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1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Websites(Update 2019)

Torrent is the best search engine for downloading movies and web series. Most of the people download movies from a Torrent site, and I am sure, you are one of them. Downloading the latest movies and web series are not an easy task for everyone who doesn’t know about Torrent download. Well, we are going to share 1337x proxy server and mirror website list.

Torrent is a platform based Peer-to-Peer file sharing network which used to download the latest movies and TV series.

Torrent have billion of users around the world and allow us to download movies for free with magnetic links.

Before we are going to start, you should know some important things regarding Torrent download.

1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website

1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website

The downloading speed does not only depend on your internet connection with the torrent; many other factors affect downloading speed. There is a seeder, leecher, and peer in the 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website. Yes, if you don’t know what it meant by working, Then you should know before downloading any files.

The seeders are those who were uploading torrent files which means they first download and upload those files. So, if the number of seeders is high, you will get the best downloading speed. The leechers are those who only meant by download, and the peers are those who download and share this files.

Unblocked 1337x Proxy [2019 update]

Many government and production houses try to block the torrent sites due to copyright infringements.

So, the torrent website owners start using proxy servers. By using proxy servers, the third party can’t get any actual website links and URL.

The 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website List in 2019 also provide you to secure connection, and you can download any movies with ease.

The 1337x torrent site released in 2007 and provides the torrent files directory to download movies and other video files with the help of magnet links.

The magnet links are the best and most popular way to download bit torrent files.

This types of links efficiently provide fast downloading speed.

The magnet link is the simple plain text-based link. While you can get the downloadable file to your device with the torrent downloader app.

Or, you can go with the manual actions. Thereby, you can copy the magnet link and paste it into torrent downloader, and it’ll start downloading automatically.

This is the best way to download any movies and web series from torrent.

The 1337x becomes one of most popular torrent downloader when Kickass Torrent goes shut down. Kickass torrent was best torrent download site. Unfortunately, the Kickass torrent has to face some policies by Internet Authority.

The 1337x torrent website was running on the ‘’ Domain till 2015.

But, after the google has stopped its result from Google Search, the 1337x is now running on the “” domain and keep updates in 2019.

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How to Access 1337x Torrent 2019 Website?

One of the best ways to access block 1337x torrent website is via VPN network. Yes, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) use to access blocked site by your internet service provider, or you can say ISP.

VPN uses to hide your device IP and bypass the gateway to access any blocked websites.

The second way to access blocked 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website list.

You can unblock 1337x torrent website by using proxy servers.

The proxy is one types of server that hide your IP address from another server and get access block websites.

Methods for Unblock 1337x Proxy Torrent Website

There are several methods to unblock 1337x proxy server and mirror website and get easy access.

You can also access any blocked torrent website with ease.

There are mainly two methods for unblocking 1337x torrent websites that I recommend.

1) Unblock 1337x proxy torrent site by VPN

Unblocking 1337x torrent website by VPN is the best way to access the site. VPN means Virtual Private Network. You can access blocked torrent websites with the help of VPN service. VPN service is free for all users.

When you try to access the 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website without any VPN service, then they refuse your request to access the torrent website.

The reason behind this is they know your location with submit request.

So, you need to use VPN to unblocked 1337x torrent website. You can use opera VPN service to get access to the torrent sites.

Opera VPN extension is the best way to use VPN service, and you can get it with ease.

If you want to use Opera VPN then, you need to install the Opera browser in your device. Opera is for all user like Android, Windows, and iOS.

Now, enable VPN access option from Opera Settings > Privacy & Security > Enable VPN.

Opera VPN 1337x proxy

You can now access any blocked torrent websites with the help of Opera VPN service. The United States is your default location, or you can set it to the fasted country.

So, feel free to use and access the 1337x proxy server and mirror website.

Or, you can watch the video tutorial which gives you a better idea for VPN.

2) Unblock 1337x proxy torrent mirror sites

You can unblock 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website within one minute. The mirror sites for 1337x is providing an alternative way to access the 1337x torrent website. You can find this mirror website list from below section.

In 2015, the internet authority blocked domain cause they violate the policy of governments. After that, the comes into the market with 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website List. So, if you can’t access the official 1337x website, you can go to any of the given mirror site address, and you found the official site.

