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Beyond Insurance-How To Address The Risk Of Losing Your Mac

If you are a working professional, your Mac is probably an indispensable part of your existence. You carry it to the office every day, use it for WFH, take it along while traveling, and even get it along for coffee shop meetings with clients or colleagues. The portability of these devices is a boon, but it is also a risk factor. There is always a chance of theft or loss because Macs are premium devices. It is a major concern because work computers house critical and confidential information. So you must take the right measures to address the risk of losing your Mac, apart from getting it insured to cover the financial risk.

How To Address The Risk Of Losing Your Mac

Here are Some Tips to Help

Set up a strong password with auto-lock

Setting up a strong password is the first thing you can do to protect your Mac. Unless your laptop gets into the hands of a seasoned hacker, the thief will not be able to crack the password and access the confidential data or install malware. Ensure that the device password kicks in the auto-lock when the screen saver begins or after sleep. It will make your laptop hard to open.

Encrypt the hard drive

Protecting the data on your Mac should be your top priority. Thankfully, it is possible to encrypt the hard drive to secure the private data even if the device gets stolen. You can rely on a full disk encryption service to safeguard the hard drive in the event of a loss. When you do it, ensure that the recovery key is in a safe place. You will need it back for data recovery.

Sync your data to an alternative location

Apart from the fear of data falling into the wrong hands, a stolen Mac can get you in big trouble because all your work documents and files are lost. Synchronizing them to an alternative location (such as a cloud-based service) will keep you stress-free because you can access them anytime. You will never have to worry about losing all your hard work because you can recover it easily, whether the device is stolen or it crashes.

Use remote tracking feature

Mac offers a remote tracking feature that enables you to track the stolen device, so there are good chances to locate it even after a theft. You can go through to see how you can set up the feature to enable tracking. It takes a few seconds to set up the tracking feature but gives you peace of mind. You can even lock the device or wipe the hard drive remotely.

Backup your device

Mac users must also backup the device regularly, even if you have synchronized the files to a cloud-based service. A backup saves your files and documents, and also the configuration and settings. So you can get back to work right away even if something goes wrong. Mac users have access to Apple’s Time Machine service that makes backups a breeze.

Following these simple steps can keep your Mac safe even if it gets stolen, and you may even recover it without much work. Go ahead and implement them right away!


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