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10 Best Online Gifts to Send to Your Friends Staying at Home

It’s easy to lose track of time with all that’s going on in the world right now. Birthday parties and monumental celebrations aren’t the way they used to be. So, here are the top 10 best online gifts to send to your friend.

Best Online Gifts to Send

Most of us are still in isolation or just can’t do long-distance travel. But, all these shouldn’t be an excuse to remember our friends and family’s special day. And, even if there’s no occasion, we now have digital tools that can help us buy a gift online and have them shipped even on the same day.

Best Online Gifts to Send

Here are 10 gifts that can be delivered to your friend’s doorstep (or digital space) without you having to leave home.

1) Foodie Gift Basket

Everyone loves food. And most of us couldn’t resist chocolates especially if it’s exceptionally packaged. This gift basket of decadent chocolate delights can be shared with family or be devoured by yourself during times comfort food is needed.

2) Art Supply Set

Your artist friend might have everything they need in their art space, but it’s always nice to gift them something you know they love. This is also a thoughtful gift for those still harnessing the artist in them. 

Sending this set is like a nod of approval, a tab on the back, and a motivational cheer for them to keep on creating.

3) Luxury Organic Skincare

The word luxurious doesn’t always equate to expensive – it also means dedicated time and care. And isn’t that a wonderful gift? This is for your friends and loved ones who really (or forget to) take the time to feed their bodies and nourish their minds with self-care products.

4) Skillshare Online Course – Best Online Gifts to Send

We all have that friend that always says they’re going to learn something but don’t. Maybe it’s you. Thing is, we all tend to procrastinate sometimes. These are the things that can send gifts online same-day delivery. Isn’t it?

This whole isolation thing made us take a second look at that skill we forgot we wanted to learn. A plethora of online courses is now available for your bud. How about learning together?

5) Smart Neck and Shoulder Massager

Long hours of gaming or working in front of the screen creates all kinds of body ache. But the neck and shoulders are usually the most strained. This massager is a lifesaver for those suffering from discomfort. You may want to add-to-cart, too.

6) Netflix Subscription – Best Online Gifts to Send

Netflix is on the rise with self-produced blockbusters and indie film gems. If you have a friend who appreciates a good film, a captivating docu, or a light series to chill to, this is a gift they will surely love.

7) Video Game Console

Now that we’re all at home, some pass the time by playing video games. You don’t have to buy the most high-end gadget – an affordable console to add to their collection or make them start having one is a great gift for gamer friends.

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8) Sports Gear

Online workouts are popular these days, and more people are ordering gym equipment to start on their fitness journey or boost their at-home gym. Your active friends are probably in on it as well!

9) Audible Subscription

Give the gift of knowledge, stories, and wisdom with this audiobook subscription. This is perfect for people who love auditory learning and couldn’t just sit still and finish reading a book. Moreover, you can also send gifts to India from USA same day delivery

10) Gardening Kit

Some folks just started appreciating nature more that they took interest in nourishing their garden. If your friend is in the beginner stages or simply needs new supplies, this is both a practical and thoughtful gift.

Final Words

The trick is to find out what your friends are passionate about, then go from there. If you have no clue, you can always ask them to tell you more about what excites them.

You’ll see or hear them instantly lighting up! And this moment in itself is a wonderful gift. Happy gifting!

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