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Free Ringtone Maker App Download – Ringtone Cutter

Free Ringtone Maker App Download – Ringtone Cutter

Are you finding Free Ringtone Maker App Download for android or windows platforms? So here we are, You can create your own ringtone, message tone, alarm and notification from mp3 files. A ringtone maker app is also available on Google Play Store with 100s of different android applications. But, the main disease from these types of the app has difficulty in use, lots of ads block, advanced features, and prime membership plans. So, at that point of view, we are here to provide Free Ringtone Maker App Download – Ringtone Cutter with just a few steps.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download

Free Ringtone Maker App Download

We have also discussed some alternative ringtone maker app with different features and latest versions. The best ringtone maker alternative apps like Ringtone Slicer, Ringtone Maker, mp3 cutter, and Ringdroid. These apps allow you to cut and append music tones in your style. Also, these apps are free for all users.

Free Ring Tone maker app has an easy way to use and simple to customize with the best user experience. If you want to use some part of a song or make it as a notification. But, if the user defines tones are not available on the Internet, here is the solution for you. Just choose one of the given mp3 cutter apps and download it as free. The top 5 Ringtone Maker apps are described below with download links.

Top 5 Free Ringtone Maker App Download for Android

These are the best 5 ringtone cutter app for android. Here is some sort of description of apps with the best features and download links. We also try to provide some screenshot in our article for the best user interaction with different music cutter applications. At the last of an article, we will provide the video tutorial for download and install tips. so, let’s look at mp3 cutter Android apps.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker app is free for Android users. This is an ad-supported app with a supported files like Mp3, FLAC, AMR, MP4, and 3GPP. This app does not contain any mod version or beta testing. It’s officially available on Google Play Store. You can choose music files from your android device and also record it with the inbuilt recorder as per your requirements. This app provides the best Graphical User Interface to its valuable Users.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download - Mp3 Cutter

Ringtone Maker- Free Ringtone Maker App Download

Download Link: Ringtone Maker

At the above timeline in the app, the stating and ending point for manual selection. At the Below timeline, there are options like Start, Pause, and Stop with forwarding and backward points. For the record the song, you should use start and end or you can use timestamp. you can also use default values as trim and add copy function. There is no drag slider for adjustment.

Some great features of this app are Adjust mp3 volume, Fade mp3 as IN/OUT, cut, copy, and paste. Users can preview the music file that has been cut from the original file. So, it’s grateful to review the music. The in-built recorder provides user to record a new audio file with editable formate.

Advantages of app

  • Free for all users. Direct contact assignment. Ad-free. Built-in Recorder.

At the improvement point of view, there are some bugs for destination folder selection and some pop-ups.

Mp3 Cutter / Ringtone Cutter

If you want to cut some specific music tones for source music and make them as your ringtone or notification tone then the Mp3 Cutter or Music Cutter is the Best Android app for you. Here, Ringtone Cutter has the same functionality and same workload as the Free Ringtone maker app. Users can also record the audio file and cut them with this application. Mp3 Cutter supports Mp3, Mp4, AAC, 3GPP, and AMR formats.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download - Mp3 Cutter

Mp3 Cutter- Free Ringtone Maker App Download

The representation of an audio file is a waveform which is great to edit the audio file. MP3 Cutter comes with the best graphical interface and user Interface. Like ringtone maker music cutter has an audio recorder.

Moreover, The main advantage of this app is to represent audio files into the waveform which is helpful for users.

The cons of this app are that if your audio file is in the Whatsapp folder, then this music cutter cant helps you to perform cut or customize function.

Mp3 Cutter android app is free for all users with an ad-supported framework.

