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Top 10 Best Alternatives For Coke and Popcorn Movie Website

Top 10+ Best Alternatives For Coke and Popcorn Movie Website

As you know, the most popular website for online movie streaming and TV shows gone shutdown. Yes, the famous Coke and Popcorn website is no longer available on the internet due to copyright infringements. The CnP site has to face some fretfulness by the Internet Authority regulations.

The shutdown call cames as a big shock to you and me as well. The reason for calling down is piracy. But, don’t worry, OxfordTricks has a way for you to download and watch movies online for free.

Yes, I had listed the top 10+ Best Alternatives For Coke and Popcorn Movie Website. 

The official statement comes to step down the site by Coke and Popcorn site owner. The note looks like “It’s time to goodbye, sorry to announce that the Coke and Popcorn site had closed down for good” and they also recommend Netflix for your convenience.

The owner of the CokeandPopcorn site also says that “Coke and Popcorn will not return”.

To keep watching and streaming online, I have best 10+ alternative websites for Coke and Popcorn movies.

There are a lot of sites which allows you to download and streaming as well, and we say it to Coke and Popcorn alternatives.

cokepopcorn download movies

You can find some exciting features and website links from the below section.

Well, first of all, I would like to share some exciting things about the cokeandpopcorn site that why CokeandPopcorn is the first stop for all movie fans? Let me first introduce you to the Cokeandpopcorn site.

Coke and Popcorn

Coke and Popcorn was free movie streaming website that offers you to watch online movies for free like Putlocker & Gomovies site.

The Coke and Popcorn movie website that offers you to watch the latest movies, TV shows, web series, and cartoons.

coke and popcorn watch online movies

Nowadays, watching videos, movies, and web series online has become a trend in this era.

But unfortunately, some sites like CokeandPopcorn goes down.

So, if you always prefer to watch movies online on coke and popcorn then, there is bad news for you.

The official coke and popcorn website was shut down in 2017.

The owner of a site said that “We will not return”, with the note “If you see any fake site like CnP in the future, you just ignore and move to any original movie website like Netflix”.

Unfortunately, the site has stepped down and stopped serving for you.

So, you can go with alternative websites that have lots of video data and movies for you.

Well, in this article I’m going to share ten best alternative websites for Coke and Popcorn.

You can download and stream online with these websites.

So, without any further delay, let’s move to the best alternative for CnP website.

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Top 10+ Best Alternatives For Coke and Popcorn Movie Website

To keep watching movies with the uninterrupted scenario, I had listed the top 10 best movie sites like Coke and Popcorn.

All of this site list has; you with the excellent user interface.

So, you could choose one of them as per your requirements. You can try out these websites which is the same as Coke and Popcorn. That also allows you to watch online and download it with the best video quality.

So, let’s move to the Coke and Popcorn alternatives.

#1 Popcorn Time – Watch Movies and TV Shows Instantly

The Popcorn Time is the best alternative for Coke and Popcorn site. You can watch movies and TV shows online without any interruptions.

The application provides the free subscription for online video streaming like Showbox app.


Moreover, you can use Popcorn Time application for Linux bases devices, Windows devices, macOS, and Android.

You can watch latest released movies and TV series from Popcorn Time application. Or, go for the download Popcorn time application from the official website.

Furthermore, the application compatibility allows you to use the app on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

So, if you are looking for the app like Netflix, with the free streaming services, the Popcorn Time is the best for you.

All you need is to download popcorn application from its official website and install it on your devices. After the installation procedure, you can watch any listed movies, TV shows, and Web series.

Moreover, if you are good at the development stage, you can download its source code from the official website for customisation purpose.

You can use a subtitle file for any subtitle supported data. The application supports most of all languages.

After the failure of application, the other team forked the source code and developed it by its freeware open source code scheme.

The Popcorn Time can’t violate any policies. So, feel free to use it.

#2 Popcorn Flix – Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Popcornflix is a free movie and TV shows website which is similar to Coke and Popcorn website.

