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ExtraTorrent Proxy – Unblocked ExtraTorrents Mirror Sites[2019 Update]

ExtraTorrent is the best Torrent website to download movies, TV series, Shows, Games, and Software. You can say all in one to the Extratorrent proxy site. Recently, extratorrent cc site has to shut down by the site admin, which is terrible news for those who love torrent download. So ultimately, you have to move over another torrent site and so on.

Well, if you want a permanent solution for the torrent site access then, you are at the best place. So, today I’m going to talk about ExtraTorrent Proxy and top 20 unblocked torrent site list.

We all know about torrents and how it helps. At some time, we can’t access any software or any premium movie as we want. But, In Torrent case, you’ll not disappoint.

Extratorrent proxy

There is mainly two way to get any collection like the latest movie, software, games, episodes, anime and much more. You can either get it from your friends or go on the internet.

Everyone loves to download via the internet instead of activating online. Especially, movie download is one of among the most common way.

Hence, there is a lot of online download platform which allows you to download which you want. But, some of them are premium to use.

So ultimately, you start finding free sources on the internet. Exactly, you know what I’m talking about is an ExtraTorrent Proxy server.

Therefore, you can download anything which you want with Extratorrents site. But, you can’t directly access these websites.

So, for easy access to the site, you need an ExtraTorrents Proxy site list. And, you can easily find the site list which given below.

Before moving torrent proxy and unblocked website list, let me introduce Extra Torrents(ET).

ExtraTorrent Proxy

In 2006, the first ExtraTorrents(Commonly known as ET) site launched with first magnet download link protocol. This site based on the BitTorrent protocol which uses Peer-to-Peer data transfer.

With Pear-to-pear data transfer technology, the total amount of time required to download decreased with no data lost guarantee.

ET is one of the largest Torrent downloads site. In which, you can download almost all the things which you want. But unfortunately, ExtraTorrent cc site have to give up and close the door for everyone.

Why these sites have to shut down especially like ET and 1337x Torrent site?

We’ll later move to this topic in the next section. First, let we talk about ExtraTorrents initialization and growth.

ExtraTorrents was the most extensive digital index for entertainment media. Furthermore, Extratorrents cc was a platform where you can download movies, software, and games with the help of magnet links.

In November 2015, the site lost their three main domain from the internet. After that, once again Exratorrent cc comes into the market and make a massive impact in the digital torrent market.

After the shutdown of a Kickass torrent site in November 2016, the became the second-largest platform in Torrent industry. At that time, Pirate Bay was at the first stand with highest torrent visitors.

As same as like other torrent sites, ET also has clone sites which you can say Extratorrent Proxy site list.

So, let’s move on to why the torrent sites banned?

Why ExtraTorrent Banned?

As per the internet authorities administrative rules, you can’t spread any copyright content via online or offline. And the core concept of the torrent sites is copyright and pirated content.

So, it’ll directly affect the revenue of the original content creator. And that’s why most of the site can’t allow access directly.

If you don’t know anything about the torrent download mechanism then before you download, you must be clear about this things.

It may affect your data or can harm your hardware because of pirated, violations, malware, and copyright content. And that’s why Governments has decided to close the connection of these sites.

And as a result, you need to use any other ExtraTorrent proxy sites to download your desired content.

But, always keep it in your mind that, if the Governments decided to ban the site then there are many reasons behind this.

It may be possible to have a politics behind this all or may not. But, the thing is if you want to access Extratorrent proxy sites then, it’ll always be for you.

If one website banned from the internet, then there is a bunch of domains is in the queue to serve you.

Well, that’s all about reasons behind ExtraTorrent proxy banned. Hence, let’s move to the next section which shows you how to unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy sites.

Is ExtraTorrent Unblocked?

It was like when your business closed, and your regular customer wants you to back into the industry.

Yes, same happens with ExtraTorrents movie download site. In November 2016, the official website went down, and they bounce back within one year.

ExtraTorrent proxy Unblocked

But, the problem with the site is the same as other Torrent sites like 1337x site. You can’t access the torrent website directly.

So, the question is how you can access ExtraTorrent Proxy sites?

Well, feel free at this time because I’m going to tell you methods to access ExtraTorrent Unblocked websites.

So, let’s move to the next section which is all about accessing ExtraTorrent blocked sites.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

One of the most common way to unblock ExtraTorrent proxy site in via VPN service. Yes, VPN is best among all another way to get easy access to the site.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You can use VPN service for accessing any ExtraTorrent blocked site.

First thing is about VPN service. So, let’s take a quick tour to VPN services.

Mainly VPN used for accessing Public and shared data. It enables you on private data to access shared and public data.

But, In this case, we use to avoid restrictions and bypass all the firewalls to access blocked sites.

Now, if you think about the legality of using VPN service then, you don’t need to overthink about this. Using VPN service is 100% safe and legal for all users.

So, that’s all about VPN, and it’s a scenario. Now, let me discuss methods to unblocked ExtraTorrent Proxy.

