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20 Best Free No WiFi Games for Android and iPhone Mobile

Best Free Games Without WiFi

The Gaming is all about joy and fun where you can improve your skills and abilities. It’s not about having time pass or just fun. It’s about to prove your ability to take the decisions at any point in the strategic mode. So, I’m going to share free no WIFI games for you.

But, the things is that not all the games have an offline game mode, there are most of the games required the internet connection. So, you need more internet data or wifi packages to play those games. So, in this article, we have discussed Best Free No WiFi Games.

Best Free No WiFi Games

Best Free No WiFi Games

Best Free No WiFi Games means the game that doesn’t need the wifi connection or any internet data. To play these offline games you can save your internet data. One more reason is that online games have a lot of destructive elements like pop-ups, irrelative ads, and malware.

In this era, the most of gaming application requires wifi connection or internet data for their own business. If you are a game lover and wants to play the game which requires wifi data. So, you need to sign in into that game with your Gmail account or you can sign in with your Facebook account.

But, the problem is that you can’t play these games without any ads. If you complete your level of online games then you can see the ads display on your screen. For me, it’s just disgusting activities while you playing any online games.

So, ultimately you should need to move on offline games that don’t need wifi data. Or you can say free games without a wifi connection.

Do you want to know that Why Game developer allow only online mode when everyone wants to play free no wifi games? Let’s discuss.

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Why Game Developer Developed Online Games?

The main reason behind developing online games to earn revenue. Of course, everyone wants to earn more money from their business and the game developing is one of highest growing business in the digital world.

Another reason is for developing online games is to make users interaction like social gaming concept. Yes, you can interact with other real peoples with the help of online gaming. One of the best examples of Social Media interaction game is Online Dating App.

The more powerful functionalities gain more user and more users gain more profits. So, its just business strategies and nothing different.

Well, it’s always great to play offline games with the ad-free interface and no any other disturbances. So, let’s discuss best free no wifi games.

Best Free No WiFi Games

The gaming is all about having fun and getting relaxation when you got bored. Yes, the mobile phone is one of the best handsets which has a lot’s of application and software. But, having best free no wifi games application is one of best among them.

With online gaming application, there are lots of things which you don’t encourage like, consuming battery power more than offline games, need more internet data, advertisements, pop-ups and much more.

So, the best choice is to play games is in offline mode. There are lots of offline games are available on play store and can download and install with easy way.

The Best Free No WiFi Games are listed below with its features and gameplay. We have added some infographics in this article with the related game application. So, it’s being easy to understand gaming mechanism and its functionalities.

You can download offline games for free from here. The games that don’t need wifi has become one of favorite category for game lovers and we have listed same for you. So, be patient and play games without wifi.

20 Best Free No WiFi Games for Mobile Download

These 20 best free no wifi games for mobile is listed below. You can read its features and functionalities from below section. The games had a category like Action, Racing, Puzzles, Horror, Adventure, Simulations, Sports and many more. I hope you love to use this game application. So, let’s get Started.

#1 Shadow Fight 2

Nowadays, Shadow Fight 2 game is one of most popular offline game. You can play Shadow Fight 2 in offline mode. The Shadow Fight 2 Game comes from Action & Adventure category.

Basically, Shadow Fight 2 Game is all about Martial Arts fighting with shadows. It’s just amazing to play this game whenever you are free. Yes, this game is one of my favorite offline game. I am never getting bored with this action game.

Watch Video Trailer

If you are martial arts lover then you should play this game. There are total 7 levels and each has the leader which is waiting for you.

The actual story of the Shadow Fight 2 best free no wifi games, there is the narrator(which is the main hero of the game) reveals that he is the real fighter. In his journey, he comes across an open one by one gate of shadows.

The narrator has reduced himself into shadow and start the actual game. The demons come with its bodyguards with armors. There is also a small tutorial available for basic moves and navigation.

The game is a best free no WiFi games which you can download from google play store or from given link. Actually, you should read some basic tutorials about shadow fight 2 game from the above-given link. It’s just amazing to share this best free no wifi games with you.

