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Effects Of Using Technology At Night On Kids & Teens – OxfordTricks

Is it Okay if Your Kid Uses His Smartphone at Night?

Effects Of Using Technology

The current generation has a number of characteristic traits, and over-indulgence in smartphone technology is one of them. Parents complaining of their kids being glued to phone screens is a phenomenon common to almost every household. This smartphone addiction not only makes itself visible throughout the day but also perseveres through the evening. Here is a quick look at a recent research on the use of tech gadgets before going to sleep.

Effects Of Using Technology

Some of the serious dangers to smartphone use at night are detailed below:

#1 Disruption of Important Biological Functions of the Body

Our bodies are subconsciously programmed to take dim lighting and darkness as signs for releasing melatonin; the chemical responsible for inducing sleep. However, due to the exposure to the light generated by phone screens, the mind is tricked into believing that the time for sleep is yet to come.

Consequently, smartphone use before sleeping leads to a decrease in the secretion levels of melatonin. In simpler words, using technology right before going to bed can seriously disrupt sleep patterns.

In scientific terms, the delayed secretion of melatonin caused by electronic devices upsets the circadian rhythm of the body. Also, In simpler words, the body’s intrinsic clock that governs various biological processes and manipulates energy levels at different times undergoes a serious disruption when a person indulges in smartphone use right before dozing off.

#2 Increase in Distraction Levels

It is not news that technological addiction isn’t any better than other forms of addiction. As with any addictive behavior, over-use of smartphones also leads to a decrease in focus levels.

Moreover, if the prolonged exposure to smartphone sustains itself until night time, the human body’s ability to relax takes a drastic hit.

A number of theorists have stated that sleep time is utilized by the human brain to process the happenings of a person’s day.

Even the time leading to sleep forms helps in bolstering the learning ability of an individual. However, if kids miss out on that much-needed window before sleeping by engaging in smartphone use, their learning ability is bound to suffer.

Thereby, a distracted state of mind in kids and teens is a direct consequence of using technology at night.

#3 Makes One Run in Circles

For the current generation, putting down their phone is a hard enough task. Well, it is unfair to blame them altogether given the extent of the capabilities of a typical smartphone.

A simple glass screen provides so many things at the literal fingertips of developing children that it overwhelms them.

They lose the sense of when to leave their phones behind. Due to the emergence of addictive patterns associated with smartphone use, turning them off to perform even the simple act of sleeping can prove to be difficult.

#4 The Juxtaposition of Smartphone Addiction and Bedtime Routines

A typical smartphone user makes use of his device for a number of purposes ranging from increasing productivity to entertainment. More often than not, a smartphone user transforms casual reliance on technology to crippling dependency.

Needless to say, such addictive patterns follow a person to his bedtime routine as well. These days, kids have turned smartphones into instruments designated to tire them to sleep.

Simply put, children overly dependent on their smartphones end up creating bedtime routines that fail to function without some sort of technological intervention.

The risk factor associated with such patterns is that is instinctively easy to forego a healthy sleep cycle in exchange for a few extra hours of entertainment provided by a smartphone.

So, How Can Parents Safeguard the Health of their Children?

Technological devices have become a part of our day-to-day lives. Kids not only use their smartphones for entertainment purposes but also make use of these devices as educational resources. Therefore, it is impossible for parents to completely eliminate smartphone use from the routines of their kids.

Also, extreme methods of problem-solving rarely end up resolving the issue at hand in the desired manner. Keeping the above-mentioned facts in mind, parents can make use of these simple tricks to safeguard their kids from the adverse effects of using technology at night:-

  1. Set time limits for technology use

    • As stated before, complete elimination of smartphones and similar technological devices from the lives of kids and teens is a totalitarian action bound to create complications.
    • A smart workaround instead can be setting precise time limits for technology use.
    • By adopting this method, parents will not only prevent their kids from the hazards of smartphone use at night, but they will also be able to teach their kids discipline.
  2. Monitor smartphone use

    • Setting time limits is only part of the process that will help parents safeguard the health of their children.
    • The second step incremental to ensuring the well-being of kids is monitoring the time they spend on their phones.
    • A reliable parental control software like TiSPY can prove to be useful in this regard.
    • By making use of efficient parental control software like TiSPY, parents can measure and monitor different ways in which kids use their smartphones.
    • Some of the activities that a capable parental monitoring software can track are calls, text-messages, engagement on social media apps, sharing of multimedia files, and internet use.
  3. Educate your children on the detrimental after-effects of smartphone usage at night

    • A big part of parenting is educating your children on what’s right and what’s wrong. This includes having honest conversations on various topics.
    • The hazardous possibilities springing from addictive smartphone usage at night is one such topic. You need to explain to your kids why you want them to keep their phones away before going to bed.
    • An open-ended conversation will also give your children the chance to voice queries if there are any.

Kids have the bulk of their free time at night before sleeping. As is clear through observations, the torchbearers of today choose to be coddled by the digital world before drifting into dreamland.

However, what the technology-dependent generation is impervious to is the fact that smartphone use before going to sleep has serious health consequences.

It is for the parents to remedy the problem of excessive use of technology by their kids. The analysis stated above provides enough insight into how that can be done.

There are many other useful apps out there to help your child like Mathematics improvement app and many others which means technology is useful but only if it is used in the right way at the right time.

In a nutshell, parents must adopt necessary coping mechanisms to shield their children from the problems of today’s technology-driven era.

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