Ringdroid Music App

In 2008, The first Free Ringtone Maker App Download comes with an open-source platform. Yes, the Ringdroid music app is the first open-source app with no in-app purchases for audio customization. This app is free for all users. You can Add and Cut the audio portion for making the ringtone, alarm, and notification. Like the above mp3 cutter and ringtone maker app, users can record an audio file from their Android device. Moreover, The indexing power comes with the backbone. Ringdroid app has no any default file explorer.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download - Mp3 Cutter

Ringroid- Free Ringtone Maker App Download

Download Link: Ringdroid Music App

The visualization effect makes a more easy way for users to do something with files like cut append and more. This app is free for all android users with no-ads. If you are professional to do something great with Ringdroid app code then you can access the app code and customize it as per your requirements. This app provides contact number specific ringtone if you allow accessing contact to the app. The developer code for this app is available at

The pros of this application are open source developer code and free for all users with no-ads supporting features. Best waveform effects with great user experience and easy to use. If you want some help from app developer then they are always ready to support you. So, this gives the best user supports.

The advanced search will be available as soon as possible by the developer team.

Ringtone Slicer FX

Ringtone Slicer FX is Free Ringtone Maker App Download which is used to build custom ringtone for free. This app comes with a default file explorer with the best user interface. You can pick an audio file and just do some operations as per your requirement. Also, You can add some audio effects, volume adjustments, and fade IN/OUT. Zooming for ringtone editor and looping for testing purpose facilities are also available in this application.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download - Mp3 Cutter

Ringtone Slicer FX- Free Ringtone Maker App Download

Download Link: Ringtone Slicer FX

The user can change themes with the different interface which has the best color scheme for edit operation. Ringtone Slicer FX app supports mp3, mp4, MAV, and AMR formats. Playback audio file schemes and landscape orientation interface support in this app.

The pros of this app are inbuilt file explorer, ads-free network, no-popups, looping for audio file testing, and equalizer functionalities. Here, This application comes with different user interface themes with a great experience.

There is no scan function for this application. So, you can scan it manually and performs the operation on the basis of your requirements.


Another Free Ringtone Maker App Download is a timbre app. Here, the Timbre app has the same features like describe in the above section. You can convert video files to audio files within one-click. The timbre app allows you to cut audio and video files. This app supports most audio/video formats to perform different operations. The user can combine audio or video file with multiple source files in an easy way. Supported formats are mp3, WAV, FLAC, aac, WMA, m4a for audio support and mp4, flv, avi, WebM, MPEG, and mkv for video support.

Free Ringtone Maker App Download - Mp3 Cutter

Timbre- Free Ringtone Maker App Download


Download Link: Timbre App

Timbre app supports GIF file format and you can convert GIF file from video files. the GIF features become the most popular files among audio and videos. so, it’s easy to convert files in a timbre music app. The user can split audio or video files into two parts. Moreover, The omitter function of the timbre app used to cut the file from the middle of any audio or video files.

You can compress your audio or video files into custom bitrate or remove audio from existing videos and convert them as per your requirements. Want to speed up to video or audio files? or make a slow-motion to video or audio file? Yes, the user can speed up and down in video and audio files with the help of a timbre music app.

Timbre app allows us to convert text files to speech recognization. The app uses system inbuilt text to speech. So, you can paste text content or write some text and lets speech recognize by a timbre app. So, This feature is very useful for custom speeches. You can export this speech to the audio file as well as and saved it to your file manager.

There is no waveform visualization for convert files for the timbre app user. So, at the overall point of view for the mp3 cutter download app the timbre music app is best among all of the above.

Moreover, The timbre app is free for all users and easy to use with great functionality.

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Final Words

So, this article is about Free Ringtone Maker App Download – Ringtone Cutter App. In this article, we had discussed the top 5 free download ringtone cutter apps with its features and functionalities. All of the music cutter app comes with great UI and free for all users. So, It’s upon you to choose the best application for convert video to audio and make a ringtone and notification tones. All of these applications are available on Google Play Store with no app-purchase. The download links are given with application discussion.

We hope this article will solve your problems or useful to you. If you have any queries regarding this article or app, do tell us via comment. We will get back soon with your regardless. Thanks for your visit…

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