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#2 Minecraft Pocket Edition

Another Best Free No WiFi Games comes as a Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Minecraft Pocket Edition is a 3D sandbox adventure game with lot more creativity.

The Minecraft Pocket Edition game allows you to create your own world with the square block cubes. You can make your own house, bridge, clouds and many more with the help of dirt, stone, tree trunks, and ores.

The game has multiple modes like Multiplayer, creative mode, Survival mode, Adventure mode, and Spectator mode.

In the multiplayer game mode, you can play with others in the same world with different server or devices. You can play with your friend with the help of LAN connection. The Player vs Player mode allows you to fight with other like in other multiplayer games.

In Survival mode, you can gather some natural resources like woods and stone from the forest and use it to build your own items. There is health bar available when you are under attack by the monsters and you can find hunger bar which must be refilled by eating by some food.

In creative mode, the game allows you to build your unlimited items and blocks. You can fly to the world within this mode to build your own items. So, What are you waiting for? Just download and install it on your smartphone device.

The download links are given above or you can download it from play store.

#3  Badland – No WiFi Game

If you are looking for full of action and adventure game without wifi to play, then Badland game is best for you. The Badland game provides a 2D interface with the great graphical user interface.

Best Free No WiFi Games

The gameplay says that there is a doing something wrong with you and forest which is found by local peoples of the forest. There were lots of imaginative dead stocks that you have to remove. The Badland game is purely based on sci-fi game and you definitely love to play this game.

The game allows you to play with 4 maximum users per device to create your own game levels. There are almost 70k levels are created by users which is just amazing to defeat.

The Badland game has 10 million downloads from play store and got 4.8 star from real users which means you should play this game once.

The Badland game is available on Google play store for Android user and for iPhone user get it on iTunes. The freeware license game allows you to do something great with its pure physics-based gameplay.

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#4  Ludo King

One of most trending best free no wifi games is none other than the Ludo King game. Yes, you can find the best ever statistic game with the simple user interface in the Ludo King game.

Best Free No WiFi Games

In the ludo king game, you can play with your friends in one smartphone device. There are four and two players can play this game. The game is free for all users with best free no wifi games category which is you like most.

There are four tokens and one die to play this game with four players and one board. The board game or you can say the dice game is easy to play but, difficult to win with your opponents. Although, the game is best among all the best free no wifi games.

You can play the Ludo King “offline game that doesn’t need wifi” with any players around the world with online play mode. Or, you can choose to play on the computer which has better strategies then you.

The Ludo King game is free for all Android and iPhone user which you can download and install from play store and iTunes respectively.

#5 Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best racing game with great visual effects and speed. The game was published by Gameloft as an Asphalt game series.

The gameplay of Asphalt 8 Airborne is same as other car racing game with auto and manual accelerator and best movements.  The previous version was Asphalt 7 heat and become one of great car racing game is the world.

Yes, the Asphalt 8 Airborne is the Best Free No WiFi Games for all user. The game runs on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems with no in-app purchase features.

The 5-star rating for all race with additional rewards and much more comes with asphalt 8 airborne game. There is no doubt about game credit with other racing games. because you can only find one of greatest functionalities from this game.

There is over 300 million user which plays the Asphalt 8 Airborne free game every day. You can play online which has great multiplayer leagues and earn extra reward and build your profile.

Like, other racing game you can custom your car, upgrade speed and nos with coins. It required around 1 GB of memory to install the asphalt 8 airborne game.

You can download asphalt 8 airborne games from play store, windows store and from iTunes store. The download links for best free no wifi games given above for Android users.

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#6 2048

2048 is a single player block puzzle game was designed by Gabriele Cirulli and released in March 2014. The best bock puzzle game with simple interface and freeware license.

Best Free No WiFi Games

Yes, 2048 is the Best Free No WiFi Games for you. The game is available for iPhone, Android and Windows users. You can download it from play store. There no any special requirements to play this game like different permissions and other.

The game plan is to combine the two same block and it will sum your total block number and continue the same action till 2048 came true.

The numbers of the block came and fit into 4*4 grid layout and you can move it with your finger touch with respect to the game algorithm. Every time the new block comes with the number of 2 or 4. You have to increase the game score with your mind power.