The reason behind doing this continuous blocking torrent websites by internet service providers. They always provide their mirror website address on the official website.

The mirror websites have a different URL in the address but, they redirect in the same site. Like Coke and Popcorn Time also has a mirror website.

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1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website List

1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website provide you to access official 1337x torrent site. If you want to access 1337x site and your browser says that “site can’t reach.” Don’t worry; I have a solution for you to access the 1337x proxy website.

The mirror site list placed below. You can copy website address and paste it into your browser’s url box. If still, you can’t access the torrent website, use VPN service as mentioned in the above section.

1337x alternative site list

Using VPN is the best way to the unblocked torrent site with ease. All you need is to install VPN services in your device. Or you can use VPN services by Google chrome extension and Opera VPN.

Between Google VPN service and Opera VPN, the Opera VPN is best for all user. Whether it is Android users, Windows users, or any iOS users. You can access Opera VPN for free of cost.

Now, let’s moves to 1337x proxy mirror site list which allows accessing torrent sites. All of the given listed websites are online at this movements. You can check it by copy address and paste into the browser’s URL bar.

Mirror Site NameStatus

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Best Alternative to 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website

1337x is a platform for downloading movies and tv series with the help of torrent file.

You can find the latest movies on 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website download it with natural way.

The 1337x proxy provide the best graphical user interface with excellent navigation scenario.

You can find magnet links for movie download and use it with ease if you have torrent downloader.

A torrent downloader is a software that allows downloading torrent files with best downloading speed. You can download and install the torrent downloader for free.

Here is top 10 best alternative to 1337x torrent website list. In which, you can find its feature and functionalities with a website link. So, let’s move to the 1337x alternatives.

Torrentz2eu – 1337x Proxy 2019 List

Another best alternative to 1337x torrent website is Torrentz2eu. You can download any latest movies and TV series from the Torrentz2eu search engine.

The torrentz2 provide you to search any movies and web series from their servers.

unblock 1337x torrentz2

The Torrentz2eu is the leading search engine in the world for torrent download. You can find the official search engine of torrentz2eu from Google search.

The search engine is the most flexible and more powerful than other torrent sites.

Torrentz2eu also provide its mirror site address into the homepage which you can use if any needs.

LimeTorrent – Latest 2019 1337x Proxy

LimeTorrent is an official verified Torrent download website. You can download movies and web series from LimeTorrent website.

Like ExtraTorrent website, you can easily download any software and games with magnet links. You can say the LimeTorrent is one of the best alternatives to 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.

Currently, LimeTorrent runs on the domain name. You can type LimeTorrent in Google and get the result for official verified torrent download.

BitTorrent downloading is also free from LimeTorrent website in which you can get anime, movies, TV show, Web series, software, and games.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay website is the best alternative to 1337x website. The site also knows as the most resilient website for torrent download. You can find the pirate bay on Google search.

The registration is optional on the pirate bay website.

unblock 1337x Proxy Server

The Pirate Bay acts as a search engine; you can enter any video name or any movies name into the search box.

They started to show you the best results for your interest. The site also contains the pirated contents and violations.

The official pirate bay website came to the market in 2003 and got the most popular torrent movie site in the world.

The whole graphical interface is best with proper contents. All you need from the excellent website is quality content, and you can find the same here.


RARBG is a torrent download website which founded in 2008. The RARBG website provides download links and magnet links which is in understandable text format.

After that, enter the plain text file into torrent downloader, and it’ll start downloading automatically.

The torrent downloader used to download torrent files. The best downloader is utorrent with high download speed and best user interface. The utorrent used peer to peer download scenario for best download speed.

RARBG provides best torrent file downloading schema with no any subscription needed. But, the thing is that are so many ads and pop-up on the site. The overall working model is the same as 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.


ExtraTorrent is one of the largest torrent systems in the world. The ExtraTorrent site launched in 2006 and become one of the most popular and trusted platforms for Bit Torrent Download.

You can say that ExtraTorrent is the best alternative to 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.

The user can find the most trusted and quality content like in 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.

The features for ExtraTorrent is one of largest entertainment platform for media and software.

There are thousands of application software are available on the ExtraTorrent server.