The Popcornflix website offers you a free ad-supported environment with no any additional pop-up advertisements.

So, you have no any disturbance while streaming online movies. Screen Media Ventures own the website.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

The Popcornflix website is the best platform to watch movies online. You could log in to this site for unlimited access.

The Popcornflix is available in macOS, Linux based devices and Windows platforms.

You can download its Android application from the Google Play Store. While, there is no any cost to use this application.

For iOS users, The Popcornflix application is available on Apple Store as well.

Furthermore, the category divided into new arrival, most trending, Father’s Day Favorite, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance and much more as per your demands.

You can contact admin for uploading demanded video content as per your requirements.

Choose any genres and start watching the movie online as much as you can. While, there is no any limitation for streaming live videos. So, feel free to use the Popcornflix.

#3 BIGSTAR Movies – Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Another best alternative website for Coke and Popcorn site is none other than Bigstar Movies. The Bigstar Movies offer you to watch online movies, web series, TV shows, award Functions, reality shows, and Cartoons.

Or, you can search for any movie name and TV shows from the official application.

The BIGSTAR Movies application is available for iOS and Android users. While, there is no any cost to use this application.

You can watch movies and TV shows for free with HD quality video streaming functionality. Or, you can go with the registration and log in for more access to the app.

Bigstar has categories list which you can find from the top left sidebar.

For further sorting, you can choose your region as a Europe, Asia, or Africa. So, you can easily find movies in your area of a part.

The app is available on Google Play Store. Thus, you can get it with the ease. Or, you can manually get it from the above link.

The main benefits to using the app are that there is no any forcing for registration process while streaming online.

The BIGSTAR Movies app is easy to use and provides the best user interface.

#4 Solarmovie – Watch Your Favorite Movies Online

Solarmovie is another best alternative for Coke and Popcorn movie download website. You can watch online free movies, TV Shows and web series.

Solarmovie serves the best graphical user interface(GUI) with ad-free content.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Solarmovie provides a high-quality search engine for movies and TV shows with the efficient data provider.

You can find movies and web series from its primary panel. Furthermore, you can stream online for free like terrarium TV.

It’s not compulsory to register and log in to this website. In other words, you can use it without any registration process.

But, If you register on Solarmovie site, you can get more access to watch movies online for free.

Currently, The Solarmovie runs on “” domain. But, it can change at any time, if they have to face any anti-piracy policies.

Also, you can find the IMDb rating category to find out most rated movies and TV show with high-quality video streaming files.

#5 Yidio – Watch TV Episodes and Movies Online

You can track, discover, and watch TV episodes and movies that contain the content of Netflix, Prime videos, and Hulu from Yidio online movie platform. And, that’s why we are here to follow Yidio.

Therefore, Yidio is the best platform to stream online movies and TVs for those who were always looking for the free quality content.

The Yidio site is the most trusted website for streaming online movies and live TV shows. So, feel free to use it.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

The original Yidio website hosted on domain. So, all you need is to type “” in your browsers URL and start watching movies for free.

Moreover, there is a free signup option for all user to access premium movies and TV series.

You need to signup with Yidio site by your Facebook account or any email address.

You can make your watchlist to watch it later on this site. There is no any pop-up and other advertisements.

There is a list of TV shows categories like Netflix TV shows, free TV shows, live TV schedule, and trending.

It’s just impressive features by Yidio application. Also, you could find movie categories for homepage by scrolling down.

#6 Niter – Watch Movies Online

Niter movies have the same interface like Netflix movies site. Also, the Niter website is a best Coke and Popcorn alternative.

You can find latest and viral tv series for free from Niter as well. With simple and useful navigations, Niter is has a favourable impression from its valuable users.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

betweenNiter provide free access to watch movies online and download it on your device. If there is an error occurs in between streaming then, you can report to admin.

With the user-friendly application interface and excellent user experience, Niter also becomes famous around the entertainment fan clubs.

There are mirror links available for downloading and streaming.

So, if a one of given link can’t serve, you can use another one.