To win the game, you have to rich 2048 count, hence the name of the game. You can continue to play the best free no wifi games and increase abilities to solve the puzzles.

It takes approx 30 minutes to rock on the game and you can continue playing the game to rich highest game score with no any disturbance like ads and popups.

The 2048 game is free for all user and can download from play store. So, what are you waiting for? just download and install it on your smartphone device and start to enjoy.

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#7 Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is the best free no wifi games which you can play the game without the wifi connection. These types of games that don’t need wifi or internet data to run on your devices.

The Brothers in Arms 3 is a third-person shooter video game which is published by Gameloft with respect to Brothers in Arms series. The previous version named as Brothers in Arms: Global Front which was released in 2010.

The game is available for Android, Windows and iPhone users for free to download and install. Of course, you can download it from play store.

The Gameplay of the game is same as the previous version of Brothers in Arms series with the global map. You can drive a Soviet tank, shoot bullets via game control, throw grenades, and much more than your expectations.

Like in other fighting game, you can upgrade your hero with the best shape, look, and costume. You can upgrade your guns, sniper and other weapons with respect to gameplay. There are a lot more additional weapons are available in store to buy with game coins.

The brother is soldiers who have special abilities to fight as your opponents. Each brother have different abilities like James has special sniper ability to shoot the specific target, Adams who can call air strick whenever needs and more.

So, if you are acting with war game lovers, then Brother in Arms 2 best free no wifi games is best for you. You can download it from play store with free of cost.

#8 Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a free to play hub defense video game which is developed by PopCap Games in 2013. The game is all about saving tower from zombies with the help of different plants like sunflowers, potatoes, Red Chilli bomb, Gunfighter, and many more.

Best Free No WiFi Games

The Plants vs Zombies 2 is the best example of Best Free No WiFi Games which you can play free games without wifi. You can download the plants vs zombies game from play store and iTunes store.

The gameplay says that Dr. Zomboss try to defend Dave’s house from zombies. There are several zombies with special power trying to enter Dave’s tower but you have to prevent them and that’s final game strategies.

The game is only in the single-player mode which you can play only with computer zombies. There are some interesting quick games are available in the game for unlocking more levels of a best free no wifi games.

Yes, the game is free for all user with the best graphical user interface and best navigation menu. There were no any irrelative contents like the pop-up advertisement and other all. So, just download and install it from the store and enjoy it.

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#9 Contract Killer 2

The Contract Killer 2 game is all about full of action game which is developed by Glu Mobile Inc. You can find the Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy from Google play store for Android users.

The gameplay for Contract Killer 2 is about to complete your assignment and earn money and rewards. Yes, it just amazing with beautiful gesture and graphical user interface.

download games without wifi

The man character named Jack Griffin which is the former member of IPF. The Jack has his assignments with semi-protagonist Angela with weapons and global map.

All weapons that are used in this game is based on real weapons features and gesture. You can find more weapons and grenades from the store and can buy with money. You have to complete an assignment that has given by instructor and get the reward for that.

Well, you can play Contract Killer 2: Shadow Conspiracy game in multiple player modes with the help of internet connection. There are lots of more options available for you like you can earn more money by watching ads, connecting facebook account and much more.

So, all you need is to download and install the Contract Killer 2 game on your smartphone device and play offline games without the wifi connection.

#10 Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer game one of most trending and popular video game which is developed by Kiloo and SYBO games in 2012. The Subway Surfer mobile game is an endless runner video game with the best graphical user interface and easy to use gestures.

The Subway Surfer game is the best free no wifi games which you can download from play store for free. Of course, you can download and install subway surfer game for various operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can find subway surfer game on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Store, Microsoft store, and iTunes store. They provide you to download and install for free.

The endless game is like having unlimited fun and joy. The Jack is default character of the subway surfer game which is one type of thief and running on the railway track. There are also two more characters are in the game as an Inspector and his dog.

Yes, the game is one type of Thief and police game scenario. So, Inspector stating chasing you with his dog on track. So, you have to collect given gold coins and continue running opposite trains.

