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Top 9 Best Public and Free DNS Servers for 2018 (Updated)

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a system which connects website names to the origin IP address of it. If you are from the technical background, then it is straightforward to understand. If not then don’t worry, I will provide brief detail about DNS Server and best of them in natural language. Here is a given list of Best DNS Servers which are free and Public. Let’s go through it.

Regular internet users have no any idea about activity behind his/her searched request on the browser. The whole Mechanism behind your browser is, when you search for the particular website on your browser by its name, at that time, browser converts this website name in some numeric data and search for the historical data. If there is no any data related to search, then it passes a request to further.

As we all know, Every website available online has their unique identity as a Domain name. Whenever you search for the website, at that time DNS service translates it into the IP address to get access to the website. In one sentence, we can say “DNS is the backbone of the internet which allows information available online to arrive at IP address and shows it in the browser. ”

Now, I hope you understood something about the relation of IP and DNS Server. It is possible to Direct search for the website if you know IP address. For example, If you are searching for yahoo or bing, then you can use an IP address, and respectively. If you want to know the IP address of any website, then you can do it through a command prompt as given below.

DNS Server Checking

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Free and Public DNS Servers of 2018 (Best)

All of the below given DNS Servers are the Free and Pubilc which is used mostly among internet users.

Google Public DNS Server

Google DNS server is the first listed among Free and Public DNS Server of 2018. It is one of the most popular and fast public DNS server used by people. It became one of the largest used DNS servers for security purpose. If you want to use this Free Google DNS, then you have to configure your IP Address to given Below.

Google Public DNS IPv4 


Google Public DNS IPv6

  • 2001.4860.4860.8888
  • 2001.4860.4860.8844

It also gives a choice to use IPv6 versions. You can alter your IP address to IPv6 given above. One thing you should know is, Google Public DNS is protected against DNS cache poisoning attack and  DoS attack. As per my suggestion, Google Public DNS Server should be the first choice for you. If you have something else purpose, then you can go for another given in a list.

Open DNS Server

I have listed Open DNS as the second in the list of Best Free and Public DNS Server of 2018. If we say about its popularity, It has more than 90 million users around the world. Expertise security and Consumer product as made it very stunning.

You can configure network settings with Open DNS IP address given below as


It also provides facilities to filter content for your family or children usage. for that, it provides two different IP address given below as

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternet DNS Server:

So, this is one of the Best fast DNS server provided by Open DNS. It gives a choice as the best alternatives to the Google DNS server.

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DNS.WATCH is also another DNS service provider which is free and public. I have listed it in the third position of best DNS servers in 2018. It is best at internet speed, so you don’t need to worry about to performance or reduction in Internet speed. It also provides information guides for different platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac OS x and other.

If you want to configure your network settings as per DNS.WATCH then you can do it with


At the level of privacy and policy, DNS.WATCH is claiming that they have no interest to keep log from the user sides like other DNS Server providers. So, This can be one of the significant factors to grab trust from the user side. Use and Enjoy this free and fastest public DNS server.

OpenNic DNS

OpenNic is one of the fastest DNS for PS4. If you are looking for the best DNS service around your location then you can get an idea about it from the official website of OpenNic DNS. DNS Neutrality is the main goal of OpenNic DNS, So it gives free access to every website from the world of the internet without concern your ISP motives.

OpenNic DNS is free and public service which is available for every internet user. Moreover, you can feel free from the DNS hijacking and DoS attack. Every single activity from your side is monitored by ISP, But you can stop this behavior by using OpenNic DNS Server.

When you visit the official website, you will find a list of closest DNS server. So, if you are looking for the term “Fastest DNS Server Near Me” then OpenNic DNS is made for you.

Comodo Secure

Comodo DNS provides facilities to use internet safe, smarter and faster. It is one of the best domain resolution services which enables and resolves request through a worldwide network of best DNS servers. if you want to get amazing user experience of the internet then it is time to stop usage of DNS server provided by your ISP. To use this service, you just have change network setting with Comodo Secure. You have to change it with given

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

There is no requirement of any download or hardware configuration for Comodo Secure DNS.

