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How to Download Facebook Video Online Without App

Hey there, are you looking to download Facebook videos? Actually, Facebook videos downloading is not that hard which you think. Yes, I’m sure about the thing which I’m going to share is a little bit easier for you. Everyone is looking for the best FB video downloader which can quickly get their desire Facebook videos to watch it offline. Isn’t it? Okay, let’s started with the small introduction.

There are a lot of FB video downloaders which offers you to download Facebook videos. But, the thing is that they are providing a secure downloading tunnel for you. I’m not sure about this. And why convincing with that promotional quotes like “No. 1 Facebook video downloader.”

This is not about the No.1 and so on. The thing is that you have to choose which one is better for you. In terms of simplicity and security.

In the security vision, you need to learn some networking funda. But, in simplicity, you can observe some things for your better user experience.


  • An overdose of promotional advertisements.
  • Every time URL redirections.
  • Providing an insecure connection.
  • Malware.

So, for those reasons, I’m here to share you an excellent Facebook video downloader which is simple as it is and secure too.

Are you facing,

Unfortunetly, Facebook has Stopped

Best FB Video Downloader

Well, here is the best way for you to download your favorite Facebook videos with the help of FB video downloader.

However, Facebook also serves offline video downloading. But, the thing is that you have to keep your Facebook app up to date. And, the offline videos can take sometimes buffering when it’s needed.

For these types of things, the user always goes for the downloading option. And, the FB video downloader works for them.

So, let’s move to the core section of the article which shows you how to download Facebook videos.

FB Video Downloader

To download Facebook videos, you need to follow the below guideline.

Well, you can download FB videos from the Android and Web platforms. So, let’s move to the procedure section for web platforms.

Download FB Videos for Web Platforms

Step 1 – Select the Facebook video which you want to download.

Facebook Video Download

Step 2 – Copy the video URL from the browser’s URL bar. The process demonstration is given as an image for better ideas.

Step 3 – Open the video downloader from the above link.

Step 4 – Paste the URL and start to download.

Best FB video downloader

That’s all.

So, if you are a mobile user and wants to download videos then, here is the best and more natural way for you.

Download FB Videos from Facebook Android App

Step 1 – Select the Facebook video which you want to download.

Step 2 – Now, click on the options menu and there is a “Copy link” option for you. Tap on the option to copy the link.

FB video Downloader

Step 3 – Find video downloader link from the above section and open it.

Step 4 – Paste copied URL into the box. And, click on the Download button.

Step 5 – Now, you can easily download your favorite video with the given qualities.

That’s all for Android users.

Final Words

So, that’s all about the FB video downloader and how it works. The given video downloader is copyright to respective owners and that don’t affect any types of Facebook business strategies. For iPhone users, we will back soon with a particular tactic for you. So, stay tuned with Oxford Tricks for further updates.

Have any issues with video downloader? Let us know in the comment box.

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