Yes, the climax starting when the train comes to use and you have to compulsory move to another side otherwise you are captured by Inspector and game over. I hope you will having fun when you get starting playing this amazing video game.

#11 Minion Rush: Despicable Me

The best ever action video game with full of fun named Minion Rush: Despicable Me. Yes, you heard about Despicable cartoon movie but doesn’t think about the minion game. Now, it will come true and you can play the minions game within your smartphone device.

The Minion Rush: Despicable Me game is was developed by Gameloft and released in 2016. You can play Despicable me game on Android device, Windows device, and iPhone devices.

free download offline games

The gameplay for the minion rush game is to complete the task that is listed in the game app and you can shop for some items from the market with the help of coins.

The Minion Rush: Despicable me game is runner game where you can run with other minions and collect some items like bananas and much more. You can jump, sing a song, and roll with other. It’s just going to fun when you are playing this game.

Of course, the minion rush game is best free no wifi games for all user. You can download it from play store.

#12 Six Guns: Gang Showdown

If you are looking for the best action game with wildlife feelings and much more then you should try Six Guns: Gand Showdown game. The game is developed by Gameloft and released in 2011.

The Six Guns game is true shooter game with the best graphical interface and great action moves. You can play six guns game with your friends via challenging your friend on facebook.

Yes, it’s always great to play online games with friends and compete for your game level with it. You can also do it with the six guns game. The new wildlife costumes are also available in this game with beautiful packs.

You can play online up to 8 multiplayer and use some deadly new weapons to fight with your opponents. And, don’t forget to find your achievements in the box when you won the game levels.

The six-gun game is available for all user and also in Best Free No WiFi Games category which you can play offline game s for free.

#13 Temple Run 2

Among best running games category you can find Temple Run 2 game. The previous version of Temple run becomes most popular with its functionalities and graphics.

The game was developed by Imangi Studio and released in 2013 on Android, Windows and iPhone devices. You can also download and install the temple run 2 games from play store for free.

The concept of temple run game is simple as endless running with collection more coins and reward. There are lot’s of killing element is on the way that you have to identify and save yourself.

You can find your achievements from reward section and use it a shopping from the shop. You can customize yourself and change a look with the help of coins. No matter how long you run and how many coins you collected. It’s always difficult to complete the level.

You can find Best Free No WiFi Games as a Temple Run 2 video game on play store. You can play the game without a wifi connection. So, just download best free no wifi games and install it from play store and start enjoying it.

#14 Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a sequel of the hill climb racing game. The game was developed by Fingersoft and released in 2018. You can find Hill Climb Racing 2 game on Google Play Store if your Android users.

The Hill Climb Racing 2  is the best free no wifi games with great animated effects and funny audios. The game has a racing concept on Hills with different levels and much more.

In the Hill Climb Racing Game 2 edition, you can drive cars, bus, and bikes with best moving gestures and great animations. There are lot more features like changing costumes, look and change vehicles.

The most attractive part of this game is you can play with your friends through the use of internet connection. Now, multiplayer option is available in Hill Climb Racing 2 game.

Actually, most of the game lover want to play with friends for more fun and you can easily find the multiplayer option in this game. The Best Free No WiFi Games with multiplayer mode has lots of fun and joy.

So, what are you waiting for? just go there are install it on your smartphone device.

#15 Racing Moto

Racing Moto game is a fast speed racing game with the motorcycle. In real life, it’s very difficult to drive the bike like driving in video games. You should always don’t mess with games when you live in the real world.

The Racing Moto game was developed by Droidhen casual. You can play Racing Moto with best free no wifi games features which means you don’t need wifi to play this game.

The gameplay is simple with the best video graphics and great user interaction with every component of the game. You fill real when you play the Racing Moto game with its high infographics effects and great movements.

You have to till your mobile phone to control moto direction and movements with just tapping on screen for the accelerator.  There is no any in-app-purchase cost to download and install the game.

To boost your game score, keep tapping on the accelerator and you can find score from the top left corner. The game is available for all smartphones device for the free offline game download.

#16 Traffic Rider

Another mindblowing racing game by Soner Kara Developers. Traffic Rider game is the endless racing game having lot’s of cool features and much more.

