  7. Wasted
  8. Wait and Watch
  9. Paid Users Only
  10. Kb Mb Gb
  11. Sponsored By Me
  12. ??? What’s Up
  13. Welcome to World of Virus
  14. Wrong Number
  15. Unauthorized Access
  16. Boots Boots Boots
  17. Keep Patients to unlock security
  18. Go to Hell!!!
  19. Wanna Meet UP?
  20. Use Carefully
  21. Internet Kingdom
  22. Your Device is Out of Coverage
  23. Connect to High Bro
  24. Only For Office Staff
  25. Go to School!!!
  26. Attitude Problem!
  27. Radio Station
  28. Service Unavailable
  29. Apply for free WiFi
  30. Only for 18+
  31. Wait for 5 Minute
  32. LAN of Milk and Honey
  33. You Need to Update Your Mobile
  34. Don’t Touch My Private Part
  35. Digital WiFiGround
  36. Low-Speed Internet
  37. I’m Under Your Internet
  38. I am not Froad
  39. Only E payments are accepted
  40. True Internet Lover
  41. Spartans property
  42. Do not touch without permission
  43. Don’t Judge internet Speed
  44. You are under CCTV Footage
  45. Governmental property
  46. Life is Short- Connect Fast!
  47. Bob’s Uncle
  48. Cut Your lawn
  49. FBI is Here!
  50. Two Minute Silence for you!
  51. LAN Solo
  52. Still In the Air
  53. Goblin House
  54. Wham Bam Thankyou LAN
  55. Johny Johny Yes PAPA
  56. Don’t Judge Me
  57. Shame on you
  58. Yello Yello Buffalo
  59. Thanks, Trump
  60. Hello Brothers!
  61. Wolverine
  62. Pirates of the WiFi
  63. Internet Casino
  64. LOL!
  65. Bathroom cam 9
  66. Last Chance for you
  67. Ready to Mingle
  68. Local Wifi
  69. Lady on Air
  70. Password is 1234
  71. Super Cool GF
  72. Dancing Baby
  73. Men will be MEN
  74. Hurricane Wifi
  75. Sorry! My Father has Denied Me.
  76. Hello! I AM WiFi
  77. Anyone is Here?
  78. WiFi Connecting…
  79. Loading…

Creative Wifi Names

Creative WiFi Names

  1. World of WiFiers
  2. Stay Far, Wi-Fi Mafia Are Here
  3. I AM Ready to Serve you
  4. Heaven of Vampires
  5. Don’t Even Try It
  6. Impossible is Nothing
  7. Do You Love Me?
  8. Go Go Gadget Internet
  9. Drop it like a Hotspot
  10. Let Me Love You
  11. Access Denied
  12. Satyug World
  13. Not Secure Connection
  14. Harmful Connection
  15. Self Gifted
  16. Life Without Internet is Jail
  17. Your Battery is a law
  18. My Wifi, My Rule
  19. Force Stop
  20. Waiting For You!!!
  21. Black Hat Hub
  22. Join My Bandwidth
  23. Trust Me
  24. The WiFi Part-1
  25. The WiFi Part-2
  26. Fire in the Hole
  27. Daddy’s Gift
  28. Paradise of WiFi
  29. My Official Teacher
  30. That’s what I like
  31. Bottle of Bandwith
  32. James Bond 007
  33. Final Destination
  34. Please Wait
  35. Secure Channel
  36. Quick Bite Me
  37. Restricted Connection
  38. Device Not Supported
  39. Horror House
  41. Time Machine
  42. Express Wifi
  43. Breathing thing of life
  44. Still Waiting?
  45. Go and Rest
  46. Sold Connection
  47. Golden Gate is Here
  48. 24×7 Service Available
  49. Live Internet Connection
  50. Big Boss

Motivational Wifi Names

Motivational WiFi Names

  1. Silence is Better than Lies.
  2. Life is Magic
  3. Keep Smiling
  4. Keep Patience to Unlock Dream
  5. Spread Positivity
  6. The Obstacle is Path
  7. Always Believe In Your Self
  8. Don’t Save Invest
  9. Refuge to Seattle for an Average life
  10. Never Give Up
  11. Try and Try, Success is yours
  12. Fight for Truth
  13. Excellence is our Motto
  14. Die with Memories not dreams
  15. Hope is waking dream
  16. Live what you love

