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Anime Torrents- Best Anime Torrents Provider Sites in 2018

Once again I am Going to share this article specially for all Anime Lovers. As we know Downloading Anime from Online is very challenging stuff. If you are too facing a problem with favourite anime downloading then, we have given the best solution for it. Here, this Article is all about to Best Anime Torrents Provider Sites in 2018.

A craze for anime is increasing due to its, fantastic story and appropriate graphics animation. Recently we have shared a list of the online anime streaming sites. If you are looking for best online streaming services, then you should check out above link.

There are many sites available online which provides online streaming facilities but not downloading. Sometimes it becomes complicated to download particular Anime Episodes free. If you are looking for sites which allows you to download your favourite anime without any cost then, Anime Torrents providers are made for you. Here, you should have to keep in mind that, we are just providing information. Downloading Torrents and Use of such kind of sites are illegal according to Some of the ISP and Country Government.

So, now we will discuss all of the anime torrents provider sites for the anime lovers. While using this sites, you should enable VPN services to your PC, because of security threats. If you want to know more about it, then we have given detailed information about it in the end. So, Read this article till the end.

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Top Best Anime Torrents sites for Downloading

All of the given anime torrents provider sites are best to download your favourite anime. If you are getting trouble with other sites for downloading, then you should try these anime torrent providers. You will find anime form all genre like Action, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc.

Anime Ultime


AnimeUltime is one of the best anime provides sites which allows you to download anime torrents for free. If you want to use this website, then you have to enable flash player on your device. If you are a die-hard anime lover, then you should try this anime torrents provider site. On the main page of the site, you will find all the latest uploaded anime media. This website provides you with an attractive, colourful user interface. But here you can get trouble with small fonts and complex images.

Anime torrent

We have put this site in the list of Best Anime Torrents sites because of its useful service. Anirena provides magnet links or torrent file for your desired content. This Magnet links or Torrent Files enables peer to peer file sharing of data. You will see the list of latest uploaded anime Torrent files on the main page. It provides better search experience with given menus like Anime, Drama, Manga and others. If you are looking for anime series which is not relesed in English then, you can filter all of the anime with a given menu Non- English Anime Torrents. So, This website has the Huge collection of Anime torrents with full speed downloading and Great User-Interface.

Nyaa is an extensive search engine network for the Anime series. If you guys are looking for the best torrent provides sites for the latest released anime episodes then this is the best place for you. This site gives you the same interface as Limetorrents. On the main page of the website, there is a list given recently uploaded files. provides Torrent files or magnet link of the content which enables the P2P file sharing via BitTorrent protocol. You will find all of the ongoing and completed series of the anime form here. So, this is one of the most used anime torrents provider sites to download favourite content.

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Animetosho is the best place to get all your favourite, anime movies, series or a particular episode. On the main page of this site, you will find a long list of anime series and events. There is a list of latest uploaded anime episode is given under collections named as Today and Yesterday. It provides all information about the particular file like Size of anime, Number of data and etc. It gives a torrent or magnet link of all the uploaded content, which helps you to download via peer to peer file sharing. While Using this kind of sites, you should enable VPN on your device. So this is one of the best Anime Torrents providers which updates on a daily basis.


Anime World

Anime World BD is one of the best sites to download your favourite anime. Yow will find all of the best anime from here. Anime World provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface to users. Given Menubar at the header will help you to get your favourite content from the site. Index option is given at the Category from Menubar; It will provide you with a massive list of movies and anime series. You can make your choice form the collection given as, Ongoing, Completed, and Movies. It also provides direct online streaming of Anime given there. If you want to download anime on your device, then you have to download plugin suggested by them. So it one of the most used site to download with anime Torrents.

Bakabt anime torrents is one of the best platforms of anime torrents for anime seekers. It provides incredible service with a simple and easy user interface. requires and secure password and username. This is one of the most popular platforms for the anime lovers because it has the vibrant library of the best anime. It also provides a fantastic collection of subbed and dubbed anime. It gives very unusual services regarding anime. Especially, is the best place for all the manga lovers. It is straightforward to download with Bakabt via torrent client.