Like Netflix and Popcornflix, there were no any destructive elements appears while watching.

Well, the site looks like have DMCA copyright that provides legal and secure connection to you. As of last, it’s great to be with Niter website.

#7 Tubi Tv – Free Streaming Video

Tubi TV comes as another great site with the best user interface as you expect.

Yes, the Tubi Tv website provides you with the best GUI with simple navigation. Thus, you can use Tubi as an alternative to Coke and Popcorn.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

With no subscription fees and no any credit card, you can able to watch movies with Tubi TV.

The Tubi TV has partners like Paramount Studio, Lionsgate, MGB and 200 other. So, you can watch movies from over 200 studios with Tubi TV.

The Android and iOS application are also available for Tubi TV. In which you can download and install on your devices.

So, you can quickly get in touch with Tube TV on your smartphone device. There is no any piracy contain available on Tubi TV.

#8 Vumoo – Watch Free Movies Online

Vumoo allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for free. The site is also able to make its name in the top 10 alternative websites list for Coke and Popcorn website with its features and freeware user interface.

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online has all types of movies rages from old classic to the latest one. So, go there and have fun.

You can directly play any movies from Vumoo website. There are download and subtitle option available for all users. provides freeware access for all users.

You can also choose any of given language and watch it on your devices. There is a rating given by users for every content, and they also provide some essential details for the selected TV shows or movies.

Like Tubi Tv, the Vumoo has no any pirated materials as well. So, go there and use it without any doubt.

#9 Sony Crackle – Watch Latest Movies Online

The Sony Crackle is an entertainment company which found in 2004. The parent organization of the sony crackle is Sony Pictures.

Furthermore, you can stream movies and TV shows for free on Crackle website.

The Android application is also available on Google Play Store. Or, you can get it from its official website. The Sony Crackle provides ad-supported video files in the form of streaming online media.

You can register and sign in to Crackle site for unlimited access to movies and Web series for free.

#10 Hulu – Stream TV and Movies Online

Hulu television network is an American entertainment company that provides top services which owned by Hulu network.

You can start using the free trial version for one month, after that you have to pay for its services.

The parent organisations of Hulu’s are 21st Century Fox, Disney Television, Fox Entertainment Group, NBC Universal, and Turner Broadcasting System.

The brand organisations made Hulu great with over thousands of movies.

The Hulu streaming site is the best alternative site for Coke and Popcorn movies website.

Also, Watch Video Series Online free with Couchtuner

#11 Putlocker

Putlocker is an also best alternative for coke and popcorn. In the sense, you can use putlocker to download torrent movies instead of all other torrent sites.

The site offers you a hosted online digital files used for multimedia streaming. In which, you can stream online any files for free.

One more advantage of the putlocker site is minimal promotional content with the best navigation scenario. So, it’ll be easier to reach your desired destination.

Now, access putlocker site without any proxy or VPN servers.

#12 123Movies

123movies is also best for movie downloading and one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn. The site allows you to watch movies and TV shows online for free. You can access the 123movies site without any access issues and VPN services.

One of the best key features of the site is the simplicity and better navigation system. So, if you wish to watch online latest movies in HD video quality, 123movies is the best for you.

Some of the awesome features like Top IMDb, Trending, TV-series, and latest movies. These all come for free with the better user experience and interface.

For downloaders, here is the option for you seems “Download” button. So, get the movie from the 123movies site now and watch it with the best online multimedia streaming engine.


We have listed top 10 best alternative websites for Coke and Popcorn site to watch and download TV shows and movies. But, we do not intend to encourage you to use any pirated contents from given sites. We have just listed these sites for the informational purpose.


We have listed “Top 10 Best Alternatives For Coke and Popcorn Movie Website” for live streaming movies and TV shows. Now, you need to decide that which website is better suitable for you. You can check and use all of the given website lists from above. All of the sites offer you to watch movies and TV shows online with the free pack and Premium pack as well.

Drop your opinion in the comment box if you like this article. We hope this article being helpful to you. Stay tuned with OxfordTricks for more updates.

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