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How to Download Instagram Videos Online Without Instasave App

According to the Instagram statistics, there are over 80 million photos are uploaded per day. And, as er the social network platform, Instagram is the best social network for images and short videos. One of the best social media for only photos is Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is known as a social images giant. Well, apart from the images, Instagram is the best among both of them. So, are you one of them who always likes to download Instagram videos?

If yes and also want to know that how you can get any videos in your smartphone device then, here is the way to download Instagram videos without Instasave App.

However, there are a lot of ways which can help you to download Instagram videos and images. But, not all of them are safe and to use. One of the reasons behind this is security. And, that’s why it becomes more difficult to choose one of them which is secure and simple for you.

Do you know that 70% of all other Instagram video downloader is not secure and not working very well?

Furthermore, as per my reviews and experience, here is the best way for you. In which you can download Instagram videos and images without any application.

So, let’s move to the core section of the article.

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How to Download Instagram Videos?

Downloading Instagram videos are not as simple as it is. But, with the help of some third-party web application and software. But, with the fast internet era, no one like to download and install any app which has alternatives.

So, I hope you know the brand name Instasave application. But, now, you don’t have to install any applications like Instasave which contains a lot of ads and promotional banners.

However, any application used for special purposes until someone takes it over with a more comfortable way.

And, the same things happens with the Instasave mobile app. Nowadays, a lot of website offers you to download any videos for free either it’s from Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

So, let’s discuss how these websites work and how you can do the same thing which happens in mobile apps.

How to use Instagram IGTV

Download Instagram Videos

Well, in this section, we are going to share Instagram video downloader, and it’s working. Currently, we are going for only Windows web platforms. So, if you are the one who comes from iOS cult then, you have to wait for some time. We are looking for you and come soon with the more natural way which can help you.

So, let’s start to download Instagram videos.

Step 1 – Open Instagram on your web browser and complete the Sign-in procedure.

Step 2 – Choose you desire video and click on it. Now, you have a video popup.

Download Instagram Videos

Step 3 – Copy the video URL from your browser’s URL bar. As per the given images, you can select and copy the URL.

Step 4 – Now, Open the Instagram Downloader Online.

Instagram video downloader

Step 5 – Paste the copied URL and press the download button. Within a 30-seconds, you have a download popup which has a download button.

download Instagram Videos

That’s all.

To Sum Up

So, that’s all about to download Instagram videos, and it’s video downloader. After going through the steps, you might get some idea about it. So, it’s your turn to do it yourself and get any video which you want.

Let us know in the comment box about your experience with this article and site as well. Have a great day.

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