You can download with magnet link as well as. If you want to download wallpapers or game torrent then this is the best place.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is a website for downloading movies, TV shows, web series, software, and games. The Kickass Torrent provides peer to peer file sharing services using BitTorrent protocol.

kickass torrent download kat cr

One of the most elegant and most popular torrent download websites is none other than Kickass Torrent. Currently, Kickass Torrent is running on “” domain.

Kickass Torrent is the best alternative to 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.

The Kickass Torrent provide meta links for downloading any movie files with any download manager.

There is no any requirement for registration and sign-in procedure.

YIFY Torrent

I think you know about YTS movies and its YIFY torrent concept. In which you can find the latest updates as well as.

You can use YTS movies with the help of VPN services and can download any videos.

The YTS Torrent only offers to download movies. So, there is no any other content, or any video files are available on YIFI Torrent website. You can download movies with the help of magnet links.

Currently, YIFI Torrent hosts on the domain. You can search on Google search box and download movies with ease. If you are a great fan of the movie then I am pretty sure you will get all of the latest released movies in HD.


IsoHunt is an online torrent file repository website in which you can browse, search, upload movies, and download. The IsoHunt has authorized torrent file downloader which provides peer to peer file sharing scenario.

Currently, the IsoHunt website hosted on domain name. You can enter the domain name into your browser’s URL bar, and they will redirect you to IsoHunt torrent website.

The website only runs with VPN service. So, you can easily access any torrent websites. You can explore endless torrent with no any registration requirements.

TorLock – 1337x Proxy Alternatives

Torlock is a popular torrent directory. In which you can download movies, music, TV shows, games, anime, sports videos, softwares and much more.

To access TorLock torrent site, you may have to face same error like ISP blocks and site not reached. So, what you have to do is to use proxy sites or VPN usages.

So, here is the some of the  TorLock proxy sites who can helps you to download.

TorLock 1337x proxy alternatives

Putlocker – Watch Movies Online for Free

Putlocker is an online hosted media files and different sites for online streaming. If you love to watch online movies or tires from torrent downloading then, the Putlocker is the best choice for you.

The site originated in the United Kingdom with the “.com” domain address.

As of 2012, the site receives 1.6 million visits per day, and that is the initial popularity of the site.

Due to copyright infringements, the site domains are blocked by local ISPs with the court orders. But, how they keep this on hands in the internet industry. After some time, the proxy domain comes and once again the site is running on the road.

Well, you can stream online or download movies in HD video quality.

If there is a site access issue, you can go with the VPN service which can help you.


TorrentHound is one of best 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website. In which you can download and upload torrent files. About 4000+ torrents are upload every day in TorrentHound Website.

Currently, the website is running on domain name. You can directly jump to TorrentHound website and search any movie name with Torrent search engine.

Furthermore, on the homepage of the TorrentHound site, you can find the total number of files that stored on torrenthound servers.

SolarMovie – Best Movies Site

Looking for the best website which offers you to stream the latest movies for free then, Solarmovie is the best option for you. In which you can watch the latest movies and TV seasons for free.

Yes, the Television web seasons are now trending and in-fact its era of TV seasons. So, you can get it for free from the Solarmovie website.

And, why to spend money on premium media to watch these TV seasons and popular movies like from Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and Hulu, when you get these all services for free.

So, lets’ start a small tour for Solarmovies and it’s functionalities.

To access the Solarmovie site, put “” web address in your browsers’ URL bar. You may have to use VPN services to unblock the website. Why do this?

Because of the pirated content and copyright violations, the Governments and your local ISPs block you to access the site. Thus, you may have to face such an error like “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE“.

However, to bypass such restrictions, you can go with free VPN like Opera VPN or Chrome VPN, which is trustworthy and secure.

After accessing the site, you have a lot of movies and TV seasons list which can impress you. Whatever, you have a free access to the site and can spend unlimited time on it.

To watch movie online, choose one of the given movies and there is a “Play Movie in HD” button for you. That’s all. By clicking on it, it’ll start automatically buffering.

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Final Words

So, it’s all about “1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website” article. You can find some mirror sites list from the above section.

There are a total of ten best mirror sites for 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website.

You can find some cool alternative website to 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website from the above section.

These all websites are currently in online status. You can find its features and working scenario from the above section. For more updates, stay tuned with Oxford Tricks.

Hope you get the help from this article for 1337x Proxy Server and Mirror Website. Don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comment box. Have a great day!!!

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