Methods to Unblocked ExtraTorrent Proxy

There are mainly two methods for ExtraTorrent Unblocked. You can use one of them as per your requirements.

Method 1: Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy by VPN

As I mention above, VPN is the safest way to unblock the ExtraTorrent proxy site. There are a lot of VPN service provider software and applications available for you.

Hence, you can take one of them with you. But, be sure before using any VPN application whether its aim is only for the support you or any other target.

Yes, some of the third-party app providers can harm you by using these types of app.

One of the best VPN among all of them and that I always to prefer is Opera VPN. You can use this VPN service with the Opera web browser.

1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website

Or, you can go with the video tutorial to enable Opera VPN service in your windows PC.

By using Opera VPN, you can access any blocked website.

To use Opera VPN, Go to Opera main menu. In most of all case, this looks like same as per given in screenshot.

Select “Settings” and go to “Privacy & Security.”

Now, you can see VPN panel and check to “Enable VPN.”

That’s it.

Method 2: Unblock 2019 ExtraTorrent Proxy with Using Mirror Sites

Every movie websites have its mirror website. Why? Because of unexpectedly server errors or due to other reason. They always have a spare platform to recover all the damage.

But, in a pirated website case, you can’t predict what would be next. Either site server has gone down or any ban issue.

So for that purpose, the site owners have many backup plans. And that why they always recommend you to remind mirror site names and it’s a domain name.

Furthermore, we had listed the top 20 ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites.

Using this ExtraTorrent Proxy sites, you can do same as can with ExtraTorrent. So, feel free to use these given sites. Currently, the whole listed sites are online and working fine.

So, let’s see all of the mirror sites in the table.

Mirror Sites listSpeed Fast Fast
https://extratorrent.agVery Fast
https://extratorrent.unblocker.ccVery Fast
https://unblocker.ccVery Fast Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.inVery Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.stMedium Fast Fast Fast

Top 6+ Best Alternatives for ExtraTorrent Proxy

Well, here are the best alternatives for the ExtraTorrent Proxy site. In which you can do the same things that provide by ExtraTorrent.

Hence, if you were bluffing everywhere in finding ExtraTorrent Proxy sites but, can’t see the proper website. Then you can use alternative sites.

Alternatives are those who also provide best or even better rather then the actual site can. So, like in this type of case, I always prefer to use an alternative way.

Furthermore, you can use this sites without having any issues and can download movies and games for free.

Well, before moving on next content, you should need a VPN service to access these websites. So, let’s get started.

Visit. Best Offline Games For Android

Yify Movies – 2019 Torrent Movie List

Yify is can be an alternative source for you if you want to download movies and other entertainment stuff. All you have to do is just open safe proxy and have to search for the desired movie.

Well, Yify proxy is specially made for Hollywood movie lovers. If you are one of them and want to download an old or new released movie then Yify is best suitable for you.

An easy and user-friendly user interface can make you a feel better than other sites. So, I recommend you to use this website if you are looking for the best alternatives to the extratorrent proxy.

Proper collections of movies, music, and other entertainment content given on the main page give an idea about trending movies. The easy and fast downloading method gives you a better experience same as extratorrents.

1337x – Best 2019 Torrent Movie Download

One of my favorite torrent sites is the 1337x torrent site. If I look to download any movies or games, I always prefer to go on 1337x website.

1337x is provide a large number of torrent directory files and its magnet links.

1337x torrent webisite

As per torrent traffic, 1337x site is the third most popular BitTorrent website according to TorrentFreak news site.

As we move to the history of 1337x, the initial release of 1337x is in 2006. After the shut down of the Kickass torrent site in 2016, the site has gone more popularity.

Well, you need a VPN to access 1337x torrent site. Or, you can use mirror websites for direct access.

To go on 1337x torrent site, type “” in your web browser’s URL and press go button. Don’t forget to use a VPN service.

Otherwise, it will show you a message looks like “Your requested URL has blocked as per the directions received from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.”

With the use of Opera VPN, you can easily access 1337x torrent. After getting the site with no nay other issues, let’s get some download practices.

To download movies, click on Movies option which given below.

Now, you can see the latest updated movie list from the movie torrent window. For more, type any movie name into the search box, and the result is getting for you.

Use magnet links for direct download. So, that’s it all for now.

RARBG – Torrent Site

RARBG website launched in 2008 with the use of peer to peer BitTorrent protocol. In the past, RARBG became the most significant torrent index among all of the other sites due to its simplicity.

RARBG has the best graphical user interaction and navigation scenario. And that’s why peoples keep connecting with RARBG site.

If you can’t measure what would be the official site of RARBG, then you can go with “” or “” domain directly.

rarbg torrent download

The main benefits are that you don’t need to face any fake and clone websites like RARBG.

With VPN service, it would make possible to reach RARBG site. You can use RARBG proxy or mirror sites which is sometimes help you.

To download TV shows, movies, Games, anime, cartoon, software, and music from one site. Therefore, you can say RARBG to all in one platform for all.