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Random Wifi Names

Random WiFi names

  7. ~!@#$%^&*()_+
  8. 5252552
  10. 12345678
  11. 88888888

Cool Wifi Names

Cool WiFi Names


  1. I Drink & I Know Things
  3. Cash On Delivery
  4. You Kids Get Out Of My LAN
  5. One WiFi to Rule Them All
  6. As Cool As Cucumber
  7. Help! I Stuck in Wifi
  8. Click Here!!!
  9. East or West, WiFi is Best
  10. Talk To My LAN
  11. Don’t Let Me Down!
  12. Wifi Server
  13. Evergreen Wifi
  14. 786 786 786
  15. Lord of the Ping
  16. High Dude LAN
  17. Path to Heaven

Short Quotes WiFi Names

Short Quote WiFi Names

  1. When Word fails, WiFi Speaks
  2. Whatever you do, do it well
  3. Reality is wrong, dreams are for real
  4. And Still, I Rise
  5. Yesterday you said tomorrow, Just do it.
  6. Strive For Greatness
  7. Aspire to inspire before expire
  8. Go ahead, make my day
  9. May the force be with you
  10. Bond. James Bond
  11. “No Wire hangers, ever!”
  12. Hello, Gorgeous!!!
  13. I’m King Of Wifi!!
  14. “Forget it jack, It’s WiFi town

Programming Wifi Names

Programming Wifi Name

  1. Hello World!
  2. If Wifi then Password
  3. WiFi? Password: SSID
  4. ForEach(Function(Wifi, Password)):
  5. Printf(Wifi names)
  6. Scanf(LAN, Password)
  7. Include<Wifi Name>
  8. Go to (name);
  9. Void Main(1234)
  10. Error 404!
  11. Bad Gateway!
  12. Unexpected Error!
  13. Wifi goes into an Infinite loop!
  14. int a,b
  15. Public Class Wifi
  16. return Life;
  17. While(problems)
  18. Don’t Care Condition

Movies Wifi Names

Movie WiFi Names

  1. The Predator
  2. Antman VS Batmen
  3. Hotel Freemania
  4. Fast and Furious 786
  5. Wifi Man
  6. Age of Internet
  7. Guardians of the Router
  8. The Incredible Wifi
  9. Two Girls One Router
  10. The Wifi Matrix
  11. Saving Private Plan
  12. Back to the LAN
  13. lawrence of Connection
  14. Avengers: Infinity Connection
  15. The Wonder LAN
  16. Sacred WiFi
  17. Untold Story of the Internet
  18. The Rise of LAN
  19. Half Girlfriend: WiFi
  20. Person of Internet

Popular Hero Funny Wifi Names

  1. Harry Potter Wifi
  2. Ironmen Connection
  3. Marvel Internet
  4. Yo WiFi Singh
  5. Iron LAN
  6. Incredible LAN
  7. John Cloudy LAN Men
  8. Super LAN
  9. Scarlet WiFison
  10. Megan WiFiox
  11. Jennifer LawrenceLAN

Easy & Good Wifi Names

  1. A1B2C3D4E5
  2. Computer World
  3. 9876543210
  4. 0123456789
  5. Apple & Banana
  6. I love You
  7. 1+1=2
  8. 0-0=0
  9. I Love You
  10. I love My Country
  11. Floor 1
  12. Home
  13. Love you, Mom,
  14. Hello MR. Bean
  15. Black Rose
  17. Life is Easy

Here we have listed Funny WiFi names Collections with a proper listing. Now if you have Router at your home and want to set Best Network Wifi names then we have complete list and suggestions for you. If you have no idea about how to set WiFi Or Router Name then you can Follow Given Below Instructions.

If you have a router then connect it to your desktop via LAN or Wireless Connection. Now Open Routers Admin Panel through common gateway IP. Login through ID and Password.

Now search for general setting and SSID. Now you will see your current Wifi name or Network name in the field of SSID. From there you can change Best Wifi names as per your desire. So, These were complete information about How to Change WiFi names?

I Hope you will love all these Cool and Crazy WiFi names as your network name. If you have any Suggestions to the list then you can give via comments. If you are looking for the Best Public and Free DNS Server to get a better internet experience, then we have recently posted on it. For more stuff like that visit Oxfordtricks Regularly.

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