The Traffic Rider have around 100 million downloads from play store and got 4.7 stat. That’s enough to tell about this game that how many fans following this game.

The features including first-person camera view, Real motorbike audio, and video effects, Day-night environment, an online leaderboard, and much more.

There is the total of 26 bikes are available to play with unlocking at different levels and need more money. So, if you want to buy any high-level bike, you need more money. You can earn more money from showing ads and complete game task.

There is 70+ career mode in the game which means lots of fun with this best free no wifi games. Yes, the game is the best free no wifi games genre. You can download and install without any registration process.

#17 Real Bike Racing – Best Free No WiFi Games

If you are the big fan of MotoGP tournaments and wants something like that. Then, you should play the Real Bike Racing game with the same style of playing mode and video effects.

The gameplay is same as other bike racing games but, the thing that is more impressive is game gestures and visual effects. You can play a game without wifi or the game that don’t need the wifi connection.

The features of the game include rear camera view, 3D graphics, endless racing, and virtual reality. There are 10+ types of great superbikes with customization scenario make a great game for racing.

You can say this game as best free no wifi games with no any interruptive elements. So, just download this best free no wifi games and install it from play store.

#18 World Cricket Championship 2

Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport and we just can’t ignore it in our best free no wifi games list. Yes, playing cricket is all about profession and gentlemen’s game.

Every cricket fan always wants to get best 3D effect game just like for football game lovers. So, we have a game that feels like we are on cricket ground and plays with our heroes. Do you want to feel like this? let’s download and install it.

The game developer has added some special cricketing shots like, Helicopter shot, scoop shot, Uppercut, hook shot and other all possible cricketing shots.

There is almost all international cricket team appear in the game with latest updated players. The users can play world cup, blitz tournaments champion trophy and much other regular cricket best free no wifi games.

You can no play test cricket with respect to every sessions and inning. You can also challenge in the game in Gangs of Cricket mode.

So, are you excited to play World Cricket Championship 2 best free no wifi games? just download this best free no wifi games and install it in your device and start playing the best offline game.

#19 3D Tennis – Best Free No WiFi Games

To playing tennis is one of biggest things and having lots of fun with opponents as a mental tactic. The 3D tennis is the best game with 3D physics-based graphics and great user interface.

The 3D Tennis offers you to play online and offline mode game with your opponents. You can challenge your friends to play the 3D tennis game as your opponent. The game offers freeware license to play. So, feel free to use this 3D Tennis game with best free no wifi games genre.

You can use quick play mode and world tour mode with the real-time user experience. The best use of simulation of 3D visual effect with good navigation.

The 3D Tennis game is also available for Android, Windows, and iPhone users. Well, you can say that the 3D Tennis game is best free no wifi games that don’t need wifi.

#20 Score Hero – Best Free No WiFi Games

If you are true football game lover, then the Score Hero game is best for you. The Score Hero game is all about playing football with real moves and best visual 3D effects. Yes, the user can play the Scoor Hero game in the offline mode that means the Score Hero game that doesn’t need wifi to play.

The Score Hero game is developed by First Touch Game Ltd with over 100 million active installations and got 4.8 stars on Google Play Store.

There are over 580 career levels in the best free no wifi games with increasing difficulties and high rating game scenario. The game offers to win award and trophy from every level of the game. You can customize your hero with the unique look and change high power shoe.

Get Google Play achievements and leadership list from the game to see which player got high ranking and much more than your expectations from the football game. The Score Hero is the best free no wifi games that don’t’ need the wifi connection to play.

Of Course, the Score Hero game is available for all user whether it is Android Users, Windows or any iPhone Users. Just Go to play store and install it.

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The moral of the article is to provide “Top Best Free No WiFi Games that Don’t Need WiFi to Play” for all users. You can play any of given 20 free offline games without paying money for installation. We had listed top 20 offline games with its features and download links. Check it from above sections.

Hope you like this article about best free no wifi games download. Still, if you have any query from this guideline or about any Android game, simply drop your comments and ideas into the comment box. We’ll get back soon with regards you.

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