Use RARBG proxy with “.lot” and “.is” domains if any occurrence with the official site.

The Pirate Bay – Best Extratorrent Proxy Alternatives

Pirate Bay is a torrent website which has a digital index of entertainment media. Don’t go anywhere when you have the pirate bay.

The Pirate Bay was launched in September 2003 with peer to peer data transfer BitTorrent protocol. After the Kickass torrent site, The Pirate Bay has the most number of active visitors, and that’s why pirate bay is going on and on.

Find movies and web series with magnet download link with Pirate Bay.

Find content in 35 different languages with the Pirate Bay. Mainly Pirate Bay contained in English and Swedish.

Limetorrents – Latest Torrent Movie Download

Nowadays, Limetorrent is the best and safe torrent website which offers you to download the latest torrent movies with fewer ads and popups.

Yes, one of the best reason behind the site success is the simplicity. You can’t imagine how the Limetorrent site has a simple interface and user-friendly environment.

limetorrents movies

Apart form joke, generally, the torrent site has a lot of iterative elements which force you to get distracted. But, the Limetorrents reduce all of this things for better user accessibility and experience.

You have direct access to the secure tunnel to the site which means you don’t need to use any VPN services or bypass firewalls.

There are a lot of things which you need to know before using the Limetorrents. To know more about the site, click here.

Find the latest movies, TV series, Web series, Games, paid software, and anime series within the site. Use magnet links with proper torrent downloader for the faster and secure way.

Coke and Popcorn Movies

One of the most exceptional online movie streaming website. The Coke and Popcorn website allows you to watch unlimited latest movies with HD video quality.

In fact, Coke and Popcorn is a place where you can pass your whole day especially your holidays. It’s something like watching movies in a small screen theatre for free.

Yes, we all love to watch newly released movies for free even especially when it comes with the HD video quality.

You don’t need anything else when you have access to CokeandPopcorn movie streaming site.

To keep watching movies and TV shows, you can use Cockandpopcorn alternatives if any issues occur with the parent site.

Now, you can use an Android app for more interaction with the coke popcorn site anywhere. So, that’s enough for now. You can get detail information fro above-given link.

MovieRulz – Movie Download

Are you looking for one of the best Indian movie websites? Yes then, Movierulz site is the best for you. Movierulz is a platform where you can watch online videos and can download it.

Actually, in this way, you can determine the video quality of any video. Yes, let first check any movie by watch online option.

If you find the best video quality for you then, download it. But, if the condition is terrible, you can find it anywhere without wasting extra internet data.

How To Download Movies from Movierulz

Find movies by year category and language. It would be easy for any to find desire movie name with the classes or you can say it menu. And, that’s why I’m talking about Movierulz features and functionalities.

Type “” in your browser URL and press enter to journey with Movierulz movie download site.

The site is also famous as best Telugu and Tamil movie site.

There is also a reserved menu for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Although however, you can find thousands of Tamil and Telugu movie list and can download it with ease.

Find download link from below the movie poster with different video quality files. Choose video quality file as per your internet data and connection speed.

So, that’s all about Movierulz movie download site.

FilmyWap – Hollywood Movies in Hindi

Filmywap is also the best alternatives for the ExtraTorrent proxy site. A platform which also has an extream collection of movies and other videos.

With the quality video content and proper navigation, you can easily download any video. A website which provides different dubbed video collection in other languages.

filmywap latest movie download

Type “” in URL and find an official website. To download from the filmywap movie site, Choose one of them given the category, and it’ll start showing you the best collection they have.

Find the best movie with the filmywap rating concept. Yes, you can see how many peoples like which movie. So, perhaps it’ll easy to find the best videos.

Also, Visit: Dream League Soccer 2018 Download Free

TorLock – Recent Movies Torrent

TorLock is an excellent file sharing torrent platform. In which you can find movies to crack software. 

However, there is always some crisis with torrent protocol like access denied and website blocks. But, feel free cause we have a mirror site list which can reach you to the torlock site.

So, here are some of the working torlock torrent sites for you. What you need to do is simply copy the link and paste it into your browser’s URL bar and press enter.


Don’t forget to use free VPN service to access the full site. Let us know in a comment if there is any issues from your side.

Currently, TorLock is the best torrent website to download anything which you want. With the best and simple interface, you can get easily what you want with or without magnet links. And that’s the site is also the best alternatives for Extratorrent Proxy site.

Final Word

So, that’s all about “ExtraTorrent Proxy and Unblocked methods of ExtraTorrent”. From this article, find ExtraTorrent proxy site list which allows you easy access to an ExtraTorrent site. Also, see the best alternatives like ExtraTorrent proxy site which has the same functionalities as ExtraTorrent cc.

Hope this guide helps you to find out ways to unblock ExtraTorrent site and Proxy site list. Have any question or issue regarding ExtraTorrent? Yes then, try to put your concerns in the comment box. We’ll gladly assist you further.

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