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9xmovie – Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Sites Like 9xmovies

Although, there is a lot of way for entertainment. But, one of my favorite choices among all of other is watching movies and web series. Yes, watching movies are the best way of entertainment especially when it comes for free. Yes, I’m talking about free latest movies which newly released in Cinema. So, here I’m going to talk about 9xmovie online streaming and download site.

So, are you fond of movies? If yes, then here are best things for you. Since the era of torrent downloading decreasing day by day, there are a lot of new movie websites comes into the market with no any torrent connection at all. Thus, it becomes easier to download or either online streaming.

As per the copyright act for the content, the governments and local ISPs started to block the sites which have pirate and copyright content. And, most of the torrent sites have copyright content. So, the possibilities of banning the sites confirmed by the internet authority. And, that’s a time when 9xmovie site comes to market.

Furthermore, let us move to the overview section for the 9xmovies website and its banning issues.

9xmovie –

The site with a significant amount of collection for movie fonds. Here is the best selection, in the form of Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed, South, Tamil Movies, and other categories.

9xmovie 300mb

The 9xmovie comes to the market in 2015 with the online video streaming and movie download interface. After in short of time duration, the website becomes most popular in the media download industry.

In 2015, the most popular torrent downloading sites had to close the door due to copyright infringement. So, For those who love to use torrent downloading, must check out the best movie download sites list. You can go to the links and find the best torrent download sites.

Well, I’m here for those who tend for Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and other Indian movies. The 9xmovie 300mb dual audio download category is the most popular among all of the other.

The site has almost all the movies from 2010 to present and the index is increasing day by day.

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9xmovie Site Access or Reached Issues?

Ever face the browser error look like “This site can’t reach” or “the site takes too long to respond” issue. If yes, then here is the solution for this occurrence. From this method, you can access all the blocked site within a minute.

So, let’s started first with the reasons for a 9xmovie download site access issues.

Reasons for blocking 9xmovie website

Well, there are many reasons behind the blocking of 9xmovie site and other websites too. The primary causes for the 9xmovies site blocks are due to the copyright act for the media content.

You can’t share or spread any copyright content on the internet without having permissions from the original content creator. Furthermore, it is illegal to cover the copyright content, and that’s why Google shows you the content policy and privacy.

9xmovie unblock

The access block is doing by the two sites either its governments or your local ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Well, the good news is that still you can easily access the site and can also download the movies in HD video quality.

So, how can you unblock 9xmovie site? Isn’t it things.

Okay, let me introduce you to VPN(Virtual Private Network) services. Hence, there is a lot of paid and free software are available. Another thing is security while using the VPNs.

Instead, use the paid VPN service, we can unblock the site with freeware services.

If you think about the security issues, then feel free to use the VPN service. Because of the service which is I’m going to use is 100% safe to use and certified.

Unblock 9xmovie Site with Opera VPN

Using Opera VPN, you can easily unblock and can use the full resources of any websites. Although, there is no needs to buy the freeware subscription too.

So, let’s quick move to the point.

First of all, it requires the Opera web browser to use the VPN service. So, if you haven’t installed the Opera browser then, you must have to do it.

The web browser supports almost all the platform either its Android, iOS or Windows. For compatibility issues, check the system requirements from the official Opera site.

After that, install the browser in your device. And open it.

Now, find the settings under the Opera menu from the top-left corner.

Opera VPN 9xmovie

Choose Privacy & Security from the left side.

Now, you have a windows tab for the security panel, find the VPN panel and enable it.

That’s it. Now you can quickly enable or disable the service from the browser’s URL bar when it requires.

Or, you can watch the video and try it yourself.

Watch Online Latest Movies with 9xmovies

The 9xmovie site allows you to stream online without any subscriptions. So, you don’t have to pay for the online movie streaming on the 9x movie website.

Nowadays, for the quality of content and ad-free environment, people move to Netflix and Hulu media. But, you have to pay for this premium services.

So, for those who don’t want to spend money on a premium subscription for the online video streaming service, 9x movies give the freeware unlimited movie streaming.

Note: There is some irritating and promotional ad content which can distract you. So, be aware of that. By avoiding the popups, you can continue your flow on the site.

So, let’s move on how to watch online movies with 9xmovies.

First of all, visit the 9xmovie website with the “” proxy domain address.

Still the site blocked? Use VPN service as per mentions above.

After the secure entrance, select your favorite movie which you want to watch online.

Find the watch online button from the bottom of the page.

9xmovie bollywood hindi movie download

Now, you have to unblock the video streaming link. So, click on unblock link button without fail.

Thus, it redirects you to another frame, and there you have to choose the one link.

It’ll redirect you to another page which has an online media player.

Now, start watching movies with 9xmovie site.

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How to Download Movies from 9xmovies Website?

In 9xmovie site, you can download Hollywood movie in Hindi 300mb, South Hindi Dubbed, Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies 300mb, and 9xmovie 300mb dual audio download.

You can download the 9xmovie 300mb or any other video file without any interruption, So, let’s started the download procedure.

Find your desire movie and click on the film poster.