If you are not from technical background then you can use step by step information given by Comodo Secure. On the header, you will find instructions for different platforms like Windows 7/8/10, Different Mac OS, Chromebook OS, Vista, and XP. It also provides SSL certificate, Management tools, and other website security software. So, this is one of the fast and Best DNS Service for a better internet experience.

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Level3 DNS

It is another DNS which provides High efficiency and performance with a High speed of the internet. Level3 is remarkable paid service provider regarding fast DNS Server. It has a very good structure for internet users to provide excellent service as Google DNS Server.

If you want to use Level3 DNS for free then you have to configure with given address as


Main Advantage to use Level3 is its simple and easy configuration. It works very effectively with all router and ISP.

So, Level3 is also one of the most used and popular DNS Server to get Fast internet experience. It is the Best PS4 DNS Service.


Cloudflare is known for its best services like CDN, Web optimization, SSL/TLS and etc. But recently they have included DNS Services named as Cloudflare for everyone. By the time, It became a fastest DNS service provider. Cloudflare DNS provides fast and easy internet user experience through its service. If you want to use this Fast DNS service then you have to configure with given


All instructions for the configuration are given at the in easy and step by step guidance.

If you want to be safe from man in middle attack then Cloudflare is best DNS server for you. Cloudflare has claimed about data security that, they will never use your browsing data to advertise. Logs are kept for 24 hours for debugging purpose, then they will automatically purge. For privacy, they will never write IP on their disk. So, I especially recommend you to use this Fast and Best DNS Server to get a deep experience of the internet.


Quad9 is also free security solutions against cyber crimes like DOS attacks. Quad9 provides best services as Domain name servers which translate a domain name into the IP address to get proper information from browser and server. As we know if DNS is not working properly then there are lots of chances of Cyber Attacks.

For the security and privacy purpose, there is no complain fount yet. It became one of the best DNS service provider in less time. It also provides a set process for the new users. You can use this services through Mac and Windows system.


UncensoredDNS is also one of the best DNS server service providers which help to improve internet experience. for more information you can visit it’s official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to DNS

Now we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions about DNS. So, Let’s go through it.

What is DNS?

DNS full form is “Domain Name System.” When you search for any specific website, at that time you make a request with Domain names like or At that time DNS translates Domain names into the IP address. So, we can say it is an Internet framework used for domain name translation.

Why should we use DNS?

Most of the internet user use ISP’s DNS server which is not reliable or efficient. At the level of speed, It is very slow in comparison to the above listed. Due to less efficiency of ISP’s DNS, It may increase chances of Cyberattacks. If you want to make privacy for the adult content for your children and family then DNS will help regarding that.

What/Which DNS Server should Use?

As we know all DNS have the same purpose to convert the domain name into the IP Address. But another factor like privacy, internet speed, and security are also concerned with DNS Server. Here is a list of the best DNS server is given. You can use any of them with given information and Instructions.

Which is the fastest DNS Server?

The speed of internet is also depended on request and response time of the user query. So, When your DNS is very fast then you will get a good experience of internet speed. Among above-listed DNS Servers, Google DNS Server, Cloudflare DNS, and Open DNS is the fastest DNS Server.

What is DNS server not responding?

Some time DNS(Domain Name System) is not able to provide domain name translation in IP address because of internet problem. At that time it displays them as, “DNS server not responding” or”DNS server error.”

Which is the Best DNS for PS4?

If you are the game lover and used to play an online game then it is very necessary to have good DNS Server for a better experience. At that time, you can use all of the above-listed DNS servers for PS4 like Google, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, OpenNIC, DNS.Watch and etc.

How to Change DNS Setting in PS4?

Changing DNS Setting in PS4 is straightforward. First, go for the setting then choose a network. Now you can set any of the above DNS servers for primary and secondary. So, the entire path is Setting>Network>Custom> Primary and Secondary DNS Setting.


Most of the people use internet service from the ISP via optical fiber or wireless network. Means they are using ISP’s DNS(Domain Name System) as default. If you want to explore your internet experience with security, speed, and privacy then you should go for Free and Best DNS Servers in 2018.

All of the best lists of Best DNS Services are given above. You can use any of them for security purpose or get fast internet speed.

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