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AMP Error Solved: “Custom JavaScript is Not Allowed” of Google Search

AMP is one of the most important words for every blogger, website owner, and digital marketers. It is all about increasing user integrity in mobile devices with fast loading time. AMP stands for ‘Accelerated Mobile Page’ itself.

AMP brings more users to your website as it loads very fast in comparison to normal sites. In addition, it will bring site indexing at top positions with good ranking. Google also emphasizes the use of AMP on a website.

If you are a WordPress site owner then, it becomes more easy to convert your mobile site into the AMP site. There is a number of AMP plugins available in WordPress’s plugin directory. With very few clicks, anyone can set up AMP for the entire site.

As we all know, Google has added many new functions in its new search consoles such as Speed, Mobile Usability, AMP, Breadcrumbs, FAQ, Logos, and Sitelink Searchbox. So, it means the user can track their AMP progress directly from Google Search Console.

It is very easy to install AMP in WordPress using a plugin. But the main problem arrives after installing AMP to site. There will be an error in the search console showing “Custom Javascript Not Allowed”. Also, another error can be “External stylesheets not supported, except for whitelisted font providers”.

AMP Error Screenshot

Error Solution: Custom Javascript Not Allowed in AMP

Here is a step by step solution for the error removal.

Step 1: Open WordPress admin of the website.

Step 2: In the left side menu bar, hover on the menu titled ‘Performance’.

Note: The menu titled ‘Performance’ represents plugin W3 Total Cache. It is one of the fastest and compatible optimization plugins. Normally, every site owner uses this plugin to minify scripts to improve the cache mechanism.

Step 3: If you have not installed W3 Total Cache Plugin, then go for step 4 otherwise go for Step 6.

Step 4: Click on the menu titled ‘Plugins‘ from the left sidebar. In a new tab, click on the ‘Add New’ button given at the top.

Step 5: From the top-right side, search for a W3 Total Cache plugin and activate it properly.

Step 6: It will show numbers of sub-menu under Performance. Out of them click on ‘Extensions‘.

Step 7: Check the AMP extension there and click on activate.

So, the above procedure is all about to remove all the custom JS and CSS from the AMP pages. After following this given procedure, the error ‘Custom JavaScript is not Allowed‘ should not be there.

Furthermore, Go to the Google search console and inspect the particular URLs which were listed in AMP errors. Now you will the problem is solved.

Here are some of the most asked questions for AMP Errors


What is the reason for ‘Custom JavaScript Not Allowed’ AMP Error?

W3 Total Cache plugin used in the WordPress injects the minified JavaScript and CSS links from the AMP pages.

Does W3 Total Cache help to remove AMP error?

Yes, It is a very simple procedure to solve AMP errors shown by google search console using W3 Total Cache.

How much time it will take to remove AMP?

Using W3 Total Cache, you can remove ‘Custom Javascript Not Allowed’ instantly.

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