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Best Gif Keyboard App for Android

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

All of we Know that simple keyboard is the very traditional way to express our expression but still something is needed. Best Gif Keyboard App For Android this traditional method. Here we have discussed all kind of latest android Gif Keyboard for Android Users. With using this keyboard we can place our Emotions Quickly through short time video. Gif is one kind of Format which is a lossless format which supports both static images as well as Dynamic image.

This Gif became very popular on Social media network and other kinds of Messaging application. With simple Android Keyboard, we can add some of the gifs but it is very common for the similar users. Another Difficulty is that whenever one of the users sends Gif to another user, at that time might be possible one,s device doesn’t support gif functionality.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

So we have to make sure that sent gif supports both of the sides. Here we have discussed some of the most popular application for the Gif Keyboard which is very useful and user-friendly. All these Applications have their own particular features and Functionality.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android to Share Keyboard with Ease

Here, best applications are listed below to share a new and expressive gif to your friends. You will love to use these applications. So go through the article.

#1 Gboard

Gboard is one most popular Best Gif Keyboard App For Android for the Android users. Here Gboard stands for the google keyboard.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Gboard -Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Gboard has a functionality to send gif to the social media network and also in messaging application. To use this functionality you just have to download the application form play store. After Downloading you just have to set all kind of parameters and preference of the application. In the simple keyboard, there is no direct google search box available. But After installing this Gboard Gif Keyboard you can easily search gif from the google search box as per your need. There is also some of the categories of the Gif is available in the Gboard. With you sing the emotion category we can send gif quickly to the messenger. this keyboard also supports multi-language used in your daily life.

Gboard provides some of the categories which are CLAPPING, THUMBS UP, NO, YES, SHRUG, MIC DROP, SORRY, CHEERS, THANK YOU, ANGRY, NERVOUS, OPPS, HUNGRY, WOW, etc. These categories are the full collection of the same kind of gifs. From the tapping it, you can easily send it to text area. if you want to search new gif as per your requirement then you can use google for it. So It makes Life so Easier.

Download Link: Gboard Gif Keyboard Download for Android


  • With using Gboard Gif search Keyboard will get you easily search Unlimited Gif for where and how to use it. plus Google functionality like Google maps, Google Translate makes life that much easier.

#2 Kika

Kika is also one of the most popular Best Gif Keyboard App For Android with some of the important and loveable features. kika has more than 2 million downloads in play store. It has a good review on play store.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Kika- Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Kika became more usable gif keyboard for the purpose to send the emojis and gifs. This app has more than 3000+ gifs. Also, it has more than thousand emojis in the keyboard. It also makes predictions from the use of keyword for the message.

kika has a built-in search engine which makes it faster than the Gboard (Google board). So it becomes most preferable than the Gboard. But Kika is less efficient than the Tenor. Kika Became more Popular because of some of the features like more than 300+ Theme support, 50+ Game support which can make entertainment for you in free time.  kika gives you a free support for the customization of the Keyboard. You can also modify your keyboard font as well as sound for the tap of keys in the keyboard. It also Supports Voice typing.

Download: Kika Gif Keyboard for Android


  • Kika is one of the most favorite application for the gif keyboard. Most usable because of functionality like Great Library of Gif and emoji, customization in keyboard and more features like theme and etc.

#3 Fleksy

Fleksy is one of the coolest keyboards among others. This one is Best Gif Keyboard App For Android because of its cool features and Functionality. It has more than 5 million downloads in the play store. It requires minimum 4.1 android version to run. You can easily download from the play store.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Fleksy- Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Fleksy becomes most preferable because of its cool features. You can easily use an app from the keyboard. You can find and share Gifs as well as stickers from the web. It also provides multicolor skins to the emoji. Fleksy allows you to powerful & beautiful customization in a keyboard that makes you feel better and enjoyable. It also Provides text prediction which provides a facility for those who have lack of language knowledge. Fleksy Android Gif Keyboard also supports more than 25+ language around the world.

Download: Fleksy Gif Keyboard Download for Android


  • Fleksy is an amazing application used for emoji and Gif stickers.  Provides customization, The feature of find and share emoji from the web, Multicolor emoji skins, Multi Theme Support, Text Prediction.

#4 Tenor

Tenor is the Best Gif Keyboard App For Android is one of the most popular applications for the Gif and stickers. Any Android user can download it from the play store. A Tenor has more than 10 million Downloads from the play store.  This app requires Minimum 4.0.3 Android version to run the application.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Tenor- Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Tenor has a cool feature to send the Gif and Emoji through the application. The tenor application runs as the keyboard. Tenor can search Emoji pretty fast from the web. It Also shows a related Gif and Emoji from your Keyboard input. Means It also provides additional gif to express your emotions. You can also Browse Gifs from the categories like reactions, Moments, and trending topics. The tenor has millions of the Gifs and emoji in the library. It provides Faster search than another application like GIFS keyboard application. Tenor also supports videos on the application which is a different and unique feature of its.

Download: Tenor Keyboard App for Android


  • Best Gif Keyboard App For Android with the Great collection, Faster Application used as a keyboard, Can Search fast from the Web. Faster than another Gif keyboard application.


GIPHY (Animated Gifs Search Engine) is the largest used application for the Animated Gif. GIPHY has more than 10 million Download from the Google Play Store. It requires minimum 4.0.3 Android Version to run on the device. Any Android user can download it from the google play store. It is Best Gif Keyboard App For Android.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

GIPHY – Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

GIPHY is known as Animated Gifs Search Engine. This Application can run as a keyboard in android device. GIPHY is made for all those users who are used to send GIFS in their conversions, in their chat on Social Media Network like Facebook messenger, Twitter, iMessage, SnapChat and etc. With using this GIPHY FREE ANDROID GIF KEYBOARD, anyone can send gif as par their emotion like Happy, Yes, No, Joy, Sad, Nervous, Thumbs Up, LOL, OMG without texting any word from the keyboard.  GIPHY has great Collection of the animated Gif and Animated Stickers. A user can browse the Emoji or Gif from the Web also.  GIPHY also provides a feature to create GIF By uploading Videos from the Gallary. A user can also add the caption and make it own GIF. It can also Catch suggestions from our area of interest.

Download: GIPHY Free Android Gif Keyboard


  • Largest Library for the Gifs And Animated Stickers, the Faster search process for the Perfect Match of Search term, User can Create Own GIF by uploading videos from the Gallary.

#6 Slash

Slash Gif keyboard is another application keyboard for GIF lovers. It provides you a Different Gifs and Emoji for the Entertainment. Slash has more than 100000+ Download in the Play Store. Any Android user can download it from the Google Play store. IT IS Best Gif Keyboard App For Android.

Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Slash- Best Gif Keyboard App For Android

Slash works as a keyboard in the messaging application which provides a great library of Animated Gifs, Animated Stickers, and Emoji. It provides more than just typing words. Slash lets you share GIFs, pictures, emoji’s, music, videos and much more. It supports Many language support. There is analytics available for the bug fixing and application enhancement. Slash gives you a wonderful experience.


  • Slash is an app that was built for people who love to use emojis, not for people who love to type. I like the built-in clipboard manager.

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Final Words

Gif keyboard comes in many different kinds of feature and shape. Each of them provides their own particular features. You can search it on a web or any community. Also can create your own videos, use a feature-rich keyboard or be part of a social GIF based community, it depends as per your test. You can install the application as per your requirement.

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