After that, find the download link from the bottom of the page.

Furthermore, you can also get the download file with the BitTorrent protocol. For torrent downloading, choose the direct torrent link.

It requires a torrent downloader to grab the file and start the download. You can use Zbigz downloader for this purpose.

Or, you can go with the simple downloading process. But, the torrent downloading time is less than a simple download protocol.

Why do I recommend you to go with the torrent downloading?

I am doing this because the BitTorrent uses peer to peer file sharing protocol which gives you a reliable and secure tunnel.

For default download, choose “Download Link Here” button. Like video streaming, unblock the link to get the original download link.

9xmovie 300mb dual audio download

Now, you can choose one of them to get the movie on your device.

Furthermore, you can read the download guideline from the 9xmovie site. Find the download process from the different servers.

Site Like 9xmovie

There are some sites which have the same phrase domain keywords. Also, these sites have the same functionalities and features. But, you can use it instead of the 9x movies 300mb.

You can also use these site to download the latest movies in HD video quality. You can find the site web address and information from the below section.

The is a website which contains Hindi movies, Tamil movies, Specially Bangla Movie, Telugu latest movie, and Dubbed movies.

The site is operating as an independent platform which is not working for official 9xmovie site.

9xmovies hollywood dual audio

Here is also a vast collection of 300mb dual audio download movies. Furthermore, the Bangla Movie download craze comes in market with the regular updates.

For download movies, click on the movie poster which films you like to download.

Here is the movie description with ratings and cast details.

After that, find the Download links from the bottom of the page. There are multiple links which come from different servers. So, choose anyone, and it’ll start downloading automatically. is another best site to download south HD Dubbed movies for free. Yes, 10xmovies site contains the largest collection of South Indian movies in Hindi Dubbed with HD video quality.

Find Hollywood movie in Hindi 300mb video files from the site.

The benefits of using the 10xmovie site are ad-free environments. In other words, there is no any promotional and ad content that irritates you while downloading.

10xmovies download Tamil Movies

For those who love to watch WWE TV show, here is every episode which comes for free. So, download the episodes now.

Find Hindi TV show fond, find the menu from the site and download every episode in HD quality.

To download, choose the film poster and find the download link from the bottom of the page.

Short story and cast details placed at the below of the poster. So, it can help you with further information. site is also best for South Indian movie download. Find the latest Tamil movies from the site with 300mb, 450mb, 720p, and 1080p video quality.

The site comes to the market in June 2017, and now becomes leading website for Telugu movies. You can download the Bengali movies as well as. There are no any multiple options for Bengali movies on the internet. Thus, because of these reasons, the site has now thousands of users as a consumer.

9starhd movies 9x movies download

For download, there are multiple choices seems like download in HD, Download in medium quality, and download in 300mb movies.

So, choose as per your needs, and it’ll start automatically download in your device.

The moviesevil site also has the same functionalities and features like 9xmovie 300mb site. So, You can use this site instead of 9xmovie Bollywood Hindi download. Here you can also watch an online movie with default media player.

You can download unlimited files for free. The categories look like 300mb, Action, Adult, Adventure, Bollywood, Hollywood, Best Cartoons, Anime, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Documentary, Dual Audio, Gujarati, Tamil, and Telugu movies.

So, find your interest in the site and get it into your device. Watch all the movies with quality content.

There is no more ads and promotional popups in the web interface. Hence, it’ll become more comfortable to download.

To download, click on the movie poster. Now, you have movie details and download links. For online streaming, choose “watch online” link. That’s it.

Planetfree4u – Hollywood Dual Audio

Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Panjabi, and Pakistani movies from Planetfree4u. You can download the film in various quality and the site like 300mb, 720p, and 1080p.

Before using the planetfree4u movie site, keep in mind that you must have to face the irritating ads and popups. So, be aware of this things.

planet4ufree 9xmovies 300mb download

Find movies and Web series from the site bar which contain the significant data collection.

For download movies, select the movie poster which redirects you to another web tab. By ignoring the ads, you can able to find the download link.

There is register panel available for you. Thus, you can get upload notifications while the site has new items.

9xhd Movies – Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies 300mb

The 9xhdmoves site allows you to download the newly released Hindi dubbed movie in 720p and 1080p video quality.

Find the movie in the different language from the site banner, or you can go with the primary menu. Or, you can go with the search bar and type the movie name.

9xhd movies hindi dubbed download

There is an option for item request where you can drop your wish list. So, if its possible to place your movies, then its upload on the site and you’ll get notified by the uploader.

For download movie, find the download link from the bottom of the page which is the direct link.

Thus, It’ll start download automatically in your device. That’s it.

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Final Words

Well, here is the end of the “9xmovie and its alternatives” article. In which we had discussed for the site and its common issues. From this article, you can easily unblock the site which website block in your region. With the use of proxy any mirror sites, you can redirect to the official site.

For those who love to watch Indian movies and Indian drama, here are the best sites which can help you to get what you want.

And at last, if you have any queries regarding this article or topic, then feel free to ask us in the comment box. We’ll assist you further. Have a Great Day.

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