Animetorrents is another website which provides anime torrents genre like action, romance, adventure, horror, mystery, love etc. It includes anime content with all of your essential quality like HD, HQ, and 3gp too. If you want to use this site, then you have to follow the registration process. This site updates its content on a daily basis. As the name suggests, this site is specially made for anime torrents seekers. Downloading anime and watching offline is very comfortable than online streaming of Anime. At that time this Anime torrents provider sites will help you.

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Limetorrent is one of the best websites among many other listed above. As we all know this site is not specially made for anime torrents, But you can find all kind of entertainment media through this torrent providers. Apart from Animes, Limetorrent provides Latest Released Movies, Online Reality Shows, Sports Videos, E-books, Music etc. It gives a tremendous source of Torrent files and Magnet files which helps you to download content through Torrent Client. You can use Limetorrent anime torrent providers as the best alternatives to the Anime

Anime Layer

Anime Layer

Anime Layer is another site which provides fastest downloading and searching facilities. As the name suggests, Anime Layer is specially made for all those how are seeking anime torrents. You will find all of the last released episodes, Anime Movies, from this platform. If you are primarily looking for manga anime, then there is given menu “Manga” which provides you with an unlimited source of Manga. This website has an effortless and simple look with a proper listing of Anime Series. If you want to talk with other anime lovers, then there is a community given. You can post your comments and conversation here by following the given terms. This site is represented in the Russian language, but you can translate with the help of google.

9Anime is another site which provides you with the best alternatives to above-listed sites. If you are looking for something new about anime, then this site will help you. It contains a substantial source of anime. You can find Any anime series or Particular Anime from this site. It displays a list of anime with proper detail on the main page. If you want to filter anime by genre then, there is a given genre like action, drama, romance, horror, comedy, samurai, school manga, etc. provides excellent choice with many given new updated, Ongoing and Completed. It also offers both of the Subbed and Dubbed anime. So, this is one of the best sites which allows you to watch anime without anime torrent.

Shana Project

shana project

Shana Project is just like other website listed above. We have recorded this site into the Best Anime Torrent sites because of its quality. It provides direct downloading facilities for anime season or particular episodes. If you want to automate anime downloading, then this site will help you. For more information, you can visit the official website. Look of this sites is very simple and sobber. All of the newly released anime collections are listed on the main page. There is a search button given with alphabets A to Z, which helps you to find anime easily. If you want to read more about anime related news, then you can visit the blog of Shana Project. So this is one of the best anime torrents site to download directly.


Rarbg is one of the most popular sites to download anime torrents. If you are seeking newly released anime or old anime, then this is the best place for you. Apart from Anime Series, It provides torrents for Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Online Reality Shows, etc. If you are looking for best Xbox One Emulator games, then this is the best place to find it.  Rarbg gives you magnet links or torrent files of desired content which enables P2P file Sharing via BitTorrent Protocol. Use of this kind of sites is stated as illegal by some of the ISP or Country Government. For better downloading speed, you have to find a proper proxy of Rarbg. If you want to use a working proxy, then visit RARBG Proxy.


1337x is other anime torrents provider site same like Rarbg. It one kind of search engine which allows you to download a torrent of anime. On the main page of a website, you will see the search bar given with button. You can search by the name of anime, Genre of anime, character name of anime, etc. It also provides Hollywood and Bollywood Movies, Applications, Softwares, Music Albums, Online Reality Shows etc. So, this is best alternatives to the Rarbg and LimeTorrent. If you want to get fast access to this site, then you should visit this 1337x proxy.

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Final Words

So, all of the given sites are best to download and watch anime series and episodes. Downloading Anime for free is very difficult. So, that we have listed Anime torrent sites, which will help you to find all of your favourite anime content. I hope you loved this information. Share it with your friends. If you have any question regarding this, then you can frequently ask via comments. All kind of suggestion will be accepted kindly. Please read the below-given disclaimer. Thanks for a visit.

As we all know, Use of pirated content is illegal. Some of the above-listed sites are banned by country government or Internet Services providers. Here we have given this Information only for Knowlege Exploration. We have no intense to harm